Before the NYE party, we were trying to figure out how many people we needed to cross off the list, in order to keep within a decent budget and actually afford a wedding. Having the party at our friends’ lost made it more affordable, and gave us a bit more control over plans and timing. NOW we were excited and we couldn’t stop the ideas from flowing!

While exploring floral options, I found a floral/space designer that shared an affinity for all things paper and hired him to help me with the huge task of decorating the space, and making it “our own” – creating an environment that reflected our eclectic taste and my love for paper.

Vintage 1930's Wedding Hair

Weddings By Two Wedding Photography

Eclectic Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Gold Vintage Silk Wedding Dress

Birdcage Wedding Centerpieces

White Wedding Confett Ideas

Booklyn Wedding Band Dancing

Weddings By Two

With a bit of ingenuity and footwork, a few stellar vendors, a lot help from our friends, and a handy Zipcar, we created the wedding of our dreams and our guests had an absolute blast, Brooklyn style ;)


Photography: Weddings By Two

Wedding Dress: Vintage 1930’s

Groom Suit: Banana Republic

Hair: Tom Lee(Whistle Salon)

Makeup: Wendy Huber

Floral/Environment Design: Joel Yapching- jlyapching(at)hotmail(dot)com

Officiant: Eileen Regan

Wedding Planner: Christine Viola

Catering: Bassett Catering

String Musicians: Two Dudes Play Your Wedding

DJ: Dave Fischoff from Popshop!


Comments (19)

Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper | Reply

SO gorgeous and fun! her dress and look are amazing.

beatrice | Reply

So beautiful especially the photographs!!

olivia | Reply

what a gorgeous bride and wedding. nothing is matchy or cookie cutter in the least bit. love!

jessica | Reply

where is the bride’s hairpiece from? it is lovely!

diedra | Reply

christina, your wedding was lovely! did you find your dress on ebay or a local store in nyc?

michelle | Reply

One of the prettiest and most unique weddings Ive seen in a really long time. Thanks for sharing!

Kei | Reply

This wedding is absolutely lovely. What is the name of the wedding venue?

Hannah Lane | Reply

HOLY GRACIOUS—Where did you find the paper peacock? It is gorgeous!

Christina | Reply

Hello! Thank you for the compliments – I am blushing ear-to-ear, right now! I’ve done a ton of footwork and am happy to share my finds!

Christina | Reply

@ Diedra & Roxi – I found the dress online. I checked my favorite vintage sites, periodically and signed up for all of their email updates, but I have Google Alerts to thank for the dress. I knew I wanted a dress from the 1930’s or 40’s, preferably gold – so I plugged that into the search terms on Google Alerts. I had no idea that a month or so later, I would find exactly what I was looking for! The website still has a picture of my dress. Bookmark this site, it’s a keeper: http://www.fashionhousevintage.com

Finessence Photography | Reply

Stunning wedding photos!

Justine | Reply

I agree with Hannah, HOLY GRACIOUS! The peacock is absolutely amazing. I’m also loving the dance moves! Looks like you had a wonderful wedding. Thank you for sharing your day.

Biju | Reply


Elise | Reply

Tom is the best hairstylist!!! I recommend him to everyone.

Christina | Reply

@ Hannah – Joel Yapching (see Vendor List) made the peacock as a surprise! He is an ultra-diverse artist. He keeps the focus on your personal vision and style and expands any inspiration/ideas you have into something truly unique. You will learn things from Joel and you will want him to redecorate your home.

Christina | Reply

I can’t help myself, but I seriously need to let everyone know how happy we are with all of the talented people who helped make the wedding so special.

We are AMAZED with the photographs from Laura (Weddings By Two). Not only did we adore her, but so did our guests – we kept getting comments on how great she was.

Laura is sweet, talented, and stealth – quite possibly a Ninja… You will hardly notice you are being watched, as she captures the best moments of your wedding.

Christina | Reply

And RE: Hair & Makeup…Both Tom and Wendy are super talented gems!
I highly recommend the both of them as a team.
I swear they made my wedding morning feel as relaxing and fun as a slumber party.

I should also note that I called Wendy the morning of my wedding, worried because I hardly slept a wink the night before (way too excited). She calmed me down, said it would be no problem. The makeup felt super light and noone could tell I was so sleepy. I am convinced that, not only is she talented, she is magic.

amanda | Reply

“Having the party at our friends’ lost made it ”

Sorry, just noticed a little error, you meant loft…right? :)

And yes, gorgeous wedding!

Wendy | Reply

Love the doilies everywhere! How were they rigged to fall to the floor, or were people tossing them?