If you want to work from home, have flexible hours and love interacting with people, you should check out this position. The secret is…. the people you’ll be calling really want to talk to you, they just won’t know it until five minutes into the call. Getting to that point is what we’ll train you to do. So if you are interested in learning state-of-the-art selling, building a career (not just a paycheck) and working for one of the finest wedding publications in the world, please send us your cover letter and resume. We are eager to get to know you!

Let’s fast forward one year from now and discuss what a Successful Account Executive (you!) will have accomplished at Once Wed:

1. You innovated and refined an approach to close major accounts in retail, makeup, beauty, and fashion with major brands such as Macy’s, L’Oreal, and Vera Wang providing them packaged promotional campaigns including serialized social media contests, banner advertising and original styled shoots sourced and executed by the talented Once Wed creative team.

2. The incisive client feedback you provided to Once Wed Management and Development Teams lead to the creation of superior advertising services increasing client retention by 22%.

3. Your quick grasp of split testing methodologies and strong communication of the power of this approach has won you a dozen major banner ad accounts and raised average monthly banner price we charge by 17%.

4. Your efficient work, internet savvy and persuasive proposals over email, phone and social networks have moved the Vendor Guide from 60% to 85% capacity and created recurring commissions for yourself based over 200+ accounts.

5. Your clients brag to management about your customer service skills, responsiveness and attention to detail – and tell us that “whatever you pay her, it’s not enough” Some clients have even tried to lure you away from Once Wed with not so subtle job offers.

6. Your dedication to your career demonstrated by your high call volume, thoughtfulness, learning from your manager and sales team, and multiple sales books you study challenge the whole sales force to improve and propel you towards six figure earnings.

We can’t wait until next year.

Now Back to Today

If you’d like this story to be yours….

Please email Brett Newman (brett@oncewed.com) your cover letter and resume for consideration.

Desired Skills & Experience

– Appreciation of the OW style & Aesthetic
– Flexibility – Once Wed is a growing company and we will need people who can flex and adapt to change
– 2 Years of Sales or equivalent industry experience (exceptions will be made for exceptional candidates)
– Preference given to Atlanta – it’s easier to train our Account Executives if they are nearby, but we also like to take our people to lunch
– Life Experience is a major bonus (though not required)
– Dedicated phone line and high speed internet
– Installation of Rescuetime Software
– CPU or Laptop
– Headset


Comments (10)

Mónica | Reply

Sounds really interesting and I have nine years of experience, but… Living in Spain :-(((

Meagan Carroll | Reply

I am very much Interested.

Patricia | Reply

In today’s world of innovative and global technology, location is anywhere, anytime and everywhere. Asynchronous communication eliminates the need for physical nearness.

The position sounds intriguing.


Sherry Donnelly | Reply

How soon will the candidate start?

Brett Newman | Reply

Our busy season is the first of the year, so we are aiming for a mid October start date. Please apply so we can learn more about you!

Elizabeth | Reply

Are you still looking for candidates?

emily | Reply

Yes, absolutely. Please apply if you think it’s a good fit.



Shay | Reply

I would LOVE to work for Once Wed! What a great opportunity! I will update my resume and get it sent over ASAP.

Shay | Reply

Oh, and I am in Atlanta. :)

Ashton Carter | Reply

DREAM JOB!! Imagine your ideal employee who has a passion for event planning, cries at any wedding (TV or real life…), and LOVES her pinterest (like, a lot) – That’s me! With that said, I’m only a junior in college at UGA. Do you offer an internships, or even need any volunteer help? I would be thrilled to help set up a wedding, do your busy work, run errands – whatever, I’m your girl! I am willing to do anything to get my foot in the door. Thanks!