As far as the scene goes….we
drew inspiration from our cafe and our fascination with Americana and
the comfort it conjures up for many. Evan and I also have a fixation
with the charming nature and hospitality of the American Southeast and
have always found its rich history fascinating. We knew the event was
going to take place on a farm and for a duration of three days so we
worked hard to create different environments throughout the property
so people really got to experience the beauty of the land. Aside from
the rolling fields, mountain views, the natural amphitheatre, and the
two finished barns, the horses, and the converted school bus, friends
were able to explore trails, lay out in hammocks, and mess around with
lawn games, everything from bocce ball to croquet and horseshoes. We
wanted an elegant event but we wanted people to feel have fun and enjoy
the space; to meet and visit with one another and make new friends,
sort of like camp for grownups.


The Pete Krebs Trio gained
three more members, all harmoniously sweet female vocalists who lent
their provocative sound to the dinner portion of the night. This sextet
when playing and touring together is known as the Stolen Sweets, and
they specialize in 1930’s swing jazz music, popularized in America
during a truly dispiriting economic depression.


Simpatica was a natural choice for catering
given their firm commitment to working with farms and sourcing food
locally. They were extremely patient working with two foodies who insisted
upon having their hands in the entire design and concept of the menu.


In addition to our bicycle we brought out our green VW van, a vehicle
that was gifted to us by my dad. What once was a source of shame and
misery for me during my teenage and adolescent years has later become
a treasured family heirloom and consequently something we’ve camped
in many times. Considering we really weren’t going away anywhere because
we were staying on the farm all three nights with our guests, we decided
to go for a ride after dinner and were lovingly accompanied by our friends
Whitney and Jesse from Our Labor of Love.


cocktail hour we passed plates of deviled eggs, onion and brie tarts
with thyme custard, mini crab cakes, wild shrimp on cheese grits toast,
and served Lynchburg lemonade and rosemary gin and tonics made with
local gin in mason jars. Dinner featured black truffle mac and cheese,
fried heirloom tomatoes, farm fresh green beans, sweet potato biscuits,
grilled corn, cedar plank salmon and flank steak with blue cheese butter.


Evan and I always knew we wanted
our get-away vehicle to be our red 1972 Shwinn Tandem bicycle….

Stay tuned for part II of Ali and Evan’s AMAZING reception coming up next….

[Images c/o the incredible Our Labor of Love]


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jessica | Reply This ENTIRE wedding is all things adorable! I love all the fun details.

maria @ {ritzy bee} | Reply

This wedding is one of my favorites I have seen in a long time and the photography is so wonderful too!

christine @ pretty.pretty.paper | Reply

the food sounds divine. black truffle mac and cheese … i may have to try that.

Melissa | Reply

This is great! The the photos. Does anyone know where she found the dress and headpiece?

*B* | Reply

Oh, I SO love this wedding!

Amanda | Reply

I could only hope that our Oregon wedding turns out as beautiful! I love all the details!

Stephanie | Reply

does ANYONE know where her dress is from? it’s so beautiful!

Leigh | Reply

It might be a little late, but her dress is an Alvina Valenta – style 9658. hope that helps!