New York based photographer, Kate Murphy, sent over these lovely images from an engagement session she recently shot in Brooklyn. I know I’m usually one to feature over the top/funky engagement portraits, but I love these. Maybe its because the bride and groom obviously have great style(how perfectly chic is her outfit…seriously?) or its the sweet simplicity behind each and every image, but I am definitely smitten with this session. Thanks, Kate!

This week has been incredible, and I really can’t thank everyone enough for all the love I’ve felt. I am heading out early today to work out a couple more bugs on the new site and upload more incredible content in the galleries I didn’t get a chance to before the launch. I’ve got some incredible real weddings and projects planned for next week including a fabulous, country fair wedding on a farm(yes, its as amazing as it sounds). Have a great weekend!

**Fun Happenings: Brooklyn Bride is throwing a fabulous party with The Flashdance over at the Pop Up Wedding Chapel in Brooklyn on June 13th. Events like this and Renegade this weekend make me wish I lived in Brooklyn. Click here for more information.**


Comments (11)

AshleyL. | Reply

these photos look like they are straight out of a j. crew catalog! LOVE it!

ps. Yesterday I got a job :) SOOOOO happy!

Dan Harrell | Reply

Think Kate Murphy has a great style with camera.

Nancy B. | Reply

I’ve seen Kate’s work before on her website and I love her work. She really seems to capture the essence of each moment – a gift!

jenn | Reply

does anyone else think this couple seriously looks related. great photos though.

Vicki T | Reply

This future bride does have an incredible sense of style which these pictures totally depict.

fromlondon | Reply

what a talent ! you can feel the love…

Elizabeth | Reply

These are fantastic-the way that the capture the couple’s style but still maintains the overall sweetness of the moment. Really great.

Janet | Reply

I love the pics, Kate has a great eye for making the simple things look so extradordinary. Lucky couple and terrific photographer, hope to see more of her!!

amanda | Reply

i loveee that womans outfit! i adore yellow and gray together. and these photographs are stunningly beautiful.

rudy | Reply

cute pictures, but they don’t look like they like each other at all.

Seamus Sullivan | Reply

If all was right with the world, these are the kinds of engagement photos that would replace every corny shot of a bride with her hand on the groom’s lapel, showing off her ring. Kate’s work makes me want to get engaged all over again just so I can redo the pictures.

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