Our goal was to create an event
that showcased the best of what our state had to offer. With Oregon
in mind our first thoughts were to highlight the Pacific Northwest and
all of its tremendous beauty. We wanted an outdoor space that showcased
our state’s elegant rustic nature, its beautiful tree lines and mountain
views. We wanted a menu that savored and did justice to the insanely
gorgeous flavor profiles of the local food scene, and that paid tribute
to all of the local food purveyors and vendors we work with and amongst
in this fair city. We wanted an atmosphere that felt inviting and personal,
homegrown and rooted in love, an environment where people felt comfortable,
like family. 



Both of our grandfather’s
are Jewish and while not practicing Evan and I felt it would be a nice
way to honor our elders by incorporating our favorite Jewish wedding
traditions. In the months leading up to the ceremony we asked all of
our guests to send in a swatch of fabric. Later these patches were collected
and eventually sewn in to a quilt by Evan’s mother, which later became
the canopy for our chuppah.


We chose to write our own vows and we exchanged
them through the guidance of my mom’s best friend, a dear family friend
whom we ordained over the internet and whose wedding I was incidentally
in as a little four year old. After the exchanging of our vows we called
our mothers up to act as witnesses in the signing of our kettubah.


Beneath the canopy and along the edge of
the willow branches our florist hung cymbidium orchids from different
colors of silk ribbon.


The Groom and
the Groomsmen wore Seersucker suits by Haspel, red checked shirts from
Ben Sherman, Banana Republic Knit ties, and each groomsmen received
custom Converse high tops with personalized tag, and vintage typewriter
cufflinks as a gift.


Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for more details and images from the reception….

[Images c/o the amazing Our Labor of Love]


Comments (10)

chelsea petaja | Reply

i love every-stinking-thing about this.

Amanda | Reply

I love the idea of a quilted chuppah!

Rebecca | Reply

Oh, yes–that chuppah, those orchids, the seersucker, the pugs–it works beautifully!

Rebekah at EAD | Reply

Love the hodge podge chuppah. What a thoughtful way to start your marriage.

Josie | Reply

I love, love the chuppah idea!

Lauren | Reply

I LOVE her shoes! Is there a way to find out what brand they are and where she got them?

cindy @ just the little things. | Reply

The APPLAUSE sign made me chuckle! And I loved the chuppah!

cirra | Reply

i am in love with her dress! anyone know who made it?

Heather R. | Reply

The dress is by Alvena Valenta~

Stephani | Reply

where was the venue?

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