(how) Can I like being on Instagram?


At a recent workshop, Emily asked a group of florists,“How many of you spend more time curating your Instagram than your blog or website?”14 out of 15 raised their hands.

What’s more, 10 out of 15 said a lot of their weddings for next year came from Instagram. [Big eyes emoji.]

Instagram is creating a huge and rapid shift in the way the wedding world is working, for better or for worse. Do you think it’s an overstatement to say one must have a winning IG account to maintain a growing wedding business these days?

This development is pretty good news for photographers as it leans so heavily on a skill set where they’ve already got a leg up. But florists, planners, calligraphers, rental companies, stylists, designers and even caterers are all equally required to add photography to their list of necessary competencies now in order to create compelling imagery to promote their services.

But even for the photographers there are some real challenges. (Can I get an amen?)

For all of its benefits, Instagram comes with  some real challenges that tend to create a love/hate relationship with the platform.

  • How do we walk that fine line between staying relevant yet remaining authentic?
  • How do we continue to use Instagram for the growth of our business without that feeling of “selling out” in order to make a living?
  • Can Instagram truly be a fulfilling creative outlet? Or will it always feel like a drain and chore?
  • How can I continue to grow my following on Instagram AND book more business

It’s a question Joy and Emily have been grappling with for some time now, posing the question “Can I Like being on Instagram?”

We think you’ll be surprised by their thoughts on the topic. CLICK HERE to read more!


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