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I am thrilled about the opportunity to share Myriah and Christopher’s wedding today on Once Wed. Bret Cole was kind enough to send over so many gorgeous images for me to share, and I had such a fun time last night picking through my favorites to feature today. The lovely bride, Myriah, generously agreed to put together a little guest blog feature to accompany the post. More from Myriah…

My husband, Christopher, is an environmental lawyer and I am a fashion designer (I’ve worked for Lela Rose, Ralph Lauren, and have recently started my own children’s wear line). We met almost three years ago in line at a pizza place in San Francisco, and knew immediately that we had met “the one”.



We went with a somewhat muted color palette that would blend with the natural wild flowers of the vineyard.  The boys were in Navy blue J.Crew suits, with gray embroidered pocket squares (which I made).  For my bridesmaid’s I designed and custom-made slate gray satin-faced organza gowns, with a ruffle collar, accented by a blush pink belt.  I also made the flower girls dress, a cream colored tissue-weight linen, with a gray floral belt.



P.S. – Myriah’s beautiful wedding dress is made by Vera Wang. If you are interested in this specific style, we have a few for sale in the used wedding dresses section of Once Wed. So much more coming up next!

Photography by Bret Cole

  1. I have always dreamed of sitting around with my bridesmaids before my wedding, sewing our own dresses. It’s so amazing that Myriah made most of the dresses for her wedding! How special! I wish she could give me sewing lessons because I am not very good at it yet.

    Growing up, one of my friend’s mom was an incredible seamstress. She would sew the most incredible prom dresses for her daughter and all of her daughter’s friends. She gave me sewing lessons at the kitchen table of her little farmhouse and I was in heavan. She passed away from cancer a year ago, and every time I take out my sewing machine I think of her.

    She left behind many beautiful dresses, made with love, for all of us to cherish forever.

    Thank you for sharing Myriah’s wedding story…Her passion comes through in the photos of her and the dresses she made. It’s so inspiring to see women like her, who put their hearts into everything they do.

  2. Simply gorgeous! I am curious about the sash on Myriah’s dress. Did she make this? or purchase it? I’m attempting to make a sash for my dress.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words about my wedding, and especially the dresses. It was a particularly difficult project to custom make the patterns to fit the girls, as I live in California and my sisters live in North Carolina, the Virgin Islands, and NYC, and my maid of honor lives in Florida. Needless to say, I made many cotton samples which I send to them for fittings; a process that took several months. But in the end, I loved the finished product and it was really meaningful to me to have all the dresses, flower girl dress, ring pillow, etc. that I made to be part of the wedding.

    I really loved making the flower girl dress, and have begun to launch my own children’s wear line (J’dorable), which included flower girl dresses, so hopefully I can have some of them featured on wedding blogs in the near future.

    Tonia- Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I’m sorry that your friend’s mother passed away, but she has surely left you with such amazing childhood memories! Don’t get discouraged with your sewing; there are a million mistakes that occur on the road to learning to sew (it doesn’t really come naturally to anyone), but one day you hit a point where it all just starts to click. Trust me, you’ll get there!

    Dena- the belt was from Vera Wang and came as part of the dress. I’m not sure if they sell them separately as well. I used to make the belts and sashes for the wedding gowns at Lela Rose, when I worked there, so if you need any advice on sewing techniques or construction, I’d be happy to give you some pointers.

    Thank you all again, your kind words have truly made my day!

  4. Hi Myriah

    I love the fabric which you used for the bridesmaid dresses. Would you be able to kindly point me to where you purchased it?

    Many thanks!

  5. Hi! I’ve searched through OnceWed for this dress for over a year but there aren’t any available (some sellers are uncontactable). I just bought the dress in Size 4 for my wedding and will be selling it afterward, at the end of this year (late December) and I will list it on OnceWed then. If you are interested, please drop me a line at alienigeni@yahoo.com -Thanks!

  6. What a gorgeous wedding and the dress…absolutely stunning! It is exactly what i am looking for and unfortunately the dress that was listed on this website has already been sold…do you have any idea where else i might be able to find it?


  7. Hi Shazzer,

    The bridesmaid’s fabric is a double faced satin organza, purchased from C&J Textiles in New York (230 W. 38th Street #7), you can call and order the fabric and they will ship it to you (212) 354-0040. They have it available in about 30 beautiful colors as well. The shade of gray I used was #247. Good luck with your sewing project!

  8. Hi Emily,

    I just bought this dress, which is arriving in October and will be worn once in December. If the timing suits you, perhaps you can contact me at weyzhan@gmail.com (I wrote alienigeni@yahoo.com above but the email is dysfunctional so use this one instead)? If not, then it may still be available on special order from Vera Wang’s flagship.

  9. Hi Myriah! I really love your hair. Would you be able to send along some shots or maybe links to more photos of your hair (and some back views possibly)? I’m getting married soon and may want to use it for inspiration! Emily (emilyrobinson08@gmail.com)

  10. Myriah
    Thank you very much for the information. Much appreciated!
    Kind regards

  11. Hi Myriah

    Sorry if I could just ask one more thing
    in the pictures the shade of the bridesmaids dresses seem more blue than gray – would you say that the actual shade IRL is much like in the pictures on the website?

    Many thanks.

  12. Hi Myriah

    Sorry about this – I rang C&J up but they said they don’t stock double faced satin organza, but rather just satin faced organza (fabric code CJ840). I would go down to the showroom myself but unfortunately i live in asia. … would you recall the fabric code which you got, or if yours was indeed satin faced?

    Many thanks.

  13. Hi Shazzer,

    Sorry, yes it is fabric code CJ840. As for the color, in real life it is closer to a slate gray, however in natural lighting and in the pictures it comes out with a blue tint. You can ask CJ to send you their colorcard (a card of fabric swatches in all their shades). Good luck!

  14. Hi Emily,

    There weren’t too many shots of my hair with back views, but I will try to go through my pictures this week (my photog sent me 900 pics)! and email you some.

  15. Hey Myriah!

    I love your hair and make-up!!! Any tips you could pass on to this bride? =)

  16. Hi Rachel,

    For hair I went to my local salon and asked around for recommendations, and I really lucked out. If you’re a northern California bride, my hair person was Sofia Polumbo (contact: fiahart@me.com), who is amazing! She even offered to do my mom’s hair and one of my bridesmaid’s hair for no extra charge.

    I had a lot of trouble finding a good makeup artist in the Napa/Calistoga area, and I considered hiring one to travel from San Francisco on the day, but the SF makeup artists were way out of my price range. I finally realized that I wear Bobbi Brown makeup everyday and I love it, so I contacted one of the girls that works at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter 20 mins. from where I was getting married. I went in and did a makeup trial (for free!) and ended up hiring her to come to my venue and do my makeup on the wedding day. It ended up costing 1/3 of what the other makeup artist were charging!

    My only real tips are to really exfoliate and drink tons of water leading up to the wedding, which will help make your skin glow. Also, false eyelashes do for your eyes what stilettos do for your legs! Just be sure to cut them down to where they look natural.
    One last tip: If you can, take your pictures right before the sun sets. It casts a beautiful glow and makes your skin look radiant.

  17. I was wondering if I could purchase the flower girl dress that you show from your own wedding. I tried an internet search to find the J’adorable line to purchase the dress and could not find it! Please let me know

  18. beautiful dress myriah, i was wondering if you have any detailed pictures of your dress, as vera wang is not available in my country and i would like to have mine tailored to look like this one (i am too superstitious to buy a used dress). I wasn’t able to find any detailed or high res pictures anywhere.

    if anyone else who has worn this dress can help me, it would also be highly appreciated :) – will post an e-mail add for pics to be sent to me if anyone responds to this.

    thanks a lot.

  19. Hi, Myriah. You look absolutely stunning and your wedding ideas are gorgeous!!! I am very interested in the sash you chose for yourself and the flower girl. I would really appreciate some pointers on how to make them…especially the one you are wearing. Thank you.

  20. Hi Myriah, I’m getting married at Hans and also running into trouble finding hair and makeup in the area. Can you provide any more information about the Bobbi Brown girl you used? Thank you!

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