This is sorta a last minute revision to the new site and I’m struggling with the format I like most, so I thought I would pass it onto everyone here to see which layout you prefer. If I had been more organized I would have offered some sort of giveaway for your help, but the last few weeks have been super busy and I didnt think about it until this morning.

Example A is the current format and even though it will be updated to fit the design of the new site – the horizontel layout will stay the same. I would make the boxes a bit bigger, so the dress image is a little larger and easier to see too.

dress listing service1

Example B is the new gallery layout I came up with. Instead of having the price,
little description, date listed, etc – it will have a larger image of the
actual gown and only the name. There will be 20 dresses per page and you will need to click on the gown image to see more information(just like the current layout). This look is a bit cleaner and the image is much larger, but
it doesnt offer as much information up front like the current format. I prefer this option, but I’ve show other people this option and they prefer example A because they like having more information in front of them when searching. I could include the price underneath the name, but is that enough?

dress listing example 5

I am open to suggestions and would love to hear any feedback on how I can make the listing service better and easier to naviagte. Are there any functions I currently don’t offer you would like to see? Do you prefer Example A or B better?  Also, there might be a few more of these type posts over the next few weeks as we work out the kinks with the new site, so I apologize if you come looking for inspiratian and you see site admin questions instead. I promise it will be worth it in the end though!

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Amy@OldSweetSong | Reply

I’m with you, I like option B much more. The layout is just much simpler and more pleasing. Is there anyway to add just the price to the text boxes under the pictures? It might be nice if you could see that before having to click through.

Ashley | Reply

I also prefer option B, but I would add the price. That way if price is a limiting factor, no one will fall in love with a dress she can’t afford. Can’t wait to see the new site :)

Dana | Reply

I like A better. Even though B is prettier – I like getting my info up front.

Pixi | Reply

Honestly? I like A so much better. I’ve tried dress shopping on sights that use a B set up and it’s so frustrating to click on sold dress after sold dress, or not be able to cruise through large listings to make sure the dress is the one you wanted to search for.

Anne | Reply

I like B… it looks more professional and snazzy!!!

Emily @ Peach & Pearl | Reply

I prefer option B – I’d just add the price to make it as convenient as it is lovely!

BEL | Reply

i love b!!

Kate @Kids and Cocktails | Reply

I like A, because if it isn’t the right size or the right price, having a bigger picture doesn’t really matter. B is visually more appealing, but I think it’ll slow people down, which might mean people will stop looking. That’s just me though..

courtney-Flush Designs | Reply

B! Hands down! much more shop-able. :)

Michelle @ My Wedding Report | Reply

I think B is great as well. The only thing I would maybe add would be the price.

Heather | Reply

B is definitely prettier, but when I look at the current design I go down the list of prices before I even look at the gowns. Adding the price to B would help, and would still be beautiful :)

Abbie | Reply

I like B the best. That way, you’ll only click on the dresses that you’d like. Right now, I click on some that I may not really be interested in just to see the dress a bit better. B showcases the dress a lot better!

Svea89 | Reply

B looks alot cleaner but A is way more functional. When shopping for my dress this summer I preferred Once Wed’s layout over any other. It was so efficient. If there’s a way to give people the info up front and layout B, that would be ideal. Otherwise…I prefer A.

TH | Reply

I like option B better because you don’t have keep scrolling down to look at dresses, And also if you have slower Internet connection, option B is quicker because it doesn;t try to load every single picture.

Julia | Reply

A! gotta have the info…..

Danielle | Reply

I think that B will help you to grow your brand more- as it is much more modern, stylized, and clean. However, I will have to echo all previous comments and suggest that you find a way to add the size and price to this layout. Do it as simply as possible, but it is really important that these are given up front to keep your viewers interested. Additionally, I would come up with a way to distinguish those gowns which have already been sold… perhaps fading the photo a bit or some other way to easily identify these- because there is nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a dress that is too small, too expensive, or not available.

Amy | Reply

I prefer B as well.

Erin | Reply

I agree that B looks better, but A is much more functional. I’ve found sites that use similar formats to B to be very frustrating. If you convert to a B style format I think listing the price and availability of a dress is absolutely necessary (unless you start removing dresses that are no longer available).

Laurenrach | Reply

I so much prefer B to A, even though cost considerations are vitally important for those making searches. It just looks a lot cleaner. Perhaps if they are arranged in order of cost (from least expensive to most?) while still keeping that information hidden until the dress is clicked upon, the reader can get a sense of cost? Very lovely, nonetheless!

mint | Reply

i like B best! but i think the price should be right up front, too. i like your idea of putting the price under the name.

Caroline | Reply

Layout B is more visually appealing.

Andrea | Reply

Option B does have a cleaner look, but price and size, along with the image, are most important to me when searching, and I’d prefer they would be displayed on the initial search page.

Kim C. | Reply

I like B, but I agree with the others about adding the price. Adding the dress size would be helpful in searching too…but definitely the price :-)

lucia @ d*lsh design | Reply

i like b too. but i like seeing the info on a. why not do b.. and have the price and size too… something like this –

Style of Dress
$$ | Size: 6

I thought the dollar signs or an icon instead of numbers might be more discreet and cleaner. and when they click on the dress, more details,like the price, are revealed…

oh another idea too… have a drop down up on the top right corner of the page to filter the page so that the reader can have a choice to filter through highest to lowest, etc..

feel free to email me if you need some more help. i would love to help you out.

Kyle | Reply

Ditto… B but with price and/or size IF possible – simply for the added convenience, BUT… it looks lovely as is!!! Great job designing!

Ms. Smiley | Reply

Personally, I am in love with option B. It is much more modern and fresher looking. I agree with previous comments regarding adding the price, size and availability below the description.

Jane | Reply

Option B is much prettier and more sophisticated, if people are interested in knowing more about a dress they can click on it, otherwise they can just admire all the dresses until they see one that catches their eye.

Amy B | Reply

I’d vote for format B, it showcases the dresses better, and looks more elegant.

chelsea {oh my deer} | Reply

aesthetically, i like the second option better. for practicality sake, i like the original layout. but i think adding the price to "b" would be the clincher for me. sold and sold.

Emily | Reply

B! It looks so clean and nice

Allie | Reply

I like design B with the price. I think the price is really important since it varies so much with once wed dresses. Also, I think that the audience that is shopping for a once wed dress care very much about the cost.

Courtney | Reply

Without a doubt, I say B. It is so much more visually pleasing. And I think that adding the price to the layour would make it perfect.

jenifriend in kansas | Reply

I prefer option B for sure.

Chancy | Reply

I think B looks better, but A is more functional. One thing that could make B more functional would be to have a search function where you could search for dress by price ranges and maybe sizes.

Emily@OnceWed | Reply

The feedback has been great everyone. Thank you so much! Keep them coming…

chelsea jones | Reply

The look is what matters most when you are trying to make a sell. The clean look of Example B shows professionalism and elegant. Example A reminds me of a website for someone just starting out. You are successful, thus keep B. lol

Indie | Reply

I vote for Option B! The view is much less cluttered, keeping the focus on the beautiful dresses.

Bialy | Reply

I definitely prefer B! If I like the dress, I’m going to click through for more info anyway. :)

Amanda | Reply

B all the way!

I think it’s faster for brides to browse through dresses and click on the ones they like most for further details.

Abigail | Reply

B is great! There has to be a happy medium with the clean look of B also giving the price and/or street size.
Love this site!!!

Tosha | Reply

I definitely like B more!! Its more elegant, simple, and easy to navigate. Looking forward to the new site!

Weylin | Reply

If you go with B, I think the price, availability and size definitely has to be added.

It would be very time consuming and frustrating to be looking at gowns that are already sold, or simply out of your price range.

jeska | Reply

Oh B, I agree it is really simple but elegant all at once.

And yeah, the price or sold info too if possible.

ANGELA | Reply

I think B is best but definitely feel it would be helpful to see the size. The bigger pics are best. Its looking good!!

Kelley | Reply

This is something in addition to the A v B option. I suggest adding some more search options, specifically price searches and neckline searches! I hate having to weed through all the strapless necklines to find something different.

ESE | Reply

I prefer B but would love to at least see the size of the dress to know if it’s a dress that you would consider clicking further to investigate

Em | Reply

I Love B! What if you had a sort function so we could easily search size and price. I love this site. Thank you for your hard work!

Kate | Reply

I like B as long as it indicates whether the dress is still available. I think that is the most important piece of information, as price can be negotiable.

Leila Khalil | Be Inspired PR | Reply

I like B! It’s a beautiful layout. I love it! Another reflection of your fabulous style and taste…

Marianne | Reply

I like the look of format B because it’s unlike any other used dress site, but I would love to still be able to see the price, *size*, and availability info up front also, if possible. If I had to pick one of the three to show, I’d pick size.

Amy | Reply

I like option B, but it would be even better if you could limit the displays by certain factors (i.e. size, price, etc). That way you’d get the great format without having to click each and every dress just to see if it’s in your price range or not.

maria @ {ritzy bee} | Reply

Loving B best…and I agree with Leila! :)

Melissa | Reply

B is a much classier looking design. You could include price underneath but it isn’t much effort to click to get the details.

Samantha | Reply

I like B because you can see more dresses at once, and
the pictures are larger!

HopeR | Reply

B is definitely more aesthetically pleasing, but definitely needs size and price. Maybe you could have an option to expand the boxes underneath?

melissa | Reply

I like the B design, my suggest would be to crop the pic a little, list the name, under list if new/used, under list available & also the cost. I would LOVE to see that, I just absolutely find this site to be amazingly helpful to me & has given me so much! Thank you for gining me such a great place to help me plan my wedding!!!

Betsy Brewer | Reply

I agree that having the max. amount of information is most helpful – I vote for A!