Speaking of real weddings…this amazing wedding just landed in my inbox. More to come very soon…

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miss pickles press | Reply

anything with an airstream is instantly fab. can’t wait to see the feature. xoxo.

molly987 | Reply

Oh, I cant wait to see the rest. Her bouquet is stunning!!!!!!!!!!

Sophia | Reply

I had an airstream growing up, so I am looking forward to seeing this wedding. What great memories.

courtney {flush designs} | Reply

Beautiful Bouquet!! Just love the green wheat!!

Nina | Reply

So cool! I love it!

flowers by bornay | Reply

I loveeeee this bouquet too!!!!!!!! :)

T-bone | Reply

Our wedding caterer will be serving out of an airstream for our Rainier wedding. Love how Airstreams photograph. So much nice reflected light!

Featured Pre-Wedding Photo Session with Elegant Style

It's customary for Chinese couples to have their wedding photos taken in advance of the wedding, leaving them plenty of time on their wedding days to enjoy the company of their guests and really revel in their celebrations. Today's couple, Janes and Osson, decided to fall suit with this tradition, taking their elegant pre-wedding photos in California (their wedding recently took place in Hong Kong!).