I asked Chelsea if she would the end her AMAZING week guest blogging with a post about her etsy business, Oh My Deer.  You might have already noticed this, but Chelsea is one seriously talented lady. Not only did she pull of one of the most amazing weddings I have ever set eyes on…she also creates beautiful hairpieces, lovely custom invitations, and charming aprons. Oh, and her handwriting is incredible! If you are in the market for invitations, place cards, or hairpieces…she is your woman! Below are more lovely details about Oh My Deer from Chelsea….

I have a deep desire to create, but it’s never been a
specific medium that inspires me.  Growing up, I drew and drew and
drew. Sometimes watercolors would be thrown in the mix, but for the
most part, a pencil and paper were good enough for me.  Then   when I got
older and was aware enough to be self-conscious, I felt comfortable
behind a camera.  That was short-lived.  In college I had a
well-rounded fine arts experience, though I focused mainly in acrylics.
When you’re in school, it’s your job to
create, so I always did–inspired or not.  And whether or not it’s
because I went to a small college or because I actually possessed a
hint of talent, I’ll never know, but I did and do feel comfortable with
a paintbrush in my hand.  But after I graduated and the real world came
a-knockin’, I dropped my brush for a well-folded towel and a tightly
rolled rug and worked as an assistant in a Montessori 3-6 year old
classroom.  (For all you Montessorians out there, you understand my
towel and rug reference.  Ha.)I found this job to be pretty
consuming, and I was completely creatively dry for that first year out
of school.  But luckily the following year I took a job at the same
school as their premiere Visual Arts Instructor.  For more than one
reason, this was such a blessing.  All of a sudden, I was surrounded
with materials and my desire to create–in whatever medium–was
renewed… and the “Oh, My Deer!” Etsy shop was born.  

    Again, I couldn’t stick with just one thing, so I began with kind
of hideous purses, moved onto cards (that no one wanted… I think I
only sold one set of 4), then I moved onto aprons, and now I find
myself with hair accessories.  Go figure!  I am definitely most at ease
with the hair pieces because I think for so long I’d been searching for
that one addition to my wardrobe that wasn’t the standard necklace or
earrings or scarf.  Finally I’d found something that was unique, but
not so off the wall that I had to give myself a pep talk on confidence
before I stepped out the door wearing it.  So every pretty piece, every
little lady I make, I make with love, close attention to detail, and
the ridiculous thought, “Man, I hope no one buys this one because I
really want it!”  Ha.  If you’re interested in an original “Oh, My
Deer” lady, feel free to check out my shop:
And as always, I am more than happy to work with you to create the
sweetest little gem for you or a loved one.  I want whatever you wear
from “Oh, My Deer!” to scream beauty, loveliness, and a little bit of
sass… just like you!


Comments (3)

Abbie in CO | Reply

Her wedding was absolutely amazing. And, I love her headpieces!

amanda b. young | Reply

I just love these headpieces! That first one is just shockingly gorgeous!

And, I love, love, love her last quote, "I want whatever you wear from "Oh, My Deer!" to scream beauty, loveliness, and a little bit of sass…" — too cute. I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of her shop!

Shannon | Reply

Thank you for featuring Chelsea. She is so very gifted and her ideas are so refreshing and inspiring. Great, Great talent! Beautiful headpieces.
Oh, the wedding… AMAZING

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