I wanted to let everyone know that there are some pretty incredible dresses over in the used wedding dresses section of the site right now. Here are just 2 of over 2800 dresses that are being sold…


Click here to purchase the Vera Wang and click here to purchase the Alice Temperley.


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Nikki Baklcerak | Reply

Can I list a bridesmaid dress on this site? OR Does anyone know were I could sell a never worn Melissa Sweet Bridesmaid dress?

Jessica | Reply


I think this is a really awesome idea – so thank you for hosting the forum!

I’d love to know what is a fair price for a pre-worn dress… half the original cost? More? Less?

Have any other brides done the pre-worn route? Did you feel like you missed out on having a new gown?


Bryce | Reply

Just a thought: you may want to change the name of that section to something like “lovely wedding gowns for sale”. Not all of them are used, but they are all lovely! : )

single four poster beds | Reply

These awesome outfits for wedding the design the elegance all perfect.

Hilary | Reply

Used wedding dresses are the way to go. I got my $1600 Nicole Miller for $500! Hard to beat that.

emily | Reply

Nikki- I would try ebay or craiglist to sell a dress. Unfortunately, I don’t know a listing service specifically for wedding dresses.

Jessica- It really depends on the designer, but half of the retail cost is a good way to start. You can always lower it later on if you aren’t receiving a lot of inquiries.



D | Reply

Looks like everyone’s looking at the dresses! The server is slooooow!

Leslie | Reply

I love your used dress forum, but I wonder if you could put “posted” dates on the listings?

amanda | Reply

Very very pretty!

shortweddingdress | Reply

I wish I can own one on my wedding

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