Following the ceremony, the guests were ushered into the tea house for the cocktail reception, which had over 20 hanging lanterns with candles and rose petals, an amazing artisan cheese spread (figs, raw honeycomb, etc.) and waiters passed hors d’Oeuvres and wine.




Most of the guests did not know about the wine caves, so when we opened the doors to the cave after the cocktail reception, it was a very dramatic moment.  We wanted a very beautiful, intimate meal, and since most of our friends and family were meeting for the first time, we decided to do one long table, which forced the guests to interact and get to know one another.




To see more images from Myriah and Christopher’s beautiful wedding, check out Bret Cole’s photography blog. Also, stay tuned for their beautiful wedding film by Joel Serrato Films coming up next!

Photography by Bret Cole


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Jenny | Reply

This is my favorite wedding featured on this site. I am absolutely in love with that dress, and the colors are gorgeous. It’s given me so many ideas!

Now, where do I find that dress?!

estee | Reply

hello once wed. i love you.

(but seriously)

my wedding’s coming up QUICK (4 weeks!)
and i am now thinking about a funky party favor–trying to steer CLEAR of a bag of candies…ehhhh…
anyway, i saw in your inspiration gallery a photo of some ADORABLE buttons (pins?)
i am crossing my fingers and toes that someone can tell me where i can find such a treasure?!

lots of pre-wedding love,

Thao | Reply

Everything about this wedding is beyond amazing. There is so much inspiration here.

Dana Cordova | Reply

Wow, everything about this wedding is extraordinary!…and that cake is really original!

silvana | Reply

wow….loveliness! that cake is outrageous.

flowers by bornay | Reply

What a lovely place and flower arrangements! Always, every wedding here in your web, is gorgeous, I can’t stop inspiring me with your job! thanks!


travelling bride | Reply

Love this wedding, so dreamy and that dress, sigh so pretty.

Wey | Reply

Hi! I’ve searched through OnceWed for this dress for over a year but there aren’t any available (some sellers are uncontactable). I just bought the dress in Size 4 from Vera Wang for my wedding and will be selling it afterward, at the end of this year (late December) and I will list it on OnceWed then. The dress is truly stunning, if you are interested, please drop me a line at -Thanks!

Wey | Reply

Hi Jenny,

Apologies, just realized I should have written, contact me at (I wrote above but the email is not current so use this one instead)? The dress I have is exactly this one, arriving in October and available after December. If not, then you could perhaps find it still on special order from Vera Wang’s flagship.

katrina + andrew = sedona bride photographers | Reply

emily the new blog is beautiful! i’m having fun catching up on all your lovely posts! … this wedding is *gorgeous*!! {katrina}

Monica | Reply

This wedding is beautiful! Where did it take place?