Wedding Budget

We’re curious to know a little more about your wedding budget, if you don’t mind us asking… We just thought it’d be helpful to have a better idea how and how much you’re spending so we can keep our content relevant to you. So if you don’t mind taking just a sec to fill out this super short and anonymous survey, we’d really appreciate it! Thanks!!

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The Prippy Handbook | Reply

So happy you all are taking the time to do this (and I took the survey)!

I love your blog and I know that how you use this info will make me love it even more!

Ashley | Reply

Thank you for this! I just posted on my personal blog about wedding budgets in general and mine specifically. It’s constantly on my mind and I know it’s frustrating when I see something awesome on a wedding blog and know that it won’t fit in the budget. So thanks for asking and being conscientious!

Lisamarie | Reply

I hope you post some sort of summary of the results!

MK | Reply

I sure hope they show a summary as well. I am very interested to see the results.

danielle | Reply

I would also be interested in seeing who’s paying (i.e. bride’s parents, groom’s parents, bride & groom, other) and how the results stack up by age range.


danielle | Reply

Apologies for the double quote, but it would also be great to see where, geographically, the weddings are being held as this will likely really impact the results.

Camille | Reply

thank you for this! my beau and i aren’t getting married for another few years but we want to keep the wedding on a low budget. i know which dress i want and i’m trying to diy my way into making a thrifted dress perfect for me. overall, our budget can’t exceed $10,000 (in fact, that’s a little risky for us!) we really want an affordable diy winter wedding. :)

Claire | Reply

LOVE this idea… with the current economy, it will be interesting to see how things shake up. I’m getting married in two weeks with a total wedding budget of $1500. I told my fiance that I would rather have a nice house than an extravagant wedding, and so we went lo-fi on lots of the stuff, but you wouldn’t know it from what we’ve used that $1500 on (my dress, for example!!).

Please, please, post the results :D

Stephanie | Reply

It might be helpful to include in the survey how many people will be attending. It will be more relevant for brides to see how the survey turns out based on wedding size.