If you’ve been reading Once Wed for a while you probably already know I have a soft spot for small and intimate weddings, so it should come as no surprise I instantly fell head over heels in love for Kelly and Cameron’s city hall wedding in Salt Lake City…

As far as a story or anything about the day we kind of just wanted to do it our own way. The style was something I got from the building, as well as my own love of vintage. I went with the art deco/30’s style. I love old Hollywood so I took a lot of time putting my dress/his attire together. I wanted it to be classy and glamorous!

Vintage City Hall Wedding

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Leo Patrone Wedding Photography

Cream Vintage Short Wedding Dress

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Utah City Hall Wedding

Rain Wedding Day Portraits

Leo Patrone Weddings

Photography by Leo Patrone


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Whimsical Wonderland Weddings Blog | Reply

Elegant and stylish, this is what getting married is all about! Love it!

Katie Jane Parker | Reply

LOVE this wedding. So lovely and intimate and the bride’s outfit is gorgeous. Love her vintage style.

Chloe | Reply

Leo Patrone is Photography Royalty. What a cute couple too, with very good taste!

Erin Brown | Reply

I LOVE her dress!! Where did she find it?

lane dittoe | Reply

Leo is so good and such a nice guy!! great job, thanks!

Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper | Reply

wow, SO pretty!

Love her dress and her hair! and that fur! …and that car! and the rain!
these shots are perfect!

joanna goddard | Reply

her white jacket is adorable!

holly hatam | Reply

Glamour is just dripping off the bride!

christine | Reply

This is beautiful, sweet and simple and the birde looks lovely (love the hair)!

giovanna | Reply

so awesome – love her whole look, especially the jacket. is there any way we can find out where her beautiful jewelry is from?

Houa | Reply

LOVE LOVE LOVE her jewelry. Please share where she had purchased them from? I love the overall look of their wedding. So romantic and simple.

Rocket Girl | Reply

Thank you so much for posting this! I’m doing a City Hall wedding with my FH next Tuesday and have been dying to see more weddings like it for photo inspiration.

erin | Reply

Wow wow wow. So elegant and chic. Makes me want to reconsider my big wedding for a city hall elopement!

crystal | Reply

Gorgeous!! Please, please, please I would love to know where the dress came from?

Diana | Reply

How fitting that she looks like Gretta Garbo

Spencer | Reply

Simply lovely.

Warm blessings,

AmyPunky Photography | Reply

I love, love, love this sweet little wedding!!

rachael | Reply

the bride is STUNNING. she looks like greata garbo or some other fabulous old hollywood actress. gosh.

Lex Cut | Reply

The bride reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. Her beauty is somewhat vintage too.

Kelly a.k.s. Vintage City Hall Bride | Reply

Hey guys! I’m so glad you all liked my vintage wedding! To answer some of your questions about where I purchased my dress, jewelry, etc. I will have to say that I was on a tight budget. I got my dress at BCBG Outlet in Park City, UT. It’s a really good place for formal but not too formal dresses for very reasonable prices. The rabbit fur coat was bought years ago at a local thrift store, and the jewelry (except the ring, of course) I got at Forever 21 if you can believe that! It took lots of searching but if you take the time you can find really cool stuff on a budget.

a.k.a... Vintage City Hall Bride | Reply

ha ha typo, meant to write a.k.A! woops :)

Stephanie | Reply

Can anyone tell me where this dress is from? I LOVE IT!

Stephanie | Reply

oh nevermind – just read Kelly’s comment – WOW you did such a great job on a budget! Gorgeous!

joel serrato | Reply

I love Leo’s photography ;) Great job on this one Leo!

ben | Reply

WOW! All I can say is faaaaaabulous. You did it girl- you pulled off the perfect vintage city hall wedding. Kudos upon kudos too you. You look gorgeous and your man looks like some sort of european model right out of a catalog.

Ashley | Reply

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THE DRESS!! THE HAIR!! EVERYTHING!! So vintage!!!!!!!!!

Erika | Reply

They are both SO cute! I love the simplicity, and I especially love the genuineness of the photos. They are not cheesy whatsoever, which is an issue I have with a lot of wedding photography!

Katie | Reply

I love to see city hall weddings featured.
My FH and I are going to do a city hall wedding ourselves – I’d love to see photos from other city hall weddings for some more ideas!!!! :)

Elanie | Reply

what an amazing pics…i love them…they`re so cute!!