Do any of you remember this portrait session?

Butterly Engagement Session

or this super sweet wedding?


Well look what we just found:

The Lang Family

We don’t usually feature family sessions but we just couldn’t help ourselves today! When we saw these seriously beautiful and sweet images by Ben Christensen we immediately recognized Stacie and Geoffrey–a couple who have already been featured twice on Once Wed. Stacie and Geoffrey (who are photographers themselves) have started a family! And after roaming around on their blog a bit, I’m convinced they may be one of the cutest families on the planet. Seriously. See Exhibit A. Really…go see it!


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Stacie | Reply

Thanks for the love! This just proved how fast the time goes by, its crazy!

Lindsay | Reply

OMG you guys might be the cutest family ever! I just read your anniversary blog post and died a little bit inside. So incredibly cute.

Kaitlin@bpoetic | Reply

I love this! What a beautiful family and I love that followed their progression and showed what beauty, love and marriage can make!

The Sassy Bride | Reply

Ahh, what an adorable family & their baby is darling! Great images!

angie +matt | Reply

we will confirm that YES they are the cutest family on the universe! Awesome job on the family pics Ben! I love Ivy’s adorable smile.

Leila | Be Inspired PR | Reply

What an ADORABLE family!! Those baby blue eyes are just to die for! You can really see the love of this family in these shots. Love it!!

Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] | Reply

Everyone looks so joyful! How beautiful!

Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

She is the cutest baby ever!! What an amazing family photoshoot!

Tonia | Reply

Can we be friends? :) You guys are so COOL! I want your outfits, and to play with that adorable baby. Move to WI so we can hang?

Lisa | Reply

beautiful, adorable, lovely. i wanted my wedding hair to be just like hers was in the first photograph – didn’t quit turn out just like that, but her style was definitely an inspiration for me.

Miss Pete | Reply

yay! although weddings are great, this is a great reminder of what marriage is really about!

Jessica | Reply

oh my! that might be the most attractive family i’ve ever seen!

janis | Reply

i read their blog and am continuously floored at how beautiful that BABY IS and how gorgeous they are!!

amanda | Reply

I loved the engagement photos when I first saw them posted, I literally have never seen such beautiful people in photos before. I love the wedding photos and seeing you two with such a beautiful baby girl is incredible. Sucha truly lovely family! Wish I knew where you got your wedding shoes from!! :)

jenny | Reply

these are so adorable! and i love their outfits!!

Ashley | Reply

WOW. What an adorable family photo shoot :)

jo | Reply

wow. these photos gave me goosebumps! of the good kind. :)

Julia @ Brides Up North | Reply

OMG how cute and amazing – an adorable couple but that little baby is just the cutest most perfect little bundle of joy!


Another Emma | Reply

Oh my gosh that whole family is just stunning! What an adorable little baby! How lovely :)

Christina Brosnan | Reply

That is the sweetest set of images and the sweetest family. Super cute! I love it!

Rachel | Reply

Wow! What a super cute little family session!

Jenna | Reply

Go Langs! I love you guys!

CJ Isaac | Reply

Those are the sweetest family portraits! And that face, she is just precious. :)

Amila | Reply

They are so cute, I love this kind of photography, family sessions :)

Linda | Reply

I love, love, love these family photos!!!! What an adorable little family! I love their outfits too.