Didn’t Nick and Surya do such a great job at creating a unique twist on a Colorado wedding? Their insane design taste mixes so well with the rustic mountain feel of the Rockies–what a great combination. Oh and how about those bridesmaids dresses? I love all the patterns and colors!

Mostly, we just wanted our wedding to feel like our lives, which roughly translates to ribs, dance party, beer, and 70’s refrigerator colors. The sign is from a line on our wedding website. We just drew it up in Illustrator and took it to a shop with a CNC machine and had him cut it out of plywood. It was great because the setting was already so beautiful and then you add the sign and a hot wedding party dressed in a million patterns . . . No need for further decorations!


The site (Nick’s parent’s house) is lovely as can be so we didn’t have to do much. A few Pendleton blankets and family quilts here and there, succulents, hay bales. Beth and Flower House literally killed it with the florals. The bouquets and tablescapes were beyond all of our expectations. We really trusted Beth’s vision and knew she got us. I think she might have gotten us more than we get ourselves!

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Check back later today for more images from Nick and Surya’s amazing reception!

Photography by Jonas Peterson


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Justin | Reply

Having some words over the ceremony is really catching on. Couples can hang on to them as a wonderful keepsake.

forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

Love the sign and the dresses!!

The Sassy Bride | Reply

Gorgeous wedding & really loved the sign!!

suzanne | Reply

I’m in love with the necklace…anyone know where it’s from? It would be so perfect!


anightoffashions | Reply

This wedding so, so pretty and individual! I really love the bridesmaid dresses. Thanks so much for sharing, it has really inspired me!

Christy B | Reply

Where do I find a local CNC machine? I would love to do this for my wedding!

Gracia | Reply

I’m so in love with your works. They’re brilliant!!

Steph | Reply

I love this wedding! I saw the rest of the photos on the photographer’s blog and its amazing! It really shows what a fun time the day was!
I’m also in love with the shoes!! I must know where they came from! Does anyone have an idea?

Alison | Reply

That sign is amazing!! What a perfect detail.

Emily | Reply

I love the shoes. Can anyone tell me where they came from?

Amelie | Reply

so love the bride’s shoes and the bridesmaids’ dresses! :)

Brisbane Wedding Photography | Reply

The sign was a very brilliant idea. I so love the dresses of the bridesmaids! Wonderful details and very romantic wedding.

Erin | Reply

What fonts did you use for the sign? I love them!

Wedding Photographer Perth | Reply

Love the sign and the stage! Brilliant :)

chai | Reply

Where can i get a sign made like that?

lyndsie | Reply

Where is that sign from?? I love it!!!