The Luminous Portrait

Our dear friend and photographer, Elizabeth Messina, just released her first book, The Luminous Portrait. The book is filled to the brim with beautiful photographs and information on shooting lush, romantic portraits in natural light. Whether you are photographing children, weddings, maternity or portraits of any kinds, The Luminous Portrait will inspire you with Elizabeth’s personal approach and award winning images. Click here to pre-order your copy today!

Elizabeth has been generous enough to offer one signed copy of The Luminous Portrait to a Once Wed reader. Please leave a comment below with your email and we’ll pick a winner this Friday!


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Chintan | Reply

thanks for the great giveaway! good luck everyone!

Amy | Reply

i hope i win :)

Britt | Reply

I would love a copy of the book for my home! Elizabeth Messina’s images are so beautiful!

Julianne | Reply

Elizabeth Messina is so talented and I would be honored to win a copy of her book!

abby | Reply

elizabeth’s bridal portraits always seem like their out of a dream—- hurray for a lovely giveaway!

Catherine | Reply

What an amazing giveaway. Love Elizabeth Messina’s work; it’s so beautiful…

Becky | Reply

I’d love to learn more about her techniques. Thanks for the giveaway!

carly | Reply

this book looks absolutely stunning. i would love to have it for inspiration :)

Gale | Reply

People photos are my favorite to take. This book is right up my alley.

Amy | Reply

Would love to win a copy of this lovely book!

amanda | Reply

i can’t wait for this book. elizabeth’s work is just stunning, more like breathtaking!!

Maria | Reply

Would love to win this lovely book! Fingers crossed!

Bennett | Reply

I can’t wait to see this amazing book!

Gwylan Goddard | Reply

What stunning photographs! Love!

kate | Reply

so excited for this amazing book! i would love to learn from the expert on amazing portraits. i have never won a contest before, maybe a first?

shannon | Reply

I adore Elizabeth Messina’s work and would LOVE to win this book! :)

Amber | Reply

Just lovely.

Nathan Westerfield | Reply

I’d love to check out this book.

Fiona | Reply

I love Elizabeth’s work, her book will definitely be on my to-read list

Lucy Taylor | Reply

I WOULD LOVE TO OWN THIS BOOK! Thanks Once Wed and Elizabeth for the amazing opportunity :)

Tara | Reply

Wow! I would love to win this book. Love her work.

Ann | Reply

So, so beautiful. I would love to win this. Thank you so much!

Lindsey M. | Reply

Fingers crossed–a friend of mine just made the leap into professional wedding photography, and I’d love to give this to her!

Pamela | Reply

I love Elizabeth Messina’s photographs and would be so thrilled to win her book!

Kelly | Reply

This would be so great!! This is the “it” book in the bridal world right now :)

Jen | Reply

I’d love to give this as a gift to a friend who is just starting her photography business. Thanks!

Sayoko Lynn | Reply

Would love this book to help me with my photography! Looks like a great book and tool!

megan | Reply

I would love a copy of this for my upcoming wedding!

margaret | Reply

so in love with elizabeth messina’s work! gorgeous and inspiring.

Andrea Wang | Reply

I would love a copy of the book!

Sara | Reply

What a lovely giveaway! Thank you!

Angela Cardenas | Reply

I would be so so……. HAPPY! if I win this book! =)

Heather | Reply

Elizabeth’s work is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! It would be an honor to win this book!

Lynnell Hayes | Reply

Would love to learn more about how to best use natural light and the eye candy of her photos doesn’t hurt either;o)

Bethany | Reply

Natural light is, indeed, the most flattering light. I would absolutely love to add this book to my photography collection.

Margaret | Reply

oo la la, so dreamy! would help me a great deal with my photography. :-)

mes bijoux | Reply

I don’t know if it is only for US residents, but I would like to try to get this incredible book (I live at Barcelona)

Betsy | Reply

Can’t wait to read the book!

Nicole Coukoulis | Reply

elizabeth is such an inspiration! adore her work!

Kerry | Reply

Gosh, I would love to win this. Thanks for the giveaway :)

Charlotte | Reply

Pick me pick me! Would love to learn about her work.

Jade Sheldon | Reply

Need this for my photography book collection!

Cory Burnsed | Reply

So excited to get my hands on this beautiful book.

Lori | Reply

Her work is gorgeous! Who wouldn’t want this book?

Kaylan | Reply

Elizabeth’s work captures me. I hope I win!

Lauren | Reply

would love this!!

Chloe | Reply

I would love to win this book. Please count me in the giveaway!

Michelle | Reply

Please count me in!

Eunice Kim | Reply

I would truly love to win this! I am an amateur photographer and woudl truly love this to learn new techniques! :)

Natalya | Reply

Her images are divine…fingers crossed!

Kayla M | Reply

Pick me! Pick me!

ashley | Reply

I would love to win this book! dreamy photos!!!!

Krista | Reply

I would love love love a copy of this book!!!

Jacklyn Lopez | Reply

Winning this book would make my day!!!

Haley Sheffield | Reply

I would love the opportunity! Thank you, OnceWed and Elizabeth Messina, for a fabulous give-away! <3

Viktoriya Velychko | Reply

I am a beginner photographer and i would love to receive this book, so i can lean and get inspired by Elizabeth’s work.:)

Nicole | Reply

I would love to give this book to my stepsister who has been developing her portrait photography skills and just started a blog about it.

Amanda W | Reply

Elizabeth is a key photographer who inspires other professionals ,brides and grooms to strive for better quality images. I would love to add her book to my home collection ;-)

Nichole Meehl | Reply

Oh how I would love for it to be me. I just moved to a new little house and need a perfect coffee table book.

jean kallina | Reply

Hope I win. I love her work!

Sophia | Reply

Elizabeth Messina takes gorgeous photos. !

Kristy | Reply

Elizabeth has been such an inspiration to me. I would be thrilled to and lucky to receive the signed copy of her book. : ) Thank you for holding this giveaway! : )

Melissa | Reply

Oh WOW!! How exciting :] I can’t wait to see the book!!!

Lindsey | Reply

I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth Messina’s work. I would absolutely love a signed copy of her book! It would make it that much more special :)

Damaris Mia | Reply

I would LOVE a copy! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Arielle | Reply

Elizabeth is the greatest! Her work has an otherworldly, spiritual quality that is unparallelled. I find her images to be some of the most inspiring I’ve ever seen! Thank you to OnceWed for the opportunity :)

Gaby Koekkoek | Reply

her work is so inspiring and beautiful!

Jessica | Reply

Ooh, this would be awesome!

Isabel | Reply

I really would love to have this book! Elizabeth is my favorite photographer in the world!

Anna | Reply

I would love to read this book!

Megan | Reply

Yay, I would love to win this!

Marsha | Reply

Good Luck to Everyone. Thank You for the Chance!

Dana | Reply

Pick me! Pick me!!! I want this book! ;) Totally LOVE Elizabeth! She’s such an inspiration in my life!!! xo,dana {email: dana@danaeason.com}

Erika | Reply

It would be such an honor to have such a book filled, with no doubt, inspiration and beauty.

Andrew Yep | Reply

I love Elizabeth’s works. Elizabeth’s photography are like pieces of fine arts which always inspire me. I’m looking to have this book in my home collection.

Rosie | Reply

Ooh! so beautiful. would love a copy for our collection of beauty.


natasha montero | Reply

!! would LOVE a copy!!! Elizabeth kicks ass!!

Stephen dorton | Reply

Can’t wait to see it, I am sure it is going to be a very good book and useful.

Anna Spong | Reply

LOVE Elizabeth and her amazing work!!

Kaycee | Reply

This lovely book has been tops on my wishlist. I bet there’s so much deliciousness inside.

Nattnee | Reply

Would love a copy of this book. Please include me in the give away competition and thank you for the opportunity! =)

Nicole | Reply

I placed one of Elizabeth’s photographs on my 2012 Dream Board in hopes that one day my family and I would have a sitting with her. It’s very high-priority on my life’s “to-do” list. Oh, happy day!

Michelle Condne | Reply

Oh my goodness how I would love to win a signed copy of this book!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!

Dianna | Reply

Love it!! What an awesome book this will be! Good Luck to everyone!!

Natasha | Reply

Elizabeth is awesome and I would love, love, love a copy of her book! Thanks so much for the opportunity :)

Dianna | Reply

Love it! What an awesome prize, good luck to all!

laura | Reply

Yaaay! I love this giveaway :)

Molly Murphy | Reply

O my Ghad! I need this signed book!!!!!!
Omg. I’m buying a canon 7D with my tax return
and this is THEEEEE book I want with all my heart.
I swear. It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous. SOOOOO inspiring.
I just stare at and study the photos on FB.
(oh Lord, please, if photography is my destiny,
please give this book to me as a sign!!!!! and if not, I’ll just buy it ;)

Suzyb | Reply

Beautiful!! I can’t wait for this book to come out!!!!!

Sarah Kehl | Reply

This is definitely on my wish list!! Hope you pick me!

jas | Reply

a stunning book, can’t wait to read/see it!

Marion | Reply

Holy Cracker and Cheese!!!!!

I have been waiting (im)patiently to peek inside this book for months now!
I feel so INSPIRED by Elizabeth’s work…

Such a CONSTANT QUALITY to her images! The way she captures beauty EVERY time, makes me feel warm inside… I ADORE natural lighting and would LOVE for Elizabeth to share her knowledge and vision with this beautiful signed copy!!!
MERCI OnceWed for this amazing opportunity.. you ROCK!!!

PS: Bonne chance reading all the comments till Friday ;)

Maya | Reply

already on my wish list…. maybe it’ll arrive sooner then I think!! Thank you Once Wed for this gracious offer!!

Melissa | Reply

I would love this, adore her work.

Beatrice Howell | Reply

Oh my!! I can’t wait for it to be released and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be lucky enough to get the signed copy!!! Thanks for the giveaway!! Hoe fabulous!!

Emily R | Reply

This would be a gorgeous addition to my library, love it!

Alea Lovely | Reply

WIN!!! I love her!

Nicole Mehl | Reply

Oh how I would love to win. Elizabeth is such an inspiration :) Thank you for the opportunity!

Wendy Moya | Reply

It’s on my wish list! I would LOVE a copy!!!!

Lisa | Reply

oooh….how exciting! : )

karyn | Reply

beautiful…would love this. thank you.

kelli holmes | Reply

I adore Elizabeth Messina’s photographs. I am so inspired by her ethereal style

Gabi | Reply

I pre ordered but I signed copy would be so special! She is so amazing…

Megan | Reply

So breathtaking…I would love this.

Tiffany Bolk | Reply

Love her photos! And love your site!

Megan | Reply

Congratulations Elizabeth! You deserve every success!

Tracy | Reply

Yum! Fingers crossed!!

Josh | Reply

Would love to win this gorgeous book of her beautiful work!

Lindsay | Reply

Love her work! So inspiring and beautiful.

Sarah Danaher | Reply

ooooooooo, love this!!!

Katie Hoffpauir | Reply

I have followed her blog for years and adore her work. This book would definitely fit in nicely with my collection! I plan on buying it anyway, but winning it would be fabulous.

Sarah | Reply

Stunning, as always ;-) Such an inspirational artist.

Monika | Reply

Keeping my fingers crossed =)

Rachel Glidden | Reply

There is nothing like giving someone a empowering and beautiful image of the way you see them. Surrounded by light and love. It sounds like this book helps teach people to do that.

Barbara Shoop | Reply

Elizabeth Messina was the first photographer I stumbled upon when I picked up a camera for the first time. I feel like she’s been a part of my journey. I adore her.

Mel | Reply

I would LOVE to win this book! Thanks for the opportunity!

silvana | Reply

Thank you so much for the chance to win such a beautiful Book!!

Christine Cornwell | Reply

So thankful for all the great inspiration. How lucky are we? Thank you!!

Meredith Wullkotte | Reply

I would love to win! Elizabeth’s work is amazing! Her use of natural light is ridiculously inspiring to me!

David | Reply

I just pre order this book! :) but would love one more with Elizabeth signed copy!


Jenn Best | Reply

I know this book is going to be stunning! Can’t wait to see it!

Jesse Thomas | Reply

pick me, pick me!!

Annie | Reply

what beautiful pictures!

Ajja | Reply

Her work SO lovely….can’t wait to get an inside look!!!!

Brittany | Reply

I would love to add this to my collection! Such a fabulous giveaway!!

Amy Wing | Reply

Oooh, I’m so excited to see the gorgeous book!

maria | Reply

oooh, i’d LOVE it! elizabeth messina is a genius.

Emilie | Reply

This book is a must-have!!

Tara Haney | Reply

Can’t wait to read the book!

Suzanna March | Reply

YAY! SO excited for this book (and this contest!) xoxo

Marissa | Reply

I have been wanting this book since the moment I heard about it (last year)! I cannot wait to read it!

Nina | Reply

Woohoo! Film rocks!

laura ryan | Reply

need this book :) beautiful :)

Sara Donaldson | Reply

.. Elizabeth is an inspiration beyond words ..

Richard from Purplest | Reply

Oooooh I would love to have this book!!!
*fingers crossed*

lindsey denise | Reply

I can’t wait to have this beautiful book! But, having a signed copy would be even more of a delight.

Emma | Reply

oh my gooooodness. If I don’t win I’d still buy a signed copy of her book. ;)

rebekah j. | Reply

so excited to read this!

jess wilcox | Reply

I have my fingers crossed!

Natalie | Reply

This would be such a nice present to give to my dear (talented) friend who is being so kind as to photography my wedding (and travel half way across the country to do it!)

lindsey b | Reply

Oh this would be great! if i won this, i would give it to my talented boyfriend who is always learning ways to be a better photographer. cheers!!

alisa greig | Reply

i would LOVE a signed copy! what a great opportunity for one lucky commenter :) mahalo!

Jamie | Reply

All of Elizabeth’s work breathes beauty. She is no doubt unique and unforgettable as an artist.

Fei Wang | Reply

I love your photography. would love to have your book!

Amanda | Reply

Oh that book looks beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

Amy Cooper | Reply

Hallelujah! I’m so glad Elizabeth Messina decided to give us a peek into her glorious talent. I would love to snuggle up one day with this signed copy. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed! xoxo

Lauren Rosenau | Reply

There once was a girl who loved photos,
Got a blog, a site, and a logo-
To follow her heart,
A business she’d start,
And to study this book, she’d love, oh so!

Lucy | Reply

BeaU-tiful. Yes please!

Katie | Reply

her art is so lovely. can’t wait to read this!

Karen Coulston | Reply

I would LOVE to have a copy!

Ivona | Reply

Dear Elizabeth ……… xoxo

Renchi | Reply

oh this book is a dream for me to have!

Jessica | Reply

Beautiful, love her work!

Grace | Reply

Everything I want to be and so much more. Can’t wait to read it. But a signed copy would be even better :)

Sara Roeder | Reply

amazing talent! cant wait to see the book…. hope I win!!

Andrea Berggren | Reply

This book is on my next to get list!! It would be so awesome to get a signed copy! =D

Hannah | Reply

Elizabeth’s work is so gorgeous, I’m sure this book is going to be all kinds of lovely.

wen | Reply

pick me…xooxxoxoox

Kate | Reply

What a sweet give away! I am in love with Elizabeth’s beautiful images :)

Diana | Reply

I’d LOVE to…:)

Marloes | Reply

I have this book on my Amazon wishlist for a while now. So: yes please, count me in. What a generous give-away, thank you!

Amelia Rhea | Reply

oh man… this will be super useful. Not to mention that the cover looks divine. I can see myself winning this… =P

christine | Reply

i would love to win this! :)

Kiki-Sunshine Boonwaat | Reply

would love love love to see this book, it’s not out in the UK for too long and I’m sure it will bring so much inspiration, smiles and beauty with each page. x

Jillian Nicole | Reply

Oh my goodness! I’d love to display this on my coffee table! She’s so amazingly talented!:)

Allison | Reply

What a beautiful giveaway! This book looks just breathtaking, and I would love to flip through the pages.

Elisabeth | Reply

The book looks beautiful.

Maud | Reply

It’s so lovely from Elizabeth !! I would love to have this book !! Elizabeth’s photography are so magical <3

Kisses from France ;)

NKS | Reply

Amazing giveaway! I would love to win this book!

Diana | Reply

Ahhhh! Thanks for this opportunity!! :)

sarah | Reply

would love to win this beauty!

Vanessa Arellano | Reply

Ive been saving my pennies to have Elizabeth photograph a special event in my life and hope to meet her soon! Her work is inspiring, and I am in awe!

Mande Calhoun | Reply

My coffee table this morning hinted that it would like this book for Valentines Day. Can’t say no to that coffee table!

Janneke | Reply

Oh, ik ben al sinds het begin van kissthegroom verliefd op de foto’s van deze TOPfotografe! Ik wil dit boek ontzettend graag hebben.

Oh, I’m from the start of kissthegroom in love with the images from this SUPERphotographer! I’d like it very much to have this book.

Lisa | Reply

What a beautiful book! So pretty and practical.

Kina | Reply

This book is bound to be epic!

Hannah Mayo | Reply

I would absolutely love a copy of this book!

Diane | Reply

Elizabeth Messina’s work is beautiful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Pauline | Reply

Ohhhhh pick me pick me!!!! I would LOVE to see her work! <3

Nisha | Reply

Sooo beautiful! Would love to win one. :)


Patty | Reply

i’m in awe. i can’t wait to peek inside!

Jess | Reply

Having this book would be as close as I will probably ever come to being a part of an Elizabeth Messina shoot–which is a dream. She is simply the best at what she does.

Ines | Reply

Oh my! I already preordered one, but I would love so much to get this signed copy!! Thank you for the giveaway!

Kathy de Leon | Reply

Love the work of Elizabeth Messina!! Hope I can win :)

Katrina | Reply

Would love to win this! It would be great to read about her techniques

Tori | Reply

i LOVE her work so very much! it would be amazing to have a copy of this no-doubt amazing book!

Lisa | Reply

I cannot wait to read this book!

Heather | Reply

Elizabeth Messina’s photography is always breathtakingly beautiful. A book full of her work sounds fantastic :)

Melissa | Reply

I’m so excited for this book. I can’t wait to be further inspired by Miss Messina!

Katherine S. | Reply

I am such a fan of Elizabeth’s work–she’s truly inspirational! I would be honored to win this signed book of hers.

Erin Taylor @ Bustle Events | Reply

Wow Elizabeth is amazing! Not only her photographs but working with her was a dream. Her love for love is infectious and it shows in each and every photo!

I hope I win.

Leslie (Savage) Moss | Reply

So excited to hear her at WPPI. Such a fan of her work and can’t wait to dive into the pages of this book!

Monika | Reply

She is an amazing photographer… her work is so whimsical…

Virginia | Reply

Been on my wishlist for months!! (:

janet | Reply

i never win anything, hope my luck changes with this! :)

Aubrey | Reply

She is amazing! This is a must-have book

Jessica | Reply

Elizabeth’s photographs are absolutely stunning! I would love a copy of her new book :)

Elizabeth | Reply

Would loooove to win this book – I could never photograph like her, but being able to see her photographs in print, in coffee book format must be really amazing…

Bethany Gilbert | Reply

Anxiously awaiting the release of this book! So excited!

Michelle March | Reply

I’d love to have this book!! :) I’ve been looking forward to it.

Jade | Reply

I was thinking of preordering it yesterday but am crossing my fingers I can win an autographed copy through Once Wed :)

Jane Shin | Reply

I love her work, I really hope to win the book and if not will try to save money to get one! :]

Alison | Reply

Would love, love, love to win a copy of this book! Almost pre-ordered it, but saw this post first! Crossing my fingers!


michelle travis | Reply

xoxoxo =)
good luck everyone!!!
and thank you, Mrs. Messina!

Jennifer Wolf | Reply

I would love to win this beautiful book! I love her work! :D

Victoria | Reply

I would love to win the book!

Jasmin | Reply

Oh dear sweetbabyjesus! Please may I be fortunate enough to get me a copy! EM is so beautiful inside and out. Its amazing to see that beauty just ooooze in her images. Thank you Elizabeth, may you continue to illuminate love in all you do. xo

Mindy | Reply

Great giveaway, I hope I win! I love Elizabeth’s photos.

Leslee Mitchell | Reply

Have a lot of respect for Elizabeth’s work. Please let me win. Thank you.

Carly Tedeski | Reply

Her work is truly stunning. Would love to own this book.

Ashleigh | Reply

Elizabeth Messina’s images are so delicate and beautiful. Absolutely inspiring. A signed copy of her book would be the icing on the cake. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

Karine | Reply

I’m a Huge, Huge Fan! I could stare at Elizabeth’s photos all day. Each photo is a piece of beautiful art.

Taryn | Reply

Your work inspires me!

Justine | Reply

L-O-V-E Elizabeth Messina’s work. Would love to win this!

Shanti Jain | Reply

It’s like everywhere I look there is this stunning image with breathtaking light that I save in my archives to gaze at when I’m having a hard shooing day. Then I slowly realize they are all coming from the same great source. The eyes and light of Elizabeth Messina. I strive for this natural light every day of my sight. I’m glad she has shared her stories with us.

bethany schiedel | Reply

i ADORE elizabeth messina! I would love a copy of her book!!

Sarah | Reply

I’d love the chance to receieve a free copy of this beautiful book. I’d buy it anyways, but I’d love to learn how to shoot more glowing portraits. You get that immediate sense of emotion and love when you see photos like that and I am striving for my photographs to come across like that more in this new year. Good luck to everyone!

jen | Reply

can’t wait to see this book when it comes out!!!!

clara | Reply

i LOVE elizabeth messina’s work. she inspires me to take better photos and having a signed copy of her book would be the best help i could ask for in becoming a better photographer.
thank you for the giveaway! :)

stacy a | Reply

Her work is amazeballs.. hands down!

Jeannine @ Small and Chic | Reply

I would LOVE to give this to my wedding photographer as a gift. I know she’d love it!

Stefanie | Reply

Messina’s photos are awe inspiring. I can’t wait for the book!

Brittani | Reply

What a fabulous giveaway! Would love to have a copy and soak all of the goodness up! Best of luck to everyone :)

Cit | Reply

I’d be so lucky to own a copy of this lovely book!

Bailey Roberts | Reply

I would absolutely love to win this book! Your work is stunning!

Lisa Hackman | Reply

This book looks so wonderful – what a blessing it would be to own this book! Pick me!

Kirsten Julia | Reply

Would love a chance to win a signed copy!! But either way I can’t wait to pick up this book!

Sarah | Reply

I would love this beautiful book!!!

Carly | Reply

I never tire of portrait photography and Eliabeth Messina’s is especially beautiful.

Lisa Dawn | Reply

It’s my birthday today so i’m feeling lucky! Elizabeth Messina’s photographs are inspiring & beautiful. Her book is on my wish list!

Sean Cayton | Reply

She’s a such an inspiration and her work gets better each time a see a new image in a magazine!

Chris Rebo | Reply

Ohh, I’d love to win a signed copy of this – I’ve been following Elizabeth’s work for a while now!

Thank you!

Amelia H. | Reply

So exciting! I would love to win her book! I’m hoping it can improve my own photography as well!

Munira | Reply

I need this book.

sarah | Reply

elizabeth’s work is phenomenal. i can’t wait to enjoy her work and suggestions in this new tome!

Emily Benfer | Reply

I’d love to give this as a housewarming gift to a photographer-friend!

Janelle Ayala | Reply

ohhhhhh ohhhhh I hope I WIN! If not I’ll still buy the book!

Jada | Reply

With a wedding to photograph in June, this would be perfect inspiration!

John | Reply

Please, Please, please,
let me…
let me…
let me…
Get what I want, this time.

heidi | Reply

Truly an inspirational & unique artist. Love her work.

Ilse | Reply

Her images are amazing and so inspiring! Would love a chance to win the book, so adding myself to the list here :)

Jenny O | Reply

I’ve already pre-ordered but a signed copy would be marvelous!

Janice - Love Bug Wedding Invitations | Reply

I loved the photos. Pretty creative work by the photographer.

Nikki | Reply

I would love a book. I love Elisabeth’s work. Short sentences long time love of her work.

Hanneke | Reply

Is it an international give away?!
I would looove to read this !!

Emily | Reply

My friends make fun of me for my obsession with natural light in my photography. These photographs look beautiful, and that she would teach me how to capture light for portrait photography? Sign me up!

AAmber | Reply

I’ve been hoping for an Elizabeth Messina book for yearsssss… finally! I’m so thrilled for the release… and would love to win!

Channing | Reply

KISS THE LUMINOUS! I’ve been such a fan of Ms. Messina~ Swooning over her blog, and truly appreciating the technical & creative art she creates over the years, I’ve been waiting for this book! I’m getting MARRIED in a month and this would make a wonderful gift & addition to my collection of art & photography books. Starting my new career in weddings, this would be a very helpful resource! Thank you OnceWed & Elizabeth for bringing a little more beauty into the world. SO INSPIRED! XOXO

natalie spencer | Reply

I just adore Elizabeth’s work! She is so wonderfully talented and inspiring. Would LOVE a copy :)

kristin brown | Reply

i would love love love a copy of this. :)

Lauren M. | Reply

She is one of my favorite wedding photographers. :)

kate holt | Reply

i am thinking positive! …had a friend who used to win every contest ever. radio, raffles, you name it. I am the opposite of her! But who knows!!!! maybe….

Katie Zaboy | Reply

Such a fabulous giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity, fingers crossed =)

Amanda | Reply

Regardless if I win the book through the contest, I will be picking it up for myself and for two of my dearest friends! Very excited to see the hard work Elizabeth has put into creating this little piece of art for us! xoxo

Alisa | Reply

so stunning! her work is such an inspiration – never overdone.

Catherine P | Reply

would love to have this book! here is hoping I win!

joy | Reply

I’m planning for my pre-wedding shoot soon and would love this as my wedding photography reference :)

kellyk | Reply

lovely. simply lovely.

yan palmer | Reply

oh how i love miss messina. of course i would like to win, but whatever the way, i will own this book at some point, even if it involves handing over cash. =)

Channing | Reply

KISS THE LUMINOUS! I’m getting MARRIED & this would make a wonderful gift & addition to my collection of books. Swooning over her blog & truly appreciating the technical & creative art she creates over the years, I’ve been waiting for this book! Thank you OnceWed & Elizabeth. SO INSPIRED!

Lindsey | Reply

I would love to win a copy of this beautiful book!

Ashleigh | Reply

I’ve already pre-ordered a copy but a signed copy would be even better, the more the merrier!

HannaH Irlbeck | Reply

I am so in love and inspired by Elizabeth’s photos, I would LOVE to own a signed copy of her book!

Tracey Lau | Reply

Would absolutely adore Elizabeth’s book – her work is divine!

Nilaj | Reply

To have lovely images by Elizabeth Messina in one compact format – able to go everywhere for me to enjoy -> bliss!
Yes please! I would love to win :)

SARA G. | Reply

Elizabeth Messina is my favorite photographer…what a great giveaway!

Jenelle | Reply

ohhh, I would love a signed copy! adore Elizabeth’s photography, such an incredible artist…can’t wait to read her book!!

Juliann Newton | Reply

I love Elizabeth’s work! The book looks beautiful.

Maylin Brito | Reply

Love, love, love her work!! It’s just beautiful and romantic.

Rochelle Mason | Reply

I assist brides in coordinating their weddings and would love to add your book to my collection.

Courtney K | Reply

Her work is breathtaking. I’d love this!

frances | Reply

ooh she’s my fav! :)

Lara Kasabian | Reply

I wish I could win

Liz Harvey | Reply

Omg this is perfect!! I am just getting into photography and would love this book!! This would be my first photography book, and having it signed would make this even more special!

Danita | Reply

Been doing videography for a few years now, trying to get into photography – looooooove her work!!

Trish Musicco | Reply

Oh, my fingers are crossed! And my toes! Would love to add this gorgeous book to a collection of coffee table books in my bridal boutique. Thanks for the chance! x

Jen | Reply

Her work is so inspiring! I would love a copy.

M. Nguyen | Reply

I would be thrilled to add this gorgeous book to my collection!

lucia | Reply

Could readers from Europe take part? :)

brit fray | Reply

thanks for being so cool Elizabeth Messina :)

Carol MacGregor | Reply

OOOhh, I’d love to add this stunning wedding resource book to my collection – Elizabeth’s style is pure joy!

Lillie Louise | Reply

Ms. Messina is such a truly inspiring artist and photographer. Her pictures make me swoon. I would love, love, love a copy of this book.

Megan | Reply

So exciting! This deserves a place on top of my coffee table!

Rachel S. | Reply

I would LOVE to win this book! After my wedding in June, I am dying to start building my portfolio for my photography business! This would be amazing inspiration! :)

Liana | Reply

I would love to win this book. What beautiful work!

Chloe | Reply

Oh to have the chance of getting my mitts on this sooner than June on pre-order! Please send some love to London! xo

Brooke Tollison | Reply

What an amazing giveaway!!

Fiona | Reply

I am very excited for the release of this. I love following her work and your blog for that matter.
I can always use more inspiration! xo

Elizabeth | Reply

That would be awesome to win!

Lissy | Reply

Elizabeth Messina’s images are so gorgeous, I would love to have a copy of her book!

Kata | Reply

I need this book!

Katherine Rose | Reply

I am just getting into wedding photography and would LOVE/NEED this book!

Amanda G. | Reply

Please pick me! I’m shooting some weddings this summer and I don’t do very many and am a little intimidated. beautiful images give me inspiration and I’m sure her books will teach me much! :)

Tasja Van Rymenant | Reply

What a wonderfull idea!

I’ve always loved the images of Elizabeth. They seem so dreamy and subtle. Her work/world always seems so bright (makes me want to wish I was there!)

When I saw on Twitter that Elizabeth made a book, I turned instantly to Amazon, only to discover it isn’t out just yet. (Boo! :)) I’m having a few first weddings this year and I believe browsing trough this book would calm me down and teach me a lot more :).

Fingers crossed you’ll pick me :).

Anita E. | Reply

I am curious about this book.

Rachael | Reply

I would love to win a copy for a friend of mine who is inspired by you and is trying to be a photographer!

Courtney Clarke | Reply

Oooh! I love Elizabeth’s imagery! I can’t wait to read this book!

Jamie | Reply

Can’t wait to check this out for inspiration! Would love win a copy.

Dalia Shine | Reply

oh pretty pretty please!!! <3 <3 i never win anything, maybe this time?

Anne Robert | Reply

Love me some Elizabeth genius..

Nancy Ray | Reply

Yes please! nancy[at]nancyrayphotography[dot]com
Love her work, and her beautiful spirit that comes through her work. Cannot wait for this book to come out!

Jenn | Reply

My sister is a photographer and would LOVE this book…her b-day is coming up and what a perfect treat this would be!

Rochelle | Reply

Elizabeth Messina’s work is just BREATHTAKING! I would love to win a copy of her book for inspiration for my upcoming wedding in May! J’adore!

Emee Pumarega | Reply

This would be a great book to have in my office for client inspiration. Hope I win, but good luck to everyone!

Mandy | Reply

I would love a copy of this book!


Mary C | Reply

I would love a copy of this book!

Elizabeth | Reply

Love Elizabeth Messina’s work! elizshelby (at )gmail (dot) com.

Gianell Bendijo | Reply

Would love to have this one!

Wedding Dress Hertfordshire | Reply

Amazing idea! I’d love to have a copy of my own!

Molly Murphy | Reply

Oh one more reason why I wanna win this – because I
Dont wanna wait -not even for pre-orders in APRIL!
Waaaahhh! I’m throwing a tantrum! =D
ok thanks :)

Jamela R. | Reply

I would be honored to have a copy of Elizabeth’s book. pretty please!

Jessica | Reply

Oh my, oh my!!! Thank you!

Joanne | Reply

I would love to win this. Thank you for the giveaway!

Lisa B | Reply

Oh! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get these types of great pictures of people for a long time! I will definitely check out this book.

Dana | Reply

What a talent! I would be honored to win a copy of her book!

Mattie | Reply

What an amazing women! As an aspiring wedding photographer and a lover of natural lit photography, this book would be a perfect addition to my book collection!

Sara Hasstedt | Reply

I hope it’s not too late but I adore her and would love to win a copy of her book! :)

Marinés Moyano | Reply

I would be honored to have a copy of Elizabeth’s book.

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