I was spending some time this past weekend looking at Angel’s blog, Love and Spendor. Angel is the mastermind behind the incredible, wedding and event planning firm Events of Love and Splendor. While browsing I came across one of her recent weddings and saw this adorable Kokeshi caketopper modeled after the bride and groom below. I am seeing caketopper’s more and more in weddings now, but I have never seen a Kokeshi caketopper before and loved how unique it was. I found a seller on Etsy,Teenybreak, who creates custom Kokeshi wedding caketoppers(her kokeshi bride and groom are the bottom right picture) and thought this might be perfect for a bride who wants something a little different.


{Photos c/o Leigh Miller and Teenybreak}


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angel swanson | Reply

i’m so honored to be mentioned here! i love nari & wyatt, and their wedding was truly a beautiful success. thanks again for the mention! xoxo

OnceWed | Reply

No, the honor is mine. I found you through your bridal portraits with Nate(my favorite yet-the sash picture is incredible!) and have been a huge fan since. Thanks for stopping by!

leigh miller | Reply

thanks emily! i just saw this. hope all is well with you. have a great day!