Enter to win a free seat sponsored by Once Wed to an Erich McVey Photography Workshop

This giveaway offers a free seat (valued at $4,400!) to one of two exclusive Erich McVey Photography Workshops hosted in 2015. Taking place June 15 – 18 in Elk, California and October 5 – 8 in Bend, Oregon, these workshops provide tools for growing your business through strategic marketing and branding strategies as well as technique-driven instruction on how to strengthen your voice and perspective as an artist. Join us for a time of inspiration, growth, beauty and fellowship. Read on for details on how to enter the giveaway!


A free seat (valued at $4,400) to one of two exclusive Erich McVey

Photography Workshops in 2015 (winner chooses the workshop they attend)

– Intensive classroom instruction and Q&A

– One-on-one evaluation and discussion with industry leaders committed to supporting you in your journey as an artist and business owner

– Emotionally charged, portfolio-boosting styled shoots with hands-on shooting, posing & lighting instruction

– 50% off of processing by Photovision on your next 20 rolls of film

– 10 rolls of medium format film provided by Fuji

– All meals & drinks (even the fun ones)

– Travel & lodging expenses are not included in the prize


One entry into a random drawing will be given for each of the

following, with up to three entries per person:

1. Post your favorite Erich McVey photo on Instagram with the tags @oncewed, @erichmcvey and #erichmcveyworkshop 

2. Tag two photographer friends in a comment on Once Wed’s Instagram announcement of the giveaway 

3. Post about the giveaway on Facebook with a link to this blog post announcing the giveaway  

After you’ve posted to Instagram and/or Facebook, leave a comment here, letting us know how many entries you’ve earned. You’ll then be entered into a random drawing for your chance to win!



Winner will be selected in a randomized electronic drawing. Contest ends at 11:59pm on February 28th. All entries will first be verified before being entered into the drawing. Winner must redeem the free workshop seat for one of the two Erich McVey Photography Workshops hosted in 2015 (June 15 – 18 in Elk, California or October 5 – 8 in Bend, Oregon). The prize is non-transferable, and cannot be applied to any other Erich McVey Workshop in the future.


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Kayla Coleman | Reply

entered all three ways annnnnd crossing all fingers and toes <3

Cristina Bearden | Reply

I did 3 entries! What a wonderful giveaway! Who ever wins this is going to be such one lucky person. Thanks!!

Alyssa Hagan | Reply

???????? I entered lucky number 3 times. Thank you for offering such an insanely cool giveaway! Fingers and toes crossed!????

Alyssa Hagan | Reply

DOH! Please disregard the ????”s! They were emojis! Lol #epicfail

Kelsey Rosser | Reply

Thank you for the giveaway, did all 3 entries and hoping for the best!!

Suzanne Garland | Reply

Did all three entrees! This is an amazing giveaway and I would be beyond blessed if I won! I would probably die….then hopefully come back to life so I could attend!

Stefanie Sjostrom | Reply

I would be so extremely grateful for this. I have two entries so far but will posting on Instagram as well. Thank you thank you thank you!

Rebecca siewert | Reply

I entered twice ????????????

Christina Childress | Reply

I have three entries after commenting on the instagram post, sharing on instagram and Facebook. I’d be so excited to win!!

Emily Payne | Reply

I enter 3 times :) Fingers crossed!

Tracy Hill | Reply

I entered all three times possible and would love to enter more if I could! I love love love Erich Mcvey’s work and would be so honored to win! Thank You!

Jane Chung | Reply

THREE entries for me :) really hoping to win this incredible opportunity!! Instagram: @janejchung, FB: janejchung

Kate Hickman | Reply

I earned 3 entries. What a wonderful giveaway- thank you!

Holly Cromer | Reply

I tagged folks on Instagram + Posted to Facebook

Melissa DeLorme | Reply

I just entered via all three methods. This would be such an amazing opportunity, thank you for sharing!

Louise - Taylor & Porter | Reply

Oh this sounds wonderful; I’ve shared in all three ways. Keeping my fingers firmly crossed here that this Brit gets to come Stateside!

Sally Pinera | Reply

I’ve entered two times for this amazing giveaway! Would be so wonderful to attend!

Jami Thompson | Reply

YAY, thank you for doing this!! :) I have entered all three times!

Susan Rowe | Reply

I entered once! Thanks and good luck to everyone!

Dawn Piebenga | Reply

I entered three times!

Leah Musgrove | Reply

3 entries earned, thank you!!! xo

Oana | Reply

One entry. :)

Lucy Munoz | Reply

3 entries! Super excited! I loooovvvveee his work!!!!

Abbie Wilson | Reply

Entered twice :) thank you!! Wow!!

Susan Rowe | Reply

Ok I entered all three ways!

Christine Pienaar | Reply

I completed all three entries. This would be an absolute dream come true!

Brandi | Reply

I have two entries! Facebook, and tagged two friends on instagram.

Lauren Harris | Reply

3 entries! I would, quite literally, pee my pants if I won this.

Sally Pinera | Reply

I earned 2 entries! Would love to attend this workshop through this giveaway!

Blair Schluter | Reply

All three!! Fingers and toes crossed!!!

Tri Luu | Reply

So glad I am a OnceWed Vendor!! Wouldn’t be able to see this if I weren’t! Thank for for the opportunity!
I entered all three!!! **praying****

Bridget couwenhoven | Reply

I earned 2 entries. Woo!

Addison Jones | Reply

I earned 3 entires. OH MY GOSH this is so wonderful. I would probably cry if I won this. @addisonjonesphotography

Evelyn Alas | Reply

Would be a dream come true to attend his workshop!

Posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Tri Luu | Reply

So glad I am a OnceWed Vendor! Wouldn’t be able to see this if I weren’t. Thank you for the opportunity, I entered All THREE entries.

Elizabeth McDonnell | Reply

Entered all three ways- thank you so much for this amazing opportunity for the photog world Emily & Erich! Fingers crossed I get to meet you guys!

Angela Shae | Reply

I entered all THREE entries. It would be such a dream to win! instagram: @angelashaephoto

Kate Pease | Reply

This would be an absolute dream come true! I entered 3 times

Kathryn Bruns - A Twist of Lemon Photography | Reply

Three excited entries!! Good luck to all who entered, this would be a game-changing opportunity, not to mention honor ,to attend.

Dorelies | Reply

THREE entries for me!! Would love to win one!!!

Tara Bielecki | Reply

Three entries and fingers crossed!! :)

Kelly Sauer (Exquisitrie) | Reply

So I entered three ways. You know I had to for this one. It’s the one-on-ones, and the “I would pay for this anyway” and the creative opportunities and the “finding your voice.”

Bonnie | Reply

Entered 2 times! ***fingers crissed***

Bonnie | Reply

I mean *crossed

Celeste | Reply

I entered twice and am crossing my fingers! What an amazing opportunity xo

Sarah Cruz | Reply

Entered all three ways! Can’t wait to see who wins! Thanks girls!

Miguel Cruz | Reply

all three entries in! Thanks!

Sarah Cruz | Reply

all three in! Yay! Awesome

Bryan B | Reply

2 times for this guy.

Hannah Ball | Reply

Shared on Facebook!! Fingers crossed ????

Hannah Ball | Reply

What I should have said is I entered all three times! Facebook: Hannah Ball, Instagram: @simplystellarphoto

Kaylan Robinson | Reply

3 entries for me! This is such a wonderful way to bless someone – thank you!

Dennis Roy Coronel | Reply

Hello Oncewed Team!!! I just wanted to let you know that I submitted 3 entries! You can find one of them on my IG: dennisroycoronel & the other on my Facebook page: Dennis Roy Photography. The third of course can be found in your IG Giveaway Announcement post.

Crossing my fingers :)

Celine Chhuon | Reply

Entered all 3 ! :) Fingers crossed !!

Beth Morgan Cowan | Reply

I entered 3 times! Hoping and praying I win! Thank uall for the giveaway!!!

wendy laurel | Reply

3 entries over here!!! thank you!

Andrew James Abajian | Reply

I joyfully entered three times. Thank you Once Wed and Erich McVey for this wonderful opportunity.

Instagram: @AndrewAbajian

Melissa Coberly | Reply

I posted to all 3 entries! I would love to win! It would be a great birthday present!

brandilynn aines | Reply

entered in all three ways!!! wish there was more ways haha :)

Ashleigh | Reply

Three entries.

Thank you for hosting this giveaway! It would be an honor to win!

Erin | Reply

Three entries and I CAN’T WAIT until February 28th!!!

Maria | Reply

I entered on Instagram :)

Luda Ganchenko | Reply

2 entrees :))) It would be fun!

Jennifer Kulakowski | Reply

Completed all three entries! This would be such a dream to win. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Bethany Wilson | Reply

3 entries!! Thank you so much!

Jeanni Dunagan | Reply

Just completed all three entries…now crossing fingers and toes! Thanks for sharing!

Ashlee Layne Strickler | Reply

Three entries! :) Hopeful to win! xo

Amy Wobser | Reply

Earned 3 Entries! Hooray!

Posted on Instagram
Tagged 2 Photographer Friends on Once Wed Giveaway Announcement
Posted on my personal Facebook page about the giveaway

Counting down the days to find out who WINS!

Jody Savage | Reply

OH MY Gosh Pick me!!!
I entered twice. xx

michelle | Reply

Omg I would die. Fingers crossed I win this time! All three entries completed!

emily | Reply

I’ve entered all three ways! Thanks for the opportunity!

Ali Brannan | Reply

Completed all three entries. This would be a dream come true. <3

Instagram: alibrannan

Sharon Ku | Reply

One entry for me! :)

Shanika Tophia | Reply

THREE entries for me! I shared on facebook, tagged two friends on , and selected a favorite image on Instagram (@shanika_tophia). I would be over the moon with excitement if I won!

Kate Timbers | Reply

I entered one entry on instagram (kates_lens). Thank you!!

Andy Barnhart | Reply

Scratch my above comment.

3 entries completed.

Kathryn Smith | Reply

I did all 3! :) so three entries for me. Hope I win!!

Thomas Ross | Reply

Entered all three ways!!

Alycia Lovell photography | Reply

I entered in three times for this! I’ve wanted to go to this for so long. I’ve previously discussed with Erich about going but couldn’t afford it. It would be such a blessing and help for my work and business! Crossing my fingers! Thanks for this wonderful chance.

Lindsay Carole | Reply

Entered all three ways!

Rachael McIntosh | Reply

I entered 3 times! Thanks so much for the amazing opportunity!

Alicia Lacey | Reply

I posted on Instagram and tagged all three!

Jacquelyn Hayward | Reply

I posted twice in each of the outlined options! (Facebook, Instagram, and in the announcement comments) This giveaway is a true treasure. Whoever wins will be so blessed by this!

Alicia Lacey | Reply

I have completed all three (3) entries (Instagram: @AliciaLaceyPhoto and FB: Alicia Lacey)

Thank you for such an amazing giveaway — Erich is my all time favorite photographer and I would love to learn under him!

Anna Varnedoe | Reply

THANK YOU for an amazing giveaway!!!!! I entered 3 times! Thank you again!

Megan Braemore | Reply

Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity. Crossing everything!

3 entries. :)

Julie Riddle | Reply

So many great photographers with hopes and dreams to attend this workshop. I’m standing with them, my heart ready for the new experience and my mind ready to push myself further and learn new things.

Julie Riddle | Reply

( also three entries submitted)

olivia sweeney | Reply

3 entries! A dream to win!!

Bethany | Reply

All three!! I commented earlier, but now I don’t see my comment anymore…

Emily Dorman | Reply

This would be a rockin’ time! Thank you for the opportunity! 2 entries :)

Tanya M | Reply

All 3 entries! Shared on Instagram, shared on Facebook and tagged two friends :) Crossing my fingers!! This would be a dream!

Sunday Grant | Reply

Oh how I would love to come to this workshop! I tagged two photographers on Instagram and shared the website on Facebook, so 2 entries!

Brooklyn Wagner | Reply

I did all three! woop!

Gabrielle | Reply

I would LOVE to come to this workshop!! I shared about this giveaway on Facebook and tagged two photographer friends on instagram, so two entries!

Lauren Love | Reply

I entered 3 times!!! Whoever wins this will be so fortunate! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Tracy Van Dam | Reply

Entered twice! Thank you for the opportunity!

Mackenzie | Reply

Entered 2 times! Pretty please pick me!! :)

Amanda Olivia | Reply

I entered 2 times! I tagged two photographers on Instagram and posted my favorite picture on Instagram.

Taylor Fowler | Reply

I entered three times :)

Gaby | Reply

I have done all 3 entries! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Stefanie Morris | Reply

This would be such an amazing opportunity, please pick me!! I completed all three entries. :)

Jennifer Kamp | Reply

I have 3 entries. ????. Thank you for the chance to win! ????

Taryn Nedelykovic | Reply

Hi there! I earned three entries!! So excited!!!

Katelyn Smith | Reply

3 entries completed!!

Is it time to make the draw yet?!

Katie Manero | Reply

Three entries submitted for this giveaway. Thank you so much for an incredible opportunity! <3

Kelly Laramore | Reply

I entered twice!!!!!!! Tagged photogs on instagram and shared on FB. Would LOVE to win!

Jessica Mae Cortes | Reply

I am so hoping I win this!!! :) I did all three entries! :)

Dana Fernandez | Reply

Entered three times! Would love to attend!

Imogen Thoburn | Reply

Dreaming away over here!
Posted, commented & shared.

@imogenxiana on instagram

Thank you for the oppotunity xx

Imogen Thoburn | Reply

Sorry forgot to write 3 entrees xx

Katelyn Smith | Reply

Completed 3 entries!!

Sandra Mikalauskas | Reply

I entered all three ways! Good luck to everyone. I would love to win this!

Samantha Kirk | Reply

I did all the above. I can do it everyday until it ends. Jk. 3 entries for me :)

Wendy Cooper | Reply

Thank you for this amazing opportunity. It would be amazing to go. :-))

Wendy Cooper | Reply

I meant to put that I did all three entries. :-) xx

erin | Reply

I have two entries-FB wall and instagram tagging- and will do the third. Amazing!

Maddie Thomas | Reply

3 entries! Love both of your work, thanks so much for doing this awesome giveaway!

Monica Burgess | Reply

I entered all 3 entries!!

Erika Hildegard | Reply

Three entries. Thanks and cannot WAIT to hear!! Xxx

Erin | Reply

SO EXCITED!! Look me up at @erinmariecad on Insta!!

Emma Wheatley | Reply

Instagram! Facebook! All Three! Oh my!

Three entries completed. :)

Betsy Tomasello | Reply

DREAM COME TRUE! All THREE (3) three entries! Thank you!

Bren Dendy | Reply

I entered all 3 times – so exciting!

Kendra Henseler | Reply

Lovely! Just entered all three ways. Fingers and toes crossed! @kendrahenseler on Instagram

Tiffany Medrano Photography | Reply

This would be an amazing opportunity to grow in my craft! My three entries are in!!!

Victoria Johansson | Reply

Went for all three, and now I will proceed to cross my fingers and toes until the 28th. (A girl can dream!)

Jacob | Reply

Two entries.

Thank you for holding the contest.

Amanda Hartfield | Reply

3 entries here! Thanks for hosting the giveaway :)

Elisheva Golani | Reply

3 entries! I am dying to win this incredible opportunity! Thank you!

Krista Lynch | Reply

All 3 entries have been made! THANK YOU for giving away a seat to such a fabulous workshop! xoxo

Amy Berkowitz | Reply

posted, commented & shared

Amy Berkowitz | Reply

Posted & commented , shared

Stephanie Fishbein | Reply

I entered twice, both on Instagram!

Jamie Wieseler | Reply

Two so far, onto the 3rd!!

Maxine | Reply

I entered 2 times!!

Kelsee Thaten | Reply

entered all three ways!!

Mallory Miya Umino | Reply

Hello you gorgeous vendor! I’ve entered all three ways possible! Thank you so much for this opportunity and I have all my fingers and toes crossed!

jessica karner gunning | Reply

3 entries! @jkarne insta

Danielle | Reply

Insta + FB + tags = If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be!

Nelly | Reply

I entered 3 times! Posted, commented and shared on Facebook! Thanks!

Jennifer Clapp | Reply

I tagged 2 photographers, shared my favorite Erich McVey shot and posted about the giveaway on facebook. 3 entries for me! Yay! It would be an honor to learn from the McVey’s!! Beautiful work!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Marina Koslow | Reply

3 entries for me please :)

Natalie | Reply

All three. Fingers and toes crossed :)

Tiffany Johnson | Reply

Three entries here! Crossing my fingers and saying my prayers tonight for sure!!

Alexandria Hinders | Reply

I’ve earned two entries!! This is an incredible opportunity!!

Natalie Huerta | Reply

3 Entries for me :))) Thank you for this opportunity!

Sarah Schweyer | Reply

I enter all three times!!! Thanks for the chance to win! It would be incredible to win this opportunity!!

Lisa | Reply

I completed two entries! Thank you for this opportunity. Fingers crossed :)

Barbara Carnahan | Reply

#1-check! #2-check! #3-check! Watch out Oregon…I’ve got a feeling this is going to be EPIC ?????? #erichmcveyworkshop

Grace | Reply

Entered 3 times!!

Jessica Ruth | Reply

Im crazy so I posted it on each of my Instagram accounts, my personal and fan page on Facebook and tagged 2 photog friends on your ig account from each of mine !!! Praying to God that I win !!! Xo

Mackenzie | Reply

I’ve earned one entry by tagging two friends on your Instagram post. What an amazing opportunity this would be!

Katy Kamden Rodriguez | Reply

Did all three entries!!
I love, LOVE, couples photography and your work!! As it inspires me daily!! I would love to win the seat!! Please oh please :)

Alyssa Elliott | Reply

Hello Hello! THREE! I have 3 entrees. Thank you :D

Aislinn Bailey | Reply

I entered all three times! It would be awesome to win. I was just telling my boss, (Lauren Kinsey) how much I have been dying to go to an Erich Mcvey workshop.

Melanie Osorio | Reply

I entered three times. Would LOVE to go to either of these workshops!

Sarah | Reply

2 entries!!! Thank you!

Isabelle | Reply

Earned 3 entries, fingers crossed & saying a little prayer! I really need some new inspiration and to be able to attend this workshop would be a dre come true.

Lauren Liddell | Reply

Ahhh I would love this so much! Maybe this is my time to win something :)

Lauren Liddell | Reply

Ahhh I would love this so much! Maybe this is my time to win something :) 3 entries for me!

Kendra Cole Cook | Reply

Done, done, and done! Three entrees and crossing my fingers!

instagram: @kendracole_
facebook: Kendra Cole Cook

Andie Reavely | Reply

How generous! Erich McVey is one of the most inspiring photographers I know of. Absolutely magical.

I have two entries.

Thank you!

Tamryn Henn | Reply

I earned two draws posting to Instagram and tagging 2 photographer friends! Doing a little dance this side of the world for a miracle! ????

Maitha Lunde | Reply

Fingers crossed! I enter 3 times!

Abby | Reply

Excited for the opportunity!! I have 3 entries based on the above requirements being fulfilled :)

Sarah Williams | Reply

Posted 3 entries! Awesome!!

Sarah dunn | Reply

I’ve earned one entry.

Jessica Green | Reply

Ahhh, what a wonderful and beautiful giveaway!! I entered all 3 ways and I’m praying that I win! This would be a dream come true to mentor from the one and only Erich McVey!!!

Justin Brown | Reply

All three entries: check! Would love to be a part of this workshop! :)

Kimberly | Reply

Two entries for me! I tagged two friends on IG (@kmurrayphoto) and shared on Facebook. :-)

Becky Williamson | Reply

All three entries complete!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Rachel May | Reply

3 entries! Thank you! :)

Lori Line | Reply

Banking on the theory that most people don’t read and follow all directions … oh AND LUCK! Hahaha! Hope I win! Sounds like an amazing opportunity to learn more about our industry!

One entry :)

Tara Hilsmann | Reply

I entered all 3. Thanks for the opportunity!!

Marsais Urban | Reply

Three. Entries! ????????????

Ashley McCormick | Reply

I did all 3!! Here’s to hoping :). What I wouldn’t give to be able to attend!

Catherine Truman | Reply

Entered 3 times! Would DIE if I had the chance to attend this…crossing my fingers!

Deserae Evenson | Reply

Three entries!! Fingers crossed!!!

Rosie | Reply

Crossing fingers and dreaming… I reposted an image on IG and shared on Facebook :)

Anne Brookshire | Reply

I entered! 3 entries completed : )

Esther Mathieu | Reply

Earned three entries! Crossing my fingers like many others :)

Laura Purtee | Reply

I entered 2 times! Hoping I win! I love FILM!!!

Mariel Hannah | Reply

I entered ALL THREE!!! :)

Caitlin Livingston | Reply

Three entries from me!!! So excited about this giveaway!!

Carrie Allen | Reply

Entered all three ways! Would love to win.

Carrie Allen | Reply

Entered previously but typed in wrong email. Entered all 3 ways.

Stephanie Bachle | Reply

3 entries! Want to get my learn on! ;) Cheers!

Emily Sacco | Reply

I entered all 3 (I even put it on twitter). <3 thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Ashley Henry | Reply

I did all three!!! Thanks!!!!

Jake Anderson | Reply

I entered three times. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Coty Henry | Reply

I entered all 3!

Stephanie Booth | Reply

I entered all three!! does tumbler count as 4? ;) just (kind of) kidding! My fingers (and toes!!) are crossed!!!

Joshua Ratliff | Reply

3 entries!! Thank you for sponsoring such an amazing opportunity. I’ve wanted to shoot in the beauty of Oregon for a long time now, but haven’t been able to make it up there from Texas yet. Not only would this be a HUGE check off the bucket list, but to learn from Erich in such an inspiring place would truly be once in a lifetime.

Cornelia Zaiss | Reply

I did all entries. Instagram post, tagged photographers, facebook post, and comment here. I’d be sooooo exited to win as I’m just getting started with medium format film (all digital so far) and I want to learn from the best. :)

Molly Jo Zornow | Reply

All 3 entries! How amazing would this be!

Lindsey Kelly | Reply

Just entered all three ways! Wow… this would be unbelievable and such a blessing!! xx

Amy Oligschlaeger | Reply

I’ve got all 3 entries! Woohoo! :)

Stephen | Reply

I don’t believe it would be an overstatement to say that attending this workshop would be life changing. This workshop is going to be incredible and I’m hoping beyond hoping I win the spot and can attend!

I entered in all 3 possible ways and with mucho gusto!

Sarah | Reply

Entered and did all three!! Thank you for the opportunity!

Valeria Duque | Reply

Just posted on FB, Instagram and tagged the photographers. 3 entries my way please!
Fingers crossed.

Lauren Eckard | Reply

Winning would be amazing!!!
I earned 3 entries through facebook, Instagram picture post and Instagram tag friends :) thank you for the opportunity!

Charla Storey | Reply

Yes, yes and yes! So done! IG, FB and here, fingers crossed! Thanks for the opportunity! ???????? #whereisthecrossedfingersemoji

Jessica Crump | Reply

I did all three entries!

Cassie Pope | Reply

Three entries! Cheers!

Shannon | Reply

All three entries complete! Would love to win this. :)

Dedra lamb | Reply

This would be a dream!!!

Andrea Tunbridge | Reply

Entered all three!! This would be a dream!!

Liz Villacorta | Reply

I’ve entered 3x’s for 3 is my lucky number!
Thank you for this amazing opportunity to qualify to win such an amazing experience.

Dedra | Reply

2 entries and anxiously awaiting!!!

Sarah Carpenter | Reply

3 Entries for me!! It would be amazing to win :)

Jessica Schilling | Reply

So exciting! I would love to be a part of this. 2 entries please!

Emily Helen | Reply

Aloha :) I entered three times and I would LOVE to attend the workshop! Fingers crossed xoxo

Abby Leighanne | Reply

Three entries! xoxo

Lauren Paige White | Reply

Would love to win this giveaway! Two entries for me :)

Sarah Best | Reply

Hey! Two entries for me! Thank you for this awesome awesome chance to win!

Jody Atkinson | Reply

I posted on IG and shared on Facebook! crossing my fingers!

Leah Payne | Reply

Did all 3 entries! Thank you so much!! :)

Josselyn Peterson | Reply

Thank you for the chance at a seat at the Erich McVey Workshop! I really hope I get picked!! Three entries for me :)

Kayla Yestal | Reply

All three entries officially mine! Fingers, toes, and pretty much all of my other crossable body parts are crossed!

Jessica Smith | Reply

I entered three times!! So in love with the fact that you are generously giving a way a seat for Erich’s amazing workshop!

Carlie Statsky | Reply

2 entries … hoping this dream comes true!

Lara Lam | Reply

All 3 entries completed !!! I am very grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Once Wed!

Stacy Anderson | Reply

I submitted two entries!! I hope to win this amazing opportunity!!

Brittany LeSueur | Reply

Did all 3 entries!!! Would just die if I won!!! Awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed!!

Casey Ragan | Reply

This would be so incredible!!! I have entered all three ways! Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

Jacqueline Benthuysen | Reply

What an amazing opportunity! Three entries for me! Thanks!

Michael | Reply

Would be so great 3 entries for this filmy

Erin cadwallader | Reply

Another post!! So much love for you and Erich!!

Carol Ly | Reply

My three entries are cast! if I could say twenty entries I would. What an amazing opportunity that I would not be able to afford otherwise! Thanks so much OnceWed!

Lea Ciceraro | Reply

Hi all!! What an incredible and generous giveaway. SWOON! I’d totally pick the October workshop in Bend. I kept it simple and just entered once on IG by tagging two friends. Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

Lindsey Gardner | Reply

I did all 3. Oh how I DREAM of this! XO

Christine Gosch | Reply

I earned 2 entries. Dreaming of the chance to win. Happy Friday!

Jody Atkinson | Reply

I just made my third entry which was tagging on Once Wed’s IG post! :)

Anastasia Chomlack | Reply

Three entries! Fingers crossed!!

Faith Wright | Reply

Entered all three!! Thank you so much!

Catherine Ritchie Park | Reply

I did all 3 entries. Thank you! Fingers crossed!!!

Shannon VonEschen | Reply

I entered THREE times. And though my chances are slim, I love seeing how many people want to win this. I’ve been and it’s the most incredible workshop ever. I want to attend them all! Fingers & toes crossed! Thank you OnceWed.

Emma McGowan | Reply

Three entries! Thank you for giveaway!!

LeiLani Golden | Reply

3 fabulous entries!!!

This is the year of film for me. I echo every single entry in how grateful I would be for the opportunity to attend an incredible workshop I otherwise could not afford (#staybrokeshootfilm, right?!). Not only would I be full of gratitude, but I would also be honored and proud to learn from someone I’ve admired from afar for so long. I never do these sort of things, so this is serious. Especially after having to endure the pure envy of seeing my friends Noi Tran and Whitney Huynh’s lovely workshop images from their time at Bend and Elk. Time to complete the Atlanta trifecta!

Thank you Once Wed for creating this opportunity!

Grant Aumiller | Reply

I’ve entered once via Instagram @grantaumiller
Gosh this would be incredible…

Grace Dinwiddie | Reply

I entered three times. I’m a little nervous but I’m also incredibly excited for whoever wins. Thank you for sharing this amazing opportunity.

Lisa Mezzanotte | Reply

My 3 entries are cast. Thank you for offering an amazing giveaway and a great opportunity to learn from one of the best. Thank you!

Tiffany Christianson | Reply

All three entries complete! Thanks for an AMAZING opportunity.

Jodi Carr | Reply

All three, yeah!!!

Brian Whitt | Reply

Once Wed you Rock. Thank you! I did 3 entries. I couldn’t help myself after seeing Ginny’s styling boards! Gaaaaa!

Chrstell | Reply

Three entries for me :). I´m under the name _snowflakephoto_ on instagram :). Keeping my fingers crossed!

Stacy Bauer | Reply

I entered on Facebook & Instagram, thank you so so much! xox

Thuy Minh Hussey | Reply

I entered all 3 possible ways :)
My instagram is instant_de_vie_photography and my facebook business page is

Kanella Brown | Reply

I did all 3!!! Praying it’s a lucky 3!! Thank you.

Jessica Davis | Reply

I posted to all three 3 + twitter ! Dreaming about winning the seat!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))

Christi | Reply

Amazing opportunity. Amazing talent. Instagram regram, friends tagged, and posted to fb. Thank you so much. good luck to everyone!

Laura neff | Reply

Entered all three obviously! Would be a dream, crossing my fingers !! Erich Mcvey workshoo and Oregon are both on the bucket list. <3

Emma Willich | Reply

croasing so many fingers and toes and even my eyes! Entered all 3 ways! Can’t wait to find out the winner! I so want to see Oregon and this would be the ultimate excuse! Bonus, bonus.

Cindy | Reply

three entries! this would be a dream. thank you, once wed!

Courtney Kaspar | Reply

I entered all three ways! Very hopeful to be picked for the prize!

mary | Reply

this is amazing! entering all three ways count me in

Casey Edwards | Reply

Entered all 3 ways and crossing my fingers, toes, elbows & knees that February 28th is my lucky day! This is an absolute dream workshop for any photographer! Such a generous & amazing giveaway, Emily Newman!

Timothy Eyrich | Reply

I earned 3 entries! Hoping for the big win!

Denise Saucedo | Reply

Such an amazing opportunity!!!!! I have 3 entries! :) thank you!!!

amy t | Reply

Entered once via Instagram

Emma | Reply

I’ve got three entries!

Sarah | Reply

I entered 3 times! Next time, I say we do a “Medieval Times”ish jousting contest, or maybe a Wipeout themed competition. We could call it “Making it to McVey” or “Will Work for Workshops” (okay, I’m still working on the names). Either way, let’s see who REALLY wants this!! I’m all in!

Jill Harvell | Reply

I entered. Please pick me!

Ashley Paige | Reply

I entered all 3 ways and would be ecstatic to win this giveaway! I’ve been wanting to go to the workshop in CA soooo bad but funds are tight right now. Good luck to everyone!

Heidi Lau | Reply

3 entries, thanks so much for the opportunity! Fingers crossed :)

Therese | Reply

*fingers crossed* amazing opportunity!

i did 2 entries ! instagram xoxo

Molly Lichten | Reply

Two entries for me via options 1 and 2 — my instagram is mmmols! Thank you both for the wonderful opportunity.

Molly x

Crystal Brown | Reply

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I entered 3 ways, and would be beyond thrilled to attend.

Sarah Elle Norman | Reply

I earned 3 entries! Crossing my fingers. :-)

Breanna Conley | Reply

Entered all three eeeee!

Melissa Glynn | Reply

I have posted three entries. ( @mglynnphoto & ) Thanks so much for the opportunity to win entry to the workshop! This would rock my face off!!!

Lynn-d Gunter | Reply

I hope I am the lucky winner. I really need the help.

I did 3 Entries!
Posted on Instagram
Tagged 2 Photographer Friends on Once Wed Giveaway Announcement
Posted on my personal Facebook page about the giveaway

Jess Jolin | Reply

2 Entries! THANK YOU!!!

Elisheva Golani | Reply

3 for me! thank you for this opportunity!

Kyle White | Reply

I did 3 entries. The instagram post, tags, and FB post.

Excited at the thought! You’re both amazing. Thanks for the opportunity.

Ashley ford | Reply

Thank you for doing such an amazing give away!! I have wanted to attend for so long I hope I win!

Emily | Reply

I commented on Instagram and posted on Facebook.

Emily Hughes | Reply

I entered three times! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Jessie W. | Reply

I did all three entries. Thanks :)

Sara Hoomes | Reply

I entered twice! Both instas (Saralynnspiershoomes)!

Aimi duong | Reply

All three entries complete! Thanks oncewed!

Irene Cole | Reply

2 for me! What a generous and life changing giveaway. I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes for this one!

Kels Thompson | Reply

I entered twice!!! #fingerscrossed

Amanda Castle | Reply

Did all three entries!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Lauren Rae Hatch | Reply

I entered once! This would be incredible!!

Holly Von Lanken | Reply

All 3 baby! Thanks oncewed :)

Kat Willson | Reply

I entered all three times! Thanks for the opportunity!

Andrew Mark | Reply

All 3 Entries for me! This is incredible! So Excited!

Nadia Hung Photography | Reply

One entry :)
Super excited!

Jennifer Fujikawa | Reply

3 entries! thank you!!!

Inna Spivakova | Reply

I’m beyond excited about this opportunity! 3 entries. My instagram is peachplumpearphoto.

Nataschia | Reply

I’ve earned two entries!!

Jessica Kettle | Reply

I entered twice! Holding my breath!

Megan Clouse | Reply

Oh, I have the October date available, Bend is my home away from home and I would so love to go!!! Just did all THREE!

Justine Bursoni | Reply

Entered 3 times — here’s to a tremendous gift from Erich!

Sona | Reply

:)) This would be soooo amazing:) I’ve entered twice on IG:) Fingers crossed now!!!!

vicki grafton | Reply

All three, please pick me! :)

heather nan | Reply

No messing around here… 3 entries. Sending myself positive thoughts!

Kelli Wilke | Reply

I entered all 3 ways! This looks great! you inspire me to drag my film cameras back out

Jen Brazeal | Reply

I have entered 3 times!! Yay!

Miranda Glaeser | Reply

I did all three! I cant even put into words how incredible it would be to attend one of these workshops. These images are pure magic! @mkqueener

Tricia | Reply

I entered once and thank you for the opportunity.

Julie Lim | Reply

What an opportunity! 1 entry :)

Goodluck everyone!

Kim Clawson | Reply

Entered 3 times!! @kimbrystudios, facebook, and commenting on @oncewed instagram. Crossing my fingers (and toes!)

Kimberly Ann | Reply

@kimwithacamera, Facebook, commented! 3

Keila Doney | Reply

I entered 3 times! To win, would be a dream come true!

Brenna Williams | Reply

I entered 3 ways! Crossing my fingers!

Brenna Williams | Reply

Entered all three ways!

Diana Zapata | Reply

Got three entries. Fingers crossed!!! Would love to win this seat :) Good luck to everyone entering the contest!!!

Rachel | Reply

I did all three, of course! What an amazing opportunity!
My instagram name is r_petey


Rose Dykstra | Reply

I entered all 3 times. Wow. This workshop would probably blow my mind. What a great contest!

Maria | Reply

Thanks for posting this, love Erich McVey’s work! Have made 3 entries xx


elise meader | Reply

3 entires! DYING to win!

Paola Colleoni | Reply

Thank you OnceWed and Erich for this opportunity! I’d love to fly from Italy to attend the workshop!!
I just posted on Instagram and Facebook and I’m keeping my finger crossed!! Xx

Irmalisa Giacomucci | Reply

3 entries. Crossing all fingers. O my god, I will pray for it !

Ellie Koleen | Reply

I entered by doing numbers 2 & 3! Can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is! What an incredible opportunity!

Rachel Havel | Reply

Done, done, and done. Would love to attend this.

Lisa O'Dwyer | Reply

Would love to win this! I tagged two friends on Instagram and also reposted one of Erich’s photos on Instagram for 2 entries. Thanks!

Lauren Demby | Reply

I entered twice! Would love to attend! It would be a dream come true!

Lauren Demby | Reply

Sorry it did not load the first time, so I submitted my response again.

Lauren Demby | Reply

I entered twice! This would be a dream come true!

Andreas | Reply

What an amazing opportunity! 3 entries please

Jen Rodriguez | Reply

Done, done, and done! Whooohooo, three entries for me! :


Camryn | Reply

Ahhhhhhhhhh I did all 3 Entries!!!! woohooo.. i have never won anything before and I have a good feeling about this!! xoxoxox

Jo | Reply

reposted one of Erich’s photos on Instagram :)

Nikki Santerre | Reply

What an incredible opportunity! I shared one of Erich’s photos and tagged two friends on the OnceWed image on Instagram, giving me a total of 2 entries. :)

Kerinsa | Reply

I entered all three ways. A girl can dream… :)

Jami | Reply

So, so, so generous!! Some lucky winner will be hitting the jackpot of workshops, learning from the best! A girl can dream. Entered THREE times!

Michelle Huesgen | Reply

Hook me up with 3 entires!! Fingers crossed!!

Sarah | Reply

Such an amazing giveaway! I entered all three times, fingers crossed! Thank you for the opportunity :)

Jennifer Smith | Reply

Eeee! Two for me! I am so excited to see who wins!

Nikita K | Reply

2 for me! A few days ago, but forgot to post here sorry! :)

Kirill Bordon | Reply

2 entries! would love to win!!

Jasmine | Reply

Entered three times – grateful for the opportunity. Thank you!

Heather Payne | Reply

3 entries for me! :) it would be so amazing to be mentored by this dynamic duo, Erich + Amy! Continue to live your legacy! Xoxo

Donny zavala | Reply

I’ve successfully entered the 3 different ways. ????

Courtney Heckler | Reply

3 entries! This would be such an amazing opportunity! ?

Courtney Heckler | Reply

3 entries! This would be such an amazing opportunity !!

Nikita Lee | Reply

3 times for me! :) my comment didn’t load the first time, oops :) What a great opportunity!!!

Shannon Gross | Reply

I submitted all three times!

Amanda Miller | Reply

Oh my, I would just die to win this! Entered 2 ways! Tagged friends on the Once Wed Insta post and also posted my one of my fave Erich photos on Insta with the tags and hashtag!!!

Brittany Bekas | Reply

Such a wonderful opportunity! I entered twice. Would love to be apart of this wonderful learning experience.

Christine pienaar | Reply

I completed three entries. Instagram: @cpienaarphoto Facebook: This would be such a dream!

Brooke Merrill | Reply

I completed three entries. Thank you for giving us the chance to win such an awesome prize. I’m crossing my fingers!!!!

stephanie brazzle | Reply

3 entries for me! This has to be the best giveaway!!! Eeeeeekkkk hoping my name gets called out!!!! So exciting!!!

Laura Sponaugle | Reply

THREE entries :)))))

Ashley | Reply

I entered all three ways and would LOVE to win a spot at Erich and Amy’s workshop! Would be a dream to be there, fingers crossed!!!

Casey Clark | Reply

3 entries. I can’t wait to see who the VERY lucky winner will be :)

Lauren Eckard | Reply

All 3 entries! Exciting!

Ashley Cox | Reply

All three entries :) It would be an absolute dream to be able to learn from one of my favorite photographers! Thanks for inspiring so many! :)

Tricia | Reply

all three entries now in! Facebook today and instagrams about a week ago. Hopeful!

Kristy Lumsden | Reply

This would be a dream! All three, of course!

Amy | Reply

Thanks for an amazing giveaway. Someone will be crazy lucky.
Amy teague

Lauren Trice | Reply

I entered all three, and I’m excited! Fingers crossed :-)

Angela Williams | Reply

Entered 3 entries!! Would be so honored to win a spot to this amazing opportunity!! Posted on my IG @hazelandhazephotography and FB at Hazel and Haze Photography and tagged my two photog buds! Thanks for posting the giveaway!

Maria Villano | Reply

Sign me up for 2 entries! @maria_villano xoxo

Leigh Minor | Reply

Entered twice!!! Getting my first medium format for my birthday this weekend and CANNOT WAIT to get started!!

Camilla Anchisi | Reply

This would be great: thanks for the opportunity!
Three entries for me too!
Instagram @camillaanchisi &

Brittany Lauren Morgan | Reply

Woo hooo! I entered three times!
Instagram: @brittanylauren_
Facebook: Brittany Lauren Morgan
And tagged two friends.

::fingers/toes/eyes/tongue/legs/arms crossed!::

Katie | Reply

LOVE!!! This would be such an amazing opportunity. I completed all three entries!

Meigan Canfield | Reply

Hello! I cannot wait to hopefully be sitting at a workshop this summer! Thanks again and again for this opportunity. I have earned all three entires. Happy winter!

Lelia Bartruff | Reply

Entered all three times! It sure would be a dream to go! :-)

Kerry Jeanne | Reply

Re-grammed on IG, tagged two amazing friends on IG and shared on Facebook! 3 entries!
This would be a dream come true!

Kayleen T | Reply

I did all Three entries! Thank you once wed and Erich for the generous giveaway.

Hewan Alemayehu | Reply

2 enteries here!! fingers crossed.

Lindsey Shaun | Reply

All three entries have been completed. xxoo

Nick S | Reply

Dropped an entry down on instagram @whenlovehappensphoto. A fantastic giveaway! Good luck everyone! :)

Hannah Lumpkins | Reply

Did all 3 entries!!! This would be a DREAM!!

Julie Kay Kelly | Reply

Your Comment here…I completed three. I have been dreaming of this workshop, and want to attend so deeply! Not yet sure how, but trust that the stars will align.

Rebecca Masters | Reply

Would love to attend one of these workshops someday! Posted on Instagram

Dustin Ford | Reply

Entered all three ways!

Jen | Reply

I entered twice and would love to learn from Erich!!!

Dustin Ford | Reply

Entered all three ways.

Kati | Reply

I entered twice! Winning would literally be a dream come true ??

Candace Berry | Reply

Yay! Did 3 entries! So excited for whoever the lucky winner will be!:)

Camilla Anchisi | Reply

This would be great: thanks for the opportunity! Three entries for me too!

Sarah Cerami | Reply

Three entries!! Gosh this is such a great giveaway!!

Candace Berry | Reply

I entered all three times! Cant wait!!:)

Jasmine Pettersen | Reply

I have entered three ways. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Jasmine Pettersen | Reply

(Note: I left a comment here on feb 28, but it doesn’t seem to have loaded.)

Suzy Oliveira | Reply

Me! Pick me! Instagram @suzyophotography

Shelley Bahar | Reply

Woo-Hoooo!! I made it JUST in the nick of time, and was able to complete all three entries! This is such an incredible opportunity. I would be OVER the moon if I won a seat in Erich McVey’s workshop!! Fingers crossed that I win! (please…pick me, pick me!! ^_^)

Shelley Bahar | Reply

Oh no! By my time zone (PST) I made the cut, but when I posted my entry it says March 1st!! Did I not make it then? D,=

Ashley Goodwin | Reply

Man oh man! I did instagram and facebook, now, I pray. :)

Em Scott | Reply

Entered once on Facebook!

Amy | Reply

Hi! I entered yesterday afternoon but I don’t see my entry ANYWHERE on here. I’m totally bummed. I noticed that someone else entered twice because there’s didn’t show up either.
So If it’s possible to be included THANK YOU!!!

Jessica Magalei | Reply

Oh heavens I would love to attend. 3 entires. Putting it out to the universe

Amy Wobser | Reply

Was the winner picked?