I love it when amazing weddings just land in my inbox and I get the privilege of featuring them on Once Wed. The wedding above is no exception to this rule and I am thrilled the bride is coming on next week to share all the lovely details behind the day. It’s finally beginning to feel like spring in Atlanta and am looking forward to leaving my cave of an office and getting outside. I hope everyone has a happy easter and a great weekend!

P.S. – Did you see Ellie’s DIY bouquet made up of flowers from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods? I thought it turned out lovely. Click here to see more…

[Image c/o Beulah Anne]


Comments (11)

Rebecca | Reply

What a sweet couple. I’m looking forward to this one.

Cassie | Reply

So sweet. Have a great weekend!

Leslie | Reply

I love the bride’s dress. I hope she will share where she purchased it from. xoxo. Leslie

TJ | Reply

Oh, she is stunning! I am so inspired. What a beautiful beautiful girl.

Jessica | Reply

oooooo you’ve got me so excited for next week. can’t wait to see more of this wedding!!!!

Marty J. | Reply

Are you sure these aren’t models? They’re both so ridiculously good looking! Wow.

Megan | Reply

Love her dress and homemade bouquet!

Amy | Reply

When are we going to see this wedding?? I can’t seem to get the pictures out of my head! :]

tiffany | Reply

that’s nate young from anberlin… and the photography is probably by parkeryoung ( … his brother. lovely.

Emily | Reply

No, the photography was done by their friend beulah


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