I love a bride who decides to do something a little different on her wedding day, so when Erin Hearts Court send over the wedding of Donna and Josh I couldn’t wait to share more of this intimate celebration here with you on Once Wed. How could you resist a wedding wear the bride chooses to wear a yellow wedding dress?

Yellow Wedding Shoes

Erin Hearts Court

Yellow Wedding Groom

Erin Hearts Court Wedding Photography

Southern California Wedding Photography

Photography by Erin Hearts Court


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Yumi @ Natsukashii | Reply

Gorgeous! The shot of the embrace and kiss is so beautiful.

Kim | Reply

gorgeous! and that gate is fantastic!

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melissa | Reply

Does anyone know where this took place? It’s gorgeous. I love the fountains and the well!

Jen | Reply

details!!! is this point lobos?

Album Boutique Team | Reply

Beautiful – I actually adore the bride in yellow!! So pretty. Thanks for sharing :)

Angela | Reply

this made my heart melt. what a darling wedding. i hope my wedding looks similar to this since my wedding will be taking place just a little up the coast from cambria. :)

Jocelyn Stott | Reply

Stunning. I love the use of orange and yellow.

nicole | Reply

Beautiful! I love the warmth. Thankyou so much for posting.

Lauren | Reply

Perfect BCBG dress. I actually own it. Nice twist as a spring/summer wedding dress!

Camille | Reply

this is so beautiful! i’m in love with it all and the bride’s decision to not wear white is absolutely perfect! (if fits her quite well)

Lexi | Reply

Oh my God that dress is perfection! I am absolutely going to wear yellow now thanks to you. amazing :)

robin | Reply

is there going to be a part two with reception photos? i am so in love with this place now! i want to see more :o)

niki | Reply

where is this???

my google searching powers are failing!

Cheryl Joy | Reply

I’ve never posted before, but I adore OnceWed weddings. They are always beautiful, with this light, ethereal quality. So lovely. :)

monica | Reply

no, seriously. where is this?

emily f. | Reply

Ok girls! After further investigating Erin Hearts Court blog, I figured out the venue!
It’s was in Cambria on the cliff with the reception at Cambria Pines Lodge. That is where the garden is.