It’s been brought to my attention that our ad management system has been acting a bit wonky for some readers and releasing drop down ads onto Once Wed. Even though advertising revenue allows us keep the lights on at Once Wed, it is very important to me that ads do not pop up or drop down automatically over your computer screen when reading our site.

We are working on this problem diligently and hope to have it resolved by tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I apologize for the inconvenience it might have put on your viewing experience and appreciate everyone’s patience while we work out the kinks. Stay tuned for a lovely backyard wedding coming up next!

P.S. – This problem only seems to be happening on Internet Explorer, but if you are experiencing this issue on another browser or continue to experience this problem after tomorrow…please send me an email at oncewed <at> gmail <dot> com letting me know. Thanks!

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Megan McKoy | Reply

Thanks for letting us know — I’m fairly new to the site and wasn’t thrilled when I tried looking at different pages and was thwarted by the important (but bothersome) ads. I’ve actually clicked on several of your sidebar ads before, especially when I was looking for invites–but the constant pop-downs were a little much.

It’s nice to know it was a glitch in what is otherwise a fantastic resource!