Sarah Jessica Parker’s wore this crazy hat to the Sex and the City premiere last night and it kinda sparked a debate on whether her move was over the top or not. Honestly, I love over the top in certain situations and I think she is one of the few individuals who can carry a look like this off, so I love it. It also reminded me of a unique wedding Abby featured on her site a couple weeks back where another bride wore a funky hat pictured above(which I also loved and that orange dress is awesome!). So what do you guys think about over the top hats for a wedding, love it or leave it? If you are looking for a hairpiece/hat that leans towards the eccentric side, check out kankalinhats etsy store. Her pieces are bold, but incredibly made and colorful.

{Photos c/o People and Erin Beach Photography via Style Me Pretty}


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Christine | Reply

I prefer a more understated approach to fashion…I think these hats distract from beauty vs. enhance it.

Lily | Reply

The feirceness of these hats just add to her look

Allison | Reply

I have to agree with Christine. Its the first thing you focus on rather than the actual person wearing it.

kankalinhats | Reply

Hello, thank you for mentioning me ;-) I think hats and head pieces can be anything from very small delicate pieces to big bold and beutiful. The same way we choose our clothes, hats should reflect our style and personality. SJP has a largen than life fashion presence (think of those enermous corsages!!) and this hat was, I feel a good choice for her. I’m attending a wedding this summer and will really push the boat out, but then I’m no shrinking violet, a simple flower in my hair wouldn’t be "me". The main thing is, they should make the individual happy. That’s why I so like to do comissions when after asking many questions we hopefully come up with something which makes the wearer walk tall, feel stunning, and not something detracting from a pretty face. I incourage all of you to try some on one day, and see how you feel. It should be all fun! xxxx

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