How much do you adore this wedding? Everything from the flowers right down to the silver vases was either sourced or handmade with love by the couple. And how amazing is the first photo below? Who knew a whole bunch of pine cones and a little bit of string could look so fabulous…

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Front door, 1st table, wedding silhouette, cupcake images by Jason Walz

Hanging bird, wedding cake image by Julie Skarratt

Log candle, centerpiece, portrait images by Susan Baker

Thank you again to all the wonderful photographers mentioned for letting me share their beautiful images here on Once Wed. And to Karen Hill for letting me feature her lovely wedding. We wish you both a life full of happiness and love!


Comments (18)

Meghan | Reply

Oh, swoon! Love that pine cone garland.

Katy | Reply

How cute r those birdy cakes!


Lauren | Reply

Fall is so romantic. I love their silhouttes(sp?) on the backs of their chairs.

Album Boutique Team | Reply

Beautiful – I love all the bird elements! Thanks for sharing.

Courtney | Reply

I wish you all would say where these weddings take place (that is, of course, if it’s a public venue)!

emily | Reply

Hey Courtney

Sometimes we just don’t know. If we know – we always include it in the post. Maybe Karen will join us later and share:)



jackie@bridesandbabes | Reply

Oh I love those powdered cakes…so sweet.

Susan | Reply

it looks like the sign at the front door says “Walter Brewster House”

Lightning Heart | Reply

so organic and earthy, i love it!

Rachel | Reply

It’s lovely! Thanks for giving us a peek.

bj | Reply

What I want to know is how these couples find and can afford such groovy chairs? I would love to have some beautiful chairs like this, but my rental places only offer metal, white or white with padding, which gets really expensive ($4/chair!). Oh well. C’est la vie. Love the wedding and hope to imitate the bird stenciled on the cake. Thanks for the idea!!

wesela | Reply

Such a nice candles!

NYC | Reply

I enjoyed looking at the photographer’s work here.

Karen Hill | Reply

Thank you for all your sweet comments! Frank and I were married in Brewster, NY. The ceremony was in our backyard and the reception was just down the street at the Walter Brewster House for 48 guests. Let me know if there’s anything else, I’m happy to answer questions.

ch8r | Reply

Now we’re talking. These are all excellent photographers. Congrats, Karen!

Eliza | Reply

Those birds on the cakes are astoundingly cool.

buildingafire | Reply

Do you have any idea where I can get those bird cake pedestals???

Karen Hill | Reply

Hi Buildingafire,

I found the bird cake pedestal at Room Service Home. The link is http://www.rshcatalog.com/product/Bird_Metal_Pedestal/38


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