If you are reading Once Wed through an RSS feed,  full posts with images should be showing now, but apparently some dress listings also showed up in your feed this morning. We have solved this problem so it doesnt happen again, and apologize for spamming your reader.  Stay tuned for this adorable wedding coming up soon!

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Jen | Reply

I use Google Reader and yesterday I could see pictures on Google reader today I can not.

Jen | Reply

Correction, sorry what I thought were posts were the dress listings that weren’t coming through with pictures. When I refreshed this post and picture came through. Thanks for all your work, the new site looks great!!

Christina | Reply

Hurray! Thanks so much for reinstating this!!

fàtima -flowersbybornay- | Reply

I love your new blog!!!

heidi | Reply

I just saw this wedding yesterday, I love it! I can’t wait to see more of the details.

Chaucee | Reply

I really love this dress!

melissa | Reply

loving the new look! great job!

BrigittaR | Reply

If i could redo my wedding, i’d make my bridesmaids wear this!

Valeria Duque | Reply

Yay!!! I read from Google reader and I was so sad when I couldn’t see the pictures, it got me to actually open the blog and see it (beautyful redesign by the way) which is good, but getting it all in my cozy reader is much more comfortable!
Thanks!!! :D


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