Everything we planned from the decor,
the music, the menu, and attire centered around the idea of rustic chic
with hints of Southern charm. I believe at one point the phrase “Savannah
Garden Party” was tossed around during the planning process. We eventually
hooked up with Molli Barss from Soiree and she and her team helped turn
our ideas into reality. We used red as a base color and incorporated
pops of ivory and light blue. We paid close attention to vintage details;
during rehearsal dinner we used red and white checked tablecloths on
the tables. For the wedding we used over-sized blue-tinted antique mason
jars we had collected over time and Campbell’s Tomato Soup cans as
centerpieces for the flowers. We served Coke in the bottle from vintage
Coca Cola crates, and used mason jars as candleholders on the barn’s
windowsills. We turned to vintage lace, hay bales covered in thick blankets
to make benches, local and seasonal comfort food, forewent a white tent
and chose instead to celebrate the beauty of the Pacific NW by dining
and dancing under the stars amongst strings of lights. 


We had our friend Lynn Russell of Satsuma Press
design and letterpress copies of our dinner menu which were later framed
for additional guest favors.



In addition to cake we
set up a dessert buffet table with red velvet cupcakes, mini berry shortcakes,
grilled peaches with goat cheese and honey, raspberry and brown butter
clafouti tarts, and mini pecan pie cookies.


Together we were able to create food experience for our guests that
paid tribute to the Americana comfort food we so dearly love and our
all around love of an intoxicatingly well-deserved food coma


Evan and I are not big on traditional
wedding cakes, so we decided on a three-tiered cheesecake designed and
handcrafted by my uncle Tim who is professional chef with a pastry fetish.
The first layer was chocolate peanut butter, the second layer was orange
and cream, and the third was berry poppy seed


We use a family recipe for
homemade apple butter in one of our signature egg sandwiches at the
Little Red Bike Cafe. It is a recipe that was first my grandmother’s
and then was later adapted by my mother. As guest’s favors my mom
and aunt canned 150 jars of our homemade apple butter and placed them
in a red radio flyer wagon for guests to grab on their way out of the


After dinner the party shifted
into the main barn for late night music by a friend, DJ Tyler Tastemaker.
At midnight guests had a costume change, where we pulled out trunk loads
of random costumes to share with guests, which made for the most appropriate
attire for the photo booth set up by my sister and brother-in-law as
a wedding present. And what a treat that at the end of the day we were
able to get Whitney and Jesse from Our Labor of Love on the opposite
side of the lens and effectively capture their essence, costumed out
and all in our photo booth.

Our caterers set up a bar in
the back of the barn and served a Late Night Menu into the wee hours
featuring mini burgers, French fries in cones, mini pimento grilled
cheese sandwiches, and mini PB & J’s

Ali will be sharing a list of all the incredible vendors from her wedding tomorrow….

[Images c/o Our Labor of Love]


Comments (6)

*B* | Reply

That is such a fun wedding. I love the ideas so much!

Em | Reply

where did you get the jars from for the apple butter?

Anne | Reply

Their woodland style cake is so sweet. I really love this wedding.

Rebecca | Reply

So much romance! That rich, rad kind–I love it.

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