If you want to work from home, have flexible hours and love interacting with people, you will want to consider this opportunity. The people you’ll be calling really want to talk to you, they just won’t know it until five minutes into the call. Getting to that point is what we’ll train you to do. So if you are interested in learning state-of-the-art selling, building a career (not just a paycheck) working hard (50 hours / week and 50+ calls / day) and working for one of the finest wedding publications in the world, please click on the link below to fill out our questionnaire. We are eager to get to know you!

Let’s fast forward one year from now and discuss what a Successful Account Executive (you!) will have accomplished at Once Wed:

1. You have polished your sales approach to close major accounts in retail, makeup, beauty, and fashion with major brands such as Macy’s, L’Oreal, BHLDN and Vera Wang providing them promotional campaign packages including serialized social media contests, banner advertising and original styled shoots sourced and executed by the über talented Once Wed creative team.

2. Your quick grasp of ad products, ad terms, cutting edge ad optimization techniques and strong communication skills has won you a dozen major banner ad campaigns and raised average monthly banner pricing by 12%.

3. Your efficient work, internet savvy and persuasive proposals over email, phone and social networks has moved the Vendor Guide from 60% to 85% capacity and, in doing so, created a recurring commission income stream for yourself spread over 200+ clients.

4. Your clients brag to Once Wed management about your customer service skills, responsiveness and attention to detail, telling management that “whatever you pay her, it’s not enough”. Some clients have even tried to lure you away from Once Wed with not-so-subtle job offers.

5. Your dedication to your career, demonstrated by your high call volume, thoughtful communication, learning from your manager and sales team, and self-directed professional development, has made you the envy of the sales team and propelled you towards a six figure income.

We can’t wait until next year.

Now Back to Today

If you’d like this story to be yours….

Please click here to fill out our questionnaire!

Photo Credit: Tec Petaja 


Comments (4)

Marisol Hernandez | Reply

Hello oncewed,

I am so interested in hearing more about your Account Executive position currently available!! I am an experienced Event/Wedding planner and have great experience working with clients, working with accounts and I am bilingual (English and Spanish Speaking).

I hope to connect with you soon!! ?

Mary McLeod | Reply

Hi Marisol!
Fill out the questionnaire linked in the post, and we’ll follow up.

Courtney Bullock | Reply

Hi Once Wed!

I am extremely interested in this position, and I filled out the questionnaire quite a while ago, but never got a confirmation email. Is the position still open? If so, please let me know who I should contact!

Thank you!!

Mary Verett | Reply

Hi Courtney! We have already filled this position, but if you would like to submit your resume for us to keep on file you can send it to info (at) oncewed (dot) com


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