How to Master Your Wedding Registry

I’ve been married for 6 years now, and truthfully, the thing that I remember being the most stressed out about during the entire wedding planning process was figuring out our wedding registry. Eventually we got through it, with a few calls to my mom and pulling every single sheet set off the shelves so I could compare them. If I knew then what I know now, I would do it completely differently. We want to share that with all of you, so today, we’ve partnered with Zola to teach you how to master your wedding registry, with as little stress as possible.

1) Register Smarter

Today’s couple’s are busy, chasing careers and dreams. Zola’s tools help you register smarter, prioritizing your time and eliminating stress. They have the highest rated registry app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch so you can register anytime, anywhere. That, coupled with the over 450 brands they’ve gone to great lengths to partner with (KitchenAid, Parachute, Dyson, Tumi and SoulCycle to name just a few) and their Registry Manager (they’ll even suggest the right number of gifts across different price points based on your number of wedding guests!) means that registering with Zola is really the smartest way to master your wedding registry.

2) Group Gifting

Chances are pretty good that there will be a few items on your registry that are higher budget items, so the fact that Zola offers group gifting is AMAZING. You can mark an item “Group Gifting” so that multiple people can contribute to the item. Translation: You might actually get that new set of luggage and can stop borrowing from your parents! Plus, Zola offers you $50 in Zola credit whenever you receive $500 in gifts! 

3) Don’t be Afraid to Upgrade

We always recommend registering for a mix of timeless pieces and trendy items, some basics, and some upgrades. You can register for new kitchen appliances or that Dyson vacuum you’ve ad your eye on, and even set up a cash fund.

4) An Easier Way to Say Thanks

Confession: 6 years later, I still haven’t sent out all of my thank you cards. This is one of the things in my adult life that I feel the most shame for, but at the time, I was so overwhelmed with finishing school and moving into our apartment and planning our wedding, that I sort of lost track of wedding gifts! I must not be the only one, because the geniuses over at Zola developed a tool to help you track who bought you which gifts, so that you can just export a list and write your thank you notes. Showing gratitude shouldn’t be a chore, and this makes it so much easier!

Zola is the wedding registry that will do anything for love. What does anything mean? It means whatever, whenever, wherever their couples need, Zola goes to great lengths to find the best brands, known and unknown. They continue to develop technology that helps couples get more out of your registry, letting you personalize everything with your own notes and pictures, and ship at your convenience. Seriously, just sign up with Zola. It’ll be the easiest way to get your wedding registry filled with gifts that you can’t wait to have!


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