Lanvin Wedding Dress

Emma and Simon live in Switzerland and were married in Emma’s hometown: Austin’s historic Hyde Park. And as photographer Ashley Garmon shares, the ceremony took place in the backyard with a well-loved garden as their only backdrop.  After the ceremony, they walked down to the end of the block where the reception was held. The reception was a street party with dancing and cocktails in the middle of the street and a gorgeous tent in an empty lot at the end of the block which the guest enjoyed a three course meal.

Emma’s mother planted sweet peas along upon hearing of Emma and Simon’s plans to have the wedding reception on the corner lot.  By the time the wedding day arrived, they provided a lovely natural barrier.  They were also used in the arrangements on the table as well as Emma’s bouquet.  The only other flowers were ranunculous from a local farm.

And that dreamy dress: understated, elegant…clever, even.  Much like Emma herself.  I have never seen such a calm bride on her wedding day.

Photography by Ashley Garmon

Emma’s Dress by Lanvin


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Lorraine Daley | Reply

Love the theme of backless dresses…so original. so feminine and gorgeous.

Jaclyn | Reply

Absolutely beautiful. I have to know the designer of the rings.

melissa | Reply

I love EVERYTHING, including the rose gold jewelry. And I pine over backyard weddings!

Kathleen@weddingswaterside.com | Reply

Incredible dress, and the tent lighting is awesome.

J | Reply

I love the rings. Is that a rose-cut diamond?

Rita | Reply

Please share the name of the ring designer! Amazing wedding, have tagged as “perfect” in my reader.

lydia {ever ours} | Reply

absolutely love that gown. so gorgeous and stunning!

forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

This is the best modern backyard wedding! Love their reception set up and those dress are stunning!

Mary Herrington - Forever & Ever Events | Reply

The Lanvin dress is breathtaking. And the rings are so romantic and unique. This is my kind of wedding! x

Charley @ London Bride | Reply

Oh my word! The inside of that tent, those delicate golden delicious rings and the floatiest prettiest dress I ever did see. Love it all.

Makayla | Reply

please do share the ring designer! stunning.

myra :: twigs & honey | Reply

oh my! I adore that dress!

Kelly, Weddings by Socialites | Reply

Lighting is so important and the way that they chose to show their style through the lighting was a great choice! Creative Lighting can make such a huge difference at a wedding.

Caitlin | Reply

Love this so much! Especially the ring! Please, please tell us where it’s from. :)

Ruthy T. | Reply

Please let us know more about the rings….LOVE this wedding……..so Pretty!

Linda - the Transparent Bride | Reply

I wish this was a much MUCH longer post! I seriously want to hear about every detail. And like everyone else, love the rings, the dress, and the bridesmaids.

I’m hoping my wedding will be half as pretty.


Linda - the Transparent Bride | Reply

PS. Great choice for your first real wedding since the site’s revamp, Emily. Fabulous fabulous!


Dana | Reply

I love the photos and her dress is fantastic! Looks like a great wedding day.

Prudence @ Flotsam Friends | Reply

I adore the whole thing. The rings are just amazing! Love the band in the middle of the street too. Pruxxx

Ashley Garmon | Reply

I’m not sure who the ring designer is, but I’ve contacted the bride to find out. Stay tuned….!

G | Reply

Wow!! So gorgeous…would love to see a followup post!! And more info about the rings please!! And the dress…style number?!

The Demoiselle | Reply

I love the rings and the AMAZING backless dresses! WOW!!!

Caroline C | Reply

Everything is fantastic! Really right up my alley. Her dress and ring are breathtaking. I’d love to know the designer of the ring as well.

The Sassy Bride | Reply

Those black dresses are so elegant & beautiful!!! Love this wedding too!

Chloe | Reply

OH! The bride’s dress and that backless dress… amazing. An impeccably styled wedding-qudos!

Rachel | Reply

Any man who finds me a ring like this …. I’m sold! So beautiful : ) Thanks for sharing!

Julia @ Brides Up North | Reply

Oh! That dress is divine. Love.

Also really like the backless bridesmaid dresses, sexxxxy! xxx

Katie | Reply

Hi Ladies, I think those rings may be by Katherine Bowman. http://katherinebowman.blogspot.com/
If not, she has a very similar organic style. Love her work! <3

Katie | Reply

Ok I don’t think they are Katherine Bowman but I know this jewellery designer was featured on some wedding blog somewhere in the past few months! Argh how frustrating

Katie | Reply

ok I was thinking of Satomi Kawakita (http://satomikawakita.com/499-5209/R0205Y)
but I was wrong about that too! I give up now!

Kate from LittleBrightSpot | Reply

The bride’s ethereal style is stunning, especially with those bold, backless dresses. I love the handcrafted and modern touches like the invitations and chalkboard as well. Altogether wonderful and inspiring.

Leila | Be Inspired PR | Reply

any bride looking for a modern wedding inspiration should look no further than this wedding. The bride is absolutely stunning and I am in love with everything about this celebration!!

Laura | Reply

I love the rings, please post back with the designer’s name!

Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

What a stunning wedding dress!! The ribbons around the middle look so pretty!

Ashley Garmon | Reply

Ladies, here’s the info on the rings:

The engagement ring is from De Vera Objects in San Francisco http://www.deveraobjects.com/about/about.html

The wedding band is by a designer named Sayumi Yokouchi. Which they also got at De Vera Objects also but in the New York store.

Jess Marvel | Reply

Oh! I have to have that dress! Please say she will sell it to me!!?? :) What a beautiful wedding!

G | Reply

Thanks for the ring info!!

Do we know the designer of the engagement ring? That would be really helpful!!

1filleaparis | Reply

Love it :) everything is so sweet and elegant !

tracy | Reply

OMG! love the dress! whos the designer? its exactly what i am looking for my wedding dress even though i already bought one. uh oh!

paperdollmn | Reply

the rings … the dresses … the table settings … LOVE

Bre | Reply

Such a beautiful, romantic wedding! I adore her dress and the venue. Beautiful rings too!

grace | Reply

the engagement ring looks like it could be from conroy and wilcox

Komal, dallas wedding photographer | Reply

so cool and chick. The bridesmaids look HOT!!