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If you’ve been following along with the #composition101 hashtag on Instagram, you may have noticed us sharing a lot of advice on creating better imagery this past week.

Well today we’re excited to officially announce the release of our new online course in visual composition and design, written by Joy Thigpen in partnership with Once Wed.

Called Composition 101, it is an online course that explores the elements and principles of design and delves into discussions on what it takes to compose a great image, be it a daily snap for your Instagram feed, a professional image for a client, or simply improving your own photography skills.

Florists, planners, calligraphers, rental companies, stylists, designers, caterers, bloggers, interior designers; we must ALL now add photography to our list of necessary competencies. The success of our businesses depends upon the sharing of compelling images which communicate our brands’ message. This is why we’ve created Composition 101. We know how important good imagery is to us all.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a creative just starting out in the wedding industry, we’re confident this course will be a game-changer for you.

  • Understanding more about composition is one of the best things you can upgrade in your skill set.

  • Having better composition, be it with your iphone shot or with your camera, is a foundational investment and far more affordable (and a better payoff) than buying a new camera or a new lens. 

  • There’s not as many people talking about making your art better. Making your work better. That’s what we want to talk about.”

Composition 101 is designed in a way that once purchased online, you can work through the course at your own pace. Our goal is to keep it affordable and accessible to everyone, no matter where you are professionally in your career.

Intrigued? For ONE WEEK ONLY we’re offering $80 off the regular course price.

Click here for the full details! 


Comments (2)

Kathryn Hopkins | Reply

Just purchased! I learnt so much from Styling 101 that this was a must to purchase. I just know the quality of the content will be the best I can buy to improve my skills and can’t wait to get started – Thank you for sharing such valuable information.

jen | Reply

I’d definitely love to purchase the composition 101 and wedding styling 101. but i don’t get a copy of the pdf with the order, which I’d definitely revisit for reference. hopefully the resource will be available in the future for purchase.