***Update: Wow! You guys are awesome. Thank you to the 1500+ individuals who’ve already filled out our little survey. The feedback I’ve received has been amazing, and very eye opening. I look forward to making improvements to certain areas of the site and adding new features/columns over the next few months in hopes of making Once Wed an even better resource for planning your wedding. The survey is now closed.***


Every year I like to do a quick survey so I can get a better idea of not only who my readers are, but also to make sure I’m still featuring relevant and exciting content(or if I’m not). I really do take to heart what is said in these surveys, and it is one of the big determining factors when planning out new features for the site over the next 6 months. So, if you have suggestions, feedback, or ideas of what you might like to see more or less of – this is the best place for your voice to be heard.

This anonymous survey has 15 questions and takes about 2 minutes to fill out(I timed my husband to make sure…I’m a nerd like that). Plus, Ashley of Dolci Odille is giving away 3 yards of flower garlands(custom or multi colored) to 2 lucky¬† participants who enter their emails at the end of the survey. Thank you guy so much! I really can’t tell you how grateful I am for your daily readership and feedback.

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heidi | Reply

Sorry – forgot to add this to my survey: Please feature more (of everything) from the midwest! Thanks :)

jenny | Reply

yes, more midwest! i didn’t even think of that. it appears as though no one has great weddings in chicago!

Typhaine | Reply

and maybe weddings from France? ;)

Ashley | Reply

I also wanted to add that I LOVE the table trend series! I think that would be a great thing to see more of!

Dana Cordova | Reply

Beautiful, well designed blog–I always love visiting. It was a pleasure to fill out your survey. Thanks!

jAne | Reply

Once Wed is an excellent source of inspiration and links in helping me plan my daughter’s June ’10 wedding. As mentioned in the survey, I’d love to see more simply planned yet lovely weddings on your site. In this current economic climate it’s important (for us) to not go into debt while planning a wedding celebration. Thank you for sharing such lovely inspirations! jAne

Tonia | Reply

Thank you for this blog…It provides me with a much needed break from the daily grind and gives me something happy and pretty to read and look at every day! I’m smitten.

And I agree with the comment above: it would be extremely helpful to know what the budget was for the Real Weddings you post. If the bride and groom are comfortable sharing that info, it would be great to get an idea for how much the different elements of each wedding costs…food, music, venue, etc. I realize this can be sensitive info, so I don’t expect it, but it sure would be nice whenever possible.

Melesha | Reply

The table trend series is awesome. I would definitely expand that.

Jess | Reply

I second expanding the table trend series. The one designed by Chelsea from Oh My Deer recently was so beautiful! It’s great to be able to pull elements from the pictures that you can incorporate into your own wedding day.

Seeing this expand into other areas, for instance cake tables, ceremony aisles, etc would be great!

Angela | Reply

There were two questions on there that didn’t really have a proper choice for me. I am engaged, but I have not yet made a purchase, much less for the dress. I answered what I thought my answer would be.

jenipher | Reply

Oh man..i wish i answer your Q’s in time. This garland is sensational! Your blog is quite amazing as well!! :)