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Yep, I’m pregnant with our first baby! We’re due at the end of February and couldn’t be more excited. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe not only how I feel about this little blessing growing inside of me, but for the opportunity to share this incredible journey with my wonderful husband. Pregnancy really is such a miracle.

The first 3 months were definitely rough, but now that I am well into my 2nd trimester –  I feel like a whole new woman. We don’t know the sex and plan to wait until baby comes to find out, but I am officially halfway this week and can’t believe how fast time is flying by. Only 20 weeks to go until we meet our precious babe!

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chelsea | Reply

congrats, emily!! very happy for you!

Hanniel | Reply

Yay!! What a blessing. Congratulations!

Amanda | Reply

OOOOh congrats Emily! So happy for you!

Jeanee | Reply

Wonderful! Blessing to you and your new family.

whitney | Reply

so happy for you! congrats emily :) you will be a great momma!

Maia McDonald | Reply

Congrats, what wonderful news!

Furka | Reply


Rachelle {wiley valentine} | Reply

Yay!! Congrats! So excited for you. Let the journey begin. xoxo

Christina | Reply

CONGRATULATIONS on your bundle of joy! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!!!!

Dani | Studio Fleurette | Reply

Congratulations! Just had my second little boy — it’s a great thing!

Lanie | Reply

Awesome Emily! Big congrats xoxo

Fabiana | Reply

Congrats!!! XOXO from your blog!

Lacie Hansen | Reply

yippie !!1 congrats to you and your hubbie ! xo

Danae | Reply


Jess Carberry | Reply

congratulations!!! :)

Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie | Reply

So many sweet congratulations!


Samara | Reply


Abby {Super Burbs} | Reply

So so wonderful! Congrats!! xoxo

Jaimi Kenny | Reply

Hi hip hooray! So beautiful congratulations! I am a nanny and love hearing about new babes! Well done! Ps thanks for your blog… its my creative world when Im finished looking after little newborn triplets!!

kate Holt | Reply

wow!!!!! wonderful news Emily. You are going to be a mommy! the best thing ever. soooo much excitement ahead.

Deborah | Reply

Congrats! Enjoy this time with your hubs, and kudos for waiting ’til delivery to find out who God gives you. One of the greatest moments of my life was hearing ‘It’s a BOY’!!!!!

bebe | Reply

what a happy post. Yay, and so exciting not to find out. I love that.

Jemma Keech | Reply

Yay!! Congratulations to you both, wonderful news xx

JeezVanilla | Reply

That’s wonderful news! Congratulations to the both of you and to the lucky bird, who will be the most stylish baby ever! ;)

Kate/MagnoliaRouge | Reply

Congratulations to you!!! What an exciting time for you xo

Kathryn Stuart | Reply

congratulations, Emily!!! so excited for you both!

the Esther Chew | Reply

Gosh!! Just reading your post makes me feel so excited too… Congratulations! So happy for both of you… God bless

Sarah Winward | Reply

Congratulations, that is wonderful! I wish you all the best. I love your decision to wait to find out the sex, that is what I would like to do someday.

Emily @ Southern Weddings | Reply

Congratulations, Emily! So excited for you!

maria @ ritzy bee | Reply

Congrats…such amazing news + so happy for you! xo

Kristen | Reply

Huge Congrats and best of health to you and your family!

myra :: twigs & honey | Reply

Congratulations, Emily!! That is such wonderful news!!!

raya | Reply

I’m thrilled for you Emily! Such happy news.

Best Friendship songs | Reply

congratulations for the new baby! :)

Courtney | Reply

How exciting, Emily!! Isn’t being pregnant wonderful! We are the exact same in weeks. :) Such joyous news for you.

Courtney | Reply

Oh my goodness! Congratulations, Emily!!! Looks like we need to have lunch soon and catch up :)

Jillian | Reply

Congratulation Emily! I’m beyond thrilled for you and your family. This is an exciting, daunting yet rewarding next chapter. Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy!


davina | Reply

congratulations, emily! :)

Koru Kate | Reply

Congratulations! What a beautiful blessing~

Michelle Sousa | Reply

Congratulations! I am also at 20 weeks due on Feb. 25th and waiting until baby’s arrival to learn if it’s a girl or boy. Please do post updates…maybe it’s time for a Once Upon a Time baby site? xo

emilie | Reply

that’s wonderful. happy baby!

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Amanda, MagnetStreet Weddings | Reply

Congratulations!! We’re so happy for you here at Magnetstreet! :)

Bre | Reply

Congratulations! Best wishes for a happy, healthy baby! :)

Sharon | Reply


kathleen | Reply

Congratulations and best wishes to you and your husband!

Annb | Reply

What a wonderfull news!!!!!!! i read you since some months but i startet since the begening and it,s all a super wonderfull work thank you!!!!!!

And congratulations forn Austria( from a spanish girl…)

Chloe | Reply

How exciting! I am totally jealous-congratulations on your pregnancy! x

roséline | Reply

oh my goodness! such lovely news — the very warmest congratulations, emily!


Kellee | Reply

Congratulations Emily you will make an amazing mother!! :) Xo

Danelle | Reply

That’s wonderful news! Congratulations to you and your husband! :D

Sarah | Reply

I’m late to the party but YAAAAY!!! Congratulations!!! :D
I’m also pregnant (due at the end of Dec)…so I feel a mama! Glad you’re cruising along great now :)

Hmm…perfect opportunity to start a baby inspiration blog ;) hehehe *hinthinthint*

Kristina | Reply

Omg! Congratulations Emily!!!
So happy and excited for you. It’s just the best thing ever.

Chantale@labellebride | Reply

I spied you at the Martha Party and REALLY wanted to say hi but chickened out. You’re adorable pregnant!

erika | Reply

congrats on the wonderful news!!! having a little peanut grow inside of you is such a precious experience – even through all the not so pleasant such as morning sickness. Enjoy every second of it!!

Jen | Reply

Such great news!! Congrats, you will be a wonderful mum!

Felicia | Reply


Big congrats!

The Demoiselle | Reply

HUGE congratulations!!! EEK! So exciting.