Win an Invitation Suite from Foiled Invitations

Once you’ve decided on the tone and setting for your wedding, the next step is inevitably finding the perfect invitation suite to correspond with the feeling of your wedding.  Your save the date and invitations set the entire tone for your wedding; from the moment your friends and family find those perfectly addressed invites waiting in their mailboxes, the anticipation for your big day begins to build! There are no words you can use that will describe the mood of your wedding day more perfectly than your save the dates and invitations will.

Foiled Invitations takes invitation design to another level with their luxury invitation suites from the letterpress artisans behind the Aerialist Press. Each set is designed especially for couples seeking occasion stationery  that is stylish, timeless, with a little extra sparkle and shine! Foiled invitations are printed on the finest cotton papers in a range of different hues and textures with letterpress script in metallic and matte foils. The artisans at Foiled love assisting each client select the perfect invitation style from their carefully curated collection of house designs to make sure every couple receives a suite that seamlessly ties in with their wedding day aesthetic and acts as the perfect prelude to their celebration.

We’re always so honored when our sponsors are willing to share their talents with our readers, and Foiled is excited to share something amazing with you all today! One lucky Once Wed reader will receive a full Foiled invitation suite worth $2,500!! Visit Foiled and comment below telling us which invitation suite is your favorite and how it will fit into your wedding style. Comment by March 15, 2014 for a chance to win! Thanks again to Foiled for being an amazing sponsor!

Thanks for entering, this contest is now closed. Congratulations, Sheri Balanga! 

  1. Lovely would fit perfect because it’s simple and elegant. Our theme is ocean, and were both very laid back and casual like a day at the beach.

  2. All the suites are so gorgeous, but either the Lovely or the Perla would be perfect for my wedding!

  3. Love Foiled’s ‘Stella’ suite! They would be perfect for my mid-summer night’s wedding. We’re designing an evening that is light, fun and overall celebratory rather than stuffy. Plus, the gold ties perfectly into my wedding colour palette. My pinterest page will give you a good sense of what I’m working to create:

  4. The prima invitation is just lovely. It’s inspiring, classic, elegant, and romantic… the perfect feel for my wedding! It’s a great way to introduce what our wedding will be like for guests when they come to celebrate with us!

  5. Coronet is my favorite! But, they’re all beautiful, it’s hard to pick just one :)

    1. Our wedding style is modern and somewhat rustic, so I think my favorite invite suite is ROYCE!

  6. The invitations at Foiled are the type that I can only dream of…! I absolutely adore the timeless simplicity of the Gramercy suite. I will be keeping my fingers firmly crossed!! :)

  7. I love the Royce (and think it would look fantastic with gold foil)! It would be the perfect compliment to our classic wedding (with a touch of modern whimsey). *fingers crossed*

  8. I love Perla :) it would fit into my wedding because it is so elegant and timeless which is a major focus in planning my wedding. It is formal and fun which is exactly what I want my wedding to be!

  9. The Coronet makes me swoon- It seems so effortlessly elegant!! I’m hoping my “garden party under the stars” styled wedding will hold up to that description!

  10. We love Gramercy – for it’s modern and minimalist feel. We are planning a wedding which doesn’t not have a particular theme as such. Rather an eclectic mix of all things we love.

    Would feel incredibly lucky to win such a stunning invitation suite.

  11. Hi! I love the Perla suite! The lace details and dramatic gold foil would perfectly complement the elegant-rustic theme of our wedding. We’re having a ballroom wedding in the mountains, so it’s a great mix of rustic and refined, just like the invitation The lace detail on the suite looks just like the lace of my dress! This invitation suite would be absolutely perfect, and I would be so grateful to win! Thank you!

  12. The prima invitation is stunning! It would go perfectly for ny wedding because were having an elegant and romantic themed wedding but simple at the same time it would be a perfect match I couldn’t dream of a better invitation for it! <3

  13. Perla is by far my favorite! The vintage embellishments and gold foil are elegant and romantic, and will fit beautifully with my English Garden / Vintage theme. The typography is stunning, and I don’t think I’d be happy with anything else!! Fingers crossed :)

  14. Our ‘Garden Gatsby’ wedding quickly approaching this August would be that much more grand with the addition of Foiled Invitations! Blush, Ivory and Champagne colours are set as our floral colour scheme to compliment our vintage art deco decor. We’re on the hunt for gold invitations and the Wellesley collection would clearly tie in nicely, as well as the Regency, Empire and Darcy collections. I’ll be keeping all my toes and fingers crossed! Thank you! :)

  15. Coronet would be perfect for my wedding! It’s simple and feminine and the leaves are very natural looking, just like my bouquet and centerpieces are going to be. Perfect for a fall wedding!

  16. I love the simplicity of the Gramercy. We are planning an outdoor wedding this summer and the gold letting fits perfect with our colors.

  17. My favorite collections have to be either Lovely or Coronet. We are getting married this summer in an indoor garden space and these designs just feel so elegant and beautiful. I love how soft and simple these invitations look. They go really well with the rest of our wedding theme!

  18. I love the Gramercy the best overall — but the Stella would be best for my wedding! :)

  19. The Riviera Invitation suite is absolutely gorgeous! Our wedding is a modern-esque affair taking place in a converted carriage house in New York City. This invitation, along with its gold foil lettering would perfectly accent our special day.

  20. Love the Pasadena. It manages to be both young, modern, and vintage all in one. My wedding style is also a bit of all these elements and a bit eclectic.

  21. Prima is my favorite! Truly elegant and stylish, it would be perfect for my wedding… I love the silver and its excellent design, it is just fabulous!

  22. I love the Stella suite because it is classically whimsical and gets you ready for a party.

  23. Both Stella and Perla are exquisite! Both would be wonderful for my fall glam wedding!

  24. I love the Coronet suite! We are having a winter wedding in the Rocky Mountains in Canada. I think the style of Coronet really fits with our theme of laid back, simple natural elegance.

  25. Wow! These are all beautiful! My wedding colors will be emerald, mint, blush and gold and truly any of these would be perfect for our special day! The Perla speaks to my romantic, whimsical side. It is the automatic choice that fits my wedding stlye best. However, the Stella just makes me feel all bubbly in the inside and head over heels in love that I want to shout it on the rooftops! The Stella is my personal favorite!

  26. I absolutely adore the “Perla” suite!!! I love the lace design, and I feel this is such a classic looking invitation yet the subtle lace design gives it something a little unusual – something a little extra special. I absolutely love it! I’ve been looking for invitation inspiration that features a lace design and I feel like this is exactly the classy look that will tie in with my beautiful lace gown. I have my fingers and toes crossed!

  27. Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting holds a dear place in my heart. That coupled with the fact that my fiance proposed in a secluded park under a star-filled sky, it’s not surprise we chose our wedding theme to be Starry Night! Stella would go perfectly with our theme, and the foil would add just the right amount of sparkle and shine to our wedding stationary :)

  28. What a fantastic giveaway! I love the Stella collection. I think it would fit in perfectly with our fun, yet classy vineyard wedding ????

  29. Lovely would perfectly compliment the aesthetic of my wedding. Classic, timeless, and elegance are used to describe this suite, and those are the same words my fiancé and I use as the inspiration for our wedding. We love the Rose Gold or the Gold foil, the beautiful wax seal, the Pearl Lettra or Rose Arturo papers, and the exquisite Mrs. Eaves and Lady Mary fonts. We are inspired by blush neutral tones, and we are striving for an intimate gathering of our loved ones that exudes elegance. The Lovely invitation suite by Foiled is everything we want and would be the perfect invitation for our guests.

  30. The Wellesley Suite is exactly what my fiancé and I are looking for in a wedding invitation. We are getting married in our home of NYC, but unlike most of the brides in this area, do indeed have a budget. The feel of our wedding is a cross between the recent Great Gatsby film, and Downton Abbey. We believe this suite would be the perfect introduction into that glamorous world for our guests.

  31. I love the feel of each of the Foiled suite’s but when it comes to a personal preference for my special day, I really felt the Bianca called to me most. My fiance and I are still working to fully envision our theme but we are merging together tradition as well as our passion to be different and stand out. I feel the Bianca does that well with the formal simplicity of the design as well as the different color of paper than many of the others. Our style is really just the celebration of love as a whole and the Bianca is romantic enough to get that across in an invite.

  32. My favorite is the Lovely! I am getting married August 23rd, and it will be very classic, traditional wedding and reception. I am obsessed with these!

  33. The Perla collection would be wonderful for our September wedding! Just the right amount of modern added to the timeless invitation!

  34. The Prima invitations are fabulous! The subtle elegance is timeless and I know I would cherish this design for a lifetime. They would be the perfect addition to my blush, coral and gold wedding this summer at my gorgeous wedding venue which resembles an Italian Piazza.

  35. The Lovely suite is exactly that – lovely! It would fit in perfectly with the simple, classic elegance of our Napa Valley winery wedding. It’s timeless yet somewhat modern, which is exactly what we’re looking to achieve with our event.

  36. I love the Lovely suite! Blush and gold are my colors for a spring wedding next year. Classic & pretty!

  37. I think the Lovely or the Windsor suite would be absolutely stunning! I’m actually hoping to win this on behalf of my incredible friend as she and her fiance prepare for their classic and timeless wedding!

  38. The Wellesley suite is my favorite, though I think they’re all lovely! Such beautiful options!

  39. I love lovely suite. I’m having a rustic themed wedding with not much colour and they would fit in perfect!

  40. I love the Perla suite because of the delicate lace and it would fit perfectly with the elegant theme.

  41. I am so in love with the “Stella” suite! Perfectly elegant, whimisical and romantic…exactly the vibe of our January DTLA wedding!

  42. My favorite design is Coronet!! We are styling our wedding around neutrals with brass & gold accents and lots of olive branches/leaves. :) I believe this suite would fit our style perfectly and portray the simple, elegant ascetic we are going for!

  43. The Coronet suite is gorgeous! It fits beautifully with our casual yet classic wedding plans in Savannah – with gold and grey for our color scheme.

  44. All the suites are beautiful but the Royce is soo gorgeous! I love the black on black, it’s so elegant and modern.

  45. The Windsor is my favorite, it’s formal and buttoned-up but still different, the dark colors would look lovely against the lighter colors of my flowers.

  46. What a gorgeous collection. The one near and dear to my heart would have to be the Perla collection. Growing up my grandmother always called me “Perla.” She suffered from Alzheimers disease and grew to only know who I was by that name instead of my real name, Brielle. Before she passed I had it tattooed on my left wrist to know she would always be with me. Winning the Perla suite for my wedding would be extremely special and a way for me to know she is with me on my special day.

  47. The Lovely is so simple and chic. It’s a perfect match for me and my fiancé!

  48. The theme for our wedding is Formal Black Tie. Our colors are champagne, light pink, and gold. We are wanting an intimate setting with candles everywhere. The Fairmont suite would best represent the vision we want for our Wedding day.

  49. The “Clare” collection is simple, luxurious, and beautiful. My wedding colors are white, silver and purple, so the invitations fit really well…especially for a wedding on a warm fall evening in Northern California! I’ve always admired Foiled’s invitations, but would never be able to afford them. Winning a Foiled invitation suite would be so amazing!

  50. Wellesley would be lovely for my wedding….my venue is an old gold rush era foundry, and my wedding is going to be an elegantly vintage affair with a subtle nod to Art Deco. Our color scheme is ivory, gold, black and a touch of black, and I think this suite would set the mood just perfectly!

  51. The Lovely suite would be a dream! Our wedding will be a combination of subtle elegance with a dash of blush and metallic. This suite will set the perfect tone for our wedding.

  52. In love with Amherst. Simple, clean, and most importantly ~ timeless. It would be the perfect invitations!

  53. Love the Windsor! Already ordered the sample and having a hard time finding anything else that compares! :)

  54. The Coronet – the gold foiled invitation is so opulent, which is perfect for the simplicity of the suite.

  55. the Stella suite is simply fantastic! we are planning a wedding in October 2015 in the Poconos, PA – the splash of dots reminds me of the stars in the sky that will be overhead the night of our wedding!

  56. I love the Stella! It would be a perfect fit for a classic wedding with a dash of modern.

  57. Stella is the perfect design to represent our wedding. We are celebrating in a brewery and the bubbly look of the invite captures the event perfectly. I love how elegant but fun the invite is.

  58. i love the bianca or the coronet! they would match perfectly with our outdoor, rustic wedding.

  59. Omg! What an amazing giveaway! All the invites are absolutely gorgeous. I would love to win the Prima invitation set. It matches perfectly to my vintage romance theme. They would be the perfect details of elegance and sparkle! *fingers crossed :)

  60. The Stella suite is gorgeous and I think it would be a perfect fit for our wedding day, which we hope will be bright, fun, cheery, and unique!

  61. The Lovely suite is perfect for our wedding! I am designing a classic, simple and elegant day accented with gold. My fiancé is deployed to Afghanistan right now, and will hopefully be back a couple of months before the big day. We are going to have a military wedding, complete with gold, arched sabers during our exit from the church. The Lovely suite reminds me of the smart, classic look of his Army dress blues, and it has the feminine accents I hope to employ throughout the wedding. Also, “Captain” and “US Army” before and after his name would look stunning in the gorgeous cursive font. This invitation is exactly what I have been looking for!

  62. I love Bianca. There is a soft elegance that would suit our wedding very nicely. Thank you.

  63. Royce, Windsor, or Stella would look beautiful for our wedding. We are trying to manage our budget extensively and would absolutely love the chance to win something that could help with our dream wedding. Unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of even having quality invitations, but I absolutely love what Foiled has to offer!

  64. “Coronet” is perfect for our wedding! Our wedding is going to be beach rustic in Islamorada, Florida yet very elegant because I am going to have the most beautiful sperry tent!! I am channeling napa valley to the beach. :) All of the little details of the suite complement the the flowers and foliage that I will have on my chuppa, on the tables, and in my bouquet. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect suite to complement the theme of our wedding.

  65. The Lovely suite is perfect for our wedding! I am designing a simple, classic and elegant wedding with accents of gold. My fiance is deployed to Afghanistan and will hopefully return a few months before our big day unless his tour is extended. We are doing a military wedding complete with a saber arch for us to walk under as we exit the church! The Lovely suite combines everything I am looking for in the wedding… It is classic, smart and simple like my fiance’s dress blue uniform, and it has the fun and feminine gold elements I want to add throughout the wedding. Also, I think “Captain” and “US Army” before and after his name will look awesome in the swirly cursive font :). It is exactly what I have been looking for!

  66. The stella is perfect. Beautiful and elegant with a bit of whimsy, exactly what im going for.

  67. I am in love with the Coronet suite! It it simple, elegant, and the touch of gold is so perfect. I have been searching endlessly for a simple, yet interesting and beautiful stationary that would fit well with our wedding. We are getting married at a vineyard, and the subtle branches are a prefect precursor to the outdoor wedding and winery party ahead! Our colors are simple greens, whites and golds and this stationary sweet would be my absolute dream!

  68. I love how simple and classic the lovely is! Exactly what I’m looking for!

  69. I love Stella and it would fit our wedding style because it is fun and elegant!

  70. The Empire Suite would be fantastic for our Art Deco inspired wedding this October. We ordered our save the dates with The Aerialist Press and they are amazing to work with! The foiled invitations would really add something spectactuar to our theme!

  71. I must have looked at all of these so many times because it’s SO hard to choose just one favorite! But something about “Stella” really jumps out at me. I love the modern elegance of the dot design. Our fall wedding has a “modern glam” theme, utilizing plum and gold as the main color scheme- this would set the tone perfectly for our big day!

  72. What could be more gorgeous than the beautiful and classic Darcy!

    Love all of your designs Alex!!!

  73. I would absolutely love to work with you guys on a Couture package but my favorite Collection piece has got to be Stella. It goes perfectly with our wedding theme because it reminds me of champagne and we like to party :)

  74. I love Foiled’s Gramercy suite! We haven’t decided on invitations yet and this would be the perfect addition to our wedding. We’re planning an elegant outdoor wedding with art deco / 1920s details, not necessarily a theme, just a hint of ’20s style which is what I love about the Gramercy . It’s timeless, elegant and classic. Just gorgeous! Would be thrilled to win!

  75. I absolutely love the lovely. AND why not invest in one that has just the right “name” – afterall it sets the tone for the lovely day to come!

  76. I absolutely love the Coronet suite! It has is beautifully elegant with a little edge of rustic, which is exactly what I’m going for with my wedding! This suite is something that both my Mom and I could agree upon, and that is saying something :)

  77. I’m in love with the Coronet invitation suite, it perfectly portrays the organic, understated and elegant feel that we are having in our springtime outdoor wedding and the foiling adds that special extra touch.

  78. We incorporated gold foil into our save the dates and I’d love to continue the trend with these gorgeous suites!

    1. and specificallllllyy, the coronet is the perfect blend of feminine romance for our rustic chic October wedding!

  79. They are all stunning. I am lusting over Stella – the luxe gold confetti design and celebratory font spell P A R T Y to me – which is fitting as I am getting married on New Years’ Eve!

  80. I absolutely love the “Bianca” suite! The white foil on natural stock is so classy and romantic. It is the perfect look for our beach ceremony in August! I also love the delicate lace design on the Perla and the modern look of the Gramercy suite.

  81. Gramercy would be perfect for our modern, sleek San Francisco wedding!

  82. I would love to work with Foiled on a custom Couture collection but my favorite design of theirs is Stella. It reminds me of champagne and would fit in perfectly with our fall wedding decor!

  83. I’m particularly drawn to the Gramercy and the Coronet wedding suites. The gold foil is exactly what I’m looking for, as my wedding will have lots of gold accents. I love the 20’s vibe the entire collection exudes as I’m drawing on this for my September wedding. Thank you for the opportunity.

  84. I love Foiled Invitations website, what a lovely dicovery!! I must say that I like the all collection but that I had a special crush on Darcy as it fits perfectly our purple with silver accent wedding theme, fingers crossed for us ;)

  85. I LOVE the Perla Suite! We are going for a very romantic/vintage feel for our wedding and these invitations would be PERFECT!

  86. I love the Coronet suite. It would perfectly represent the simple beauty and elegance of the outdoor Vermont mid-summer wedding we are planning!

  87. All of your invitations are absolutely stunning! Elegance mixed with fun!!! It took me a whole to decide just one, however, Soleil would be absolutely perfect for my wedding!!

    Fingers crossed!! ????

  88. I adore the Stella suite because it resembles the stars and twinkling fairy lights in the garden of my venue that will make my guests wow x

  89. I love love love the idea of the all black Royce invitation style, however I think our personalities lean more towards the Gramercy style. I LOVE the gold in there!

  90. RIVIERA would be beautiful for our small beach wedding followed by dinner in an upscale beach-side seafood restaurant,.

  91. I am in love with the Fairmont suite! The simple yet elegant theme embodies the look I am hoping for, and these would really be wonderful for my wedding! Keeping my fingers crossed :)

  92. Wow! Foiled invitations would be a dream
    Come true! ‘Prima’ – stunning, sophisticated and elegant! Would be so grateful
    For these! Wishing all the way from Australia!!! :)

  93. The Coronet would be perfect for our wedding, which will be in Tuscany in a villa surrounded by olive trees and vines. The theme will be simple – naturally rustic with a hint of modern glamour. The gold foil is echoing the beautiful late afternoon sunshine that we’re dreaming of and hoping for!

  94. The Gramercy in gold foil on black would be perfect for our glam winter wedding! This would be the ideal way to kick off our planning and theme!

  95. These are soo beautiful exactly want we want… We love the Darcy suite soo elegant xx

  96. I love love love LOVELY! This elegant invitation suite would set the stage perfectly for our classic southern wedding. Lovely reflects the style of my dress, timeless with a hint of sparkle.

  97. I absolutely love the coronet. Our wedding is a natural gold, romantic semi-gardened themed affair and the suite is exactly what I picture! Beautiful!

  98. I must have looked at all of these gorgeous
    invitation suites over and over, because it is SO hard to choose just one! But something about the “Stella” design really caught my eye. I love the modern elegance of the dot design. Our October wedding features plum and gold as the main color scheme, so this design would set the perfect tone!

  99. I like Stella! We are going for a sophisticated with a touch of whimsy look and I think the dots capture that!

  100. Wow, Foiled sure has some beautiful invitations. Stella captures the style of our wedding perfectly. The starry design goes perfect with our tented reception.

  101. The Coronet would be absolutely perfect for my wedding, which is set for a late afternoon on the Massachusetts coast in a small town on a pre-4th of July summer day. The atmosphere will combine the regal-ness of the bay and subtle beauty of the forest that define the outdoor location at my childhood home and wedding venue. I am aiming for a natural, clean, fresh, and feminine garden party and the Coronet echoes these same themes!

  102. Lovely LOVELY LOVELY is so full of loveliness and classic elegance. Love it. Amour. Liebe.

  103. I love the Coronet suite! The font and understated but elegant look is *exactly* what we’re going for. Fingers crossed!

  104. We’re having an LA wedding but our families are from Texas and England. The Pasadena has a fun modern feel that would be perfect for our wedding.

  105. The Coronet absolutely speaks to the atmosphere I am hoping to elucidate at our wedding. My fiancé and I will be married outdoors under the sun on a pre-4th of July afternoon garden party-themed wedding set at my childhood home in a small town on the coast of Massachusetts. Our wedding will pull in both the regal-ness of the ocean and the quaint and subtleness of farmland and open fields while also remaining feminine and fresh. I think the gold foil details on the Coronet accurately reflect how I envision our perfect day!

  106. My fiancée and I are doing a white fall themed wedding with accents of champagne and gold. The Stella collection would set the tone and excite our guest about our special day. Our decor will have lots of candles light and the Stella collection will twinkle just like that.

  107. I love Perla. It’s soft and feminine with some sparkle. Which is exactly what I’m going with for our outdoor garden wedding at a private residence in Wellfleet,MA. The color pallet is soft neutrals with touches of gold in the decor. Its hard to choose, they’re all so pretty!

  108. I love Claire and Coronet! They are both classic and elegant. Very beautiful. Both would go well with our nature-themed garden wedding.

  109. I love the Clare it has the whimsical romantic flare that I am hoping my wedding will turn out to display

  110. I absolutely love all of these invitations! I am torn between the look of Stella and Darcy for our wedding. We are doing a “starry night” theme an the Stella has that beautiful literal starry night look while the Darcy has the Van Gogh swirly starry night look. So difficult to choose between the two… I think the Stella would best compliment the candlelight and sparkle that we are looking for. These invitations are getting me even more excited for our wedding planning!! :D

  111. The Coronet. Breath-taking. It would fit perfectly with our fall, outdoor reception at my childhood home. It is subtly feminine and is easy to read! The gold foil sets the tone for weekend!

  112. The Pasadena paper products are so posh! Say that 5 times fast! ha
    These truly are beautiful invitations, so elegantly thought out.

  113. CORONET <3 Gramercy! Both beautiful and elegant and fits perfectly into our 'enchanting' theme with a splash of gold, love Love LOVE!

  114. Gramercy would be the perfect suite for our wedding. The casual simplicity of the design gives it a fun feel, just like we’d like for our wedding to have while still keeping it clean, classic and special.

  115. I love the SOLEIL gold invitation. This stunning ethnic print will fit in with my wedding day as we are having a gypset vibe to our wedding.

  116. I love Bianca for my brothers romantic european summer wedding. Elegant, sophisticated and beautiful.

  117. I just adore Stella, Gramercy, and Fairmont! Its hard to choose just one, they’re all so beautiful! Any of these styles would fit my destination ranch wedding!

  118. I am loving the elegant, romantic feel of the CORONET suite! We are having an elegant mansion affair with most of the evening taking place on expansive green lawns with lights illuminating the night sky. I picture a romantic, soft garden party filled with oodles of candlelight and a neutral palette blush and cream with accents of gold and silver metallics. The overall goal is to create an art deco-esque feel with modern grace and this invitation suite fits the mold to a “T” – a juxtaposition of old and new, elegant and refined. A truly romantic affair!!! I would love for this paper suite to complement all the ideas swimming in my mind!

  119. The Stella collection features the perfect font i’d want in my invitations. Gold foil is a must!

  120. The Royce suite would suit with my wedding perfectly! I am having a simple Rustic them wedding. You can add any special touch to these gorgeous invited to complete my desired look! Simply beautiful!

  121. I love them all, but Darcy os my favorite! This would be absolutely beautiful for my southern christmas wedding! 12/13/14 lucky day ….hopefully I can be lucky with this contest too!!

  122. All of your foiled invitations are exquisite! – Making a choice so difficult, however with a vintage 1920’s beach themed wedding in October my fiancé and I would be absolutely honoured to use your Darcy suite to begin to set the tone for our wedding! I couldn’t imagine any other invitation that would create such a perfect tone for our guests as we begin the rest of our lives together!

  123. I just love the simple elegance of Prima! Gorgeous invitations, I love them all!!!

    1. I just love the simple elegence of Prima! Black, white, and silver accessories will feature at my wedding, so silver foiled invites would be perfect!!!

  124. I couldn’t decide between Lovely and Bianca. They are just too beautiful. They all are!

  125. All are absolutely beautiful! Lovely would be the perfect choice for my romantic December wedding. It is so classic and I love the gold, which is one of the key colors in the wedding. The font, design…everything-just stunning.

  126. The Stella is my absolute favorite! Our wedding is April 11, 2015 and it will be a fun, whimsical, romantic celebration with blush, gold, and burlap accents. I would love to win this!

  127. All of your invitations are exquisite!!! – Making just one to hard to choose! However with our 1920’s vintage beach themed wedding in October my fiancé and I would be honoured to have your Darcy suite set the tone of our wedding for all of our guests!

  128. Love the Fairmont suite! I recently got my vintage wedding dress, which is very Great Gatsby inspired, and my ring is also a vintage 1920s beauty — this wedding invitation totally fits the vintage glamour aesthetic of our wedding. The gold and the font is so classic and gorgeous.

  129. I instantly fell in love with all of these designs
    Finding a single invitation that you feel can encompass your whole entire wedding, and give the wow factor to eager waiting reciepents, is a very difficult task. However, when I found foiled invitations, the difficult part was deciding which one I didn’t want! They are all so beautifully made, and are truly pieces of art.
    If I were to have to choose a favorite, it would be the “Lovely Collection.” Full of elegance, sophistication and class, it would be the perfect way to “wow” my guests before they attend.
    I wish many wishes of happiness and life long love to all the future brides out there

  130. I love Gramercy – elegant but simple, it really caught my eye and would go perfectly with our wedding in August! We are having an elegant barn wedding with pink, red & orange flowers in diy gold foiled terracotta pots. I love foiled invitations so much but just don’t have the budget for them so fingers crossed!

  131. My sister has had a look at petty much every invite style there is and mentioned she loves the Fairmont gold invitations. Can I enter the competition for her? She’d love them!

  132. My sister has had a look at petty much every invite style there is and mentioned she loves the Fairmont gold invitations. Her wedding is in the early stages of planning, she’s going for a lilac and gold elegant theme I think. I don’t have much design sense so I’m not the best at helping with her style planning decisions, but I think the invites she likes are lovely and will go very well with everything she’s picked out for her wedding.
    Can I enter the competition for her? She’d love them!

  133. Our wedding is simple but elegant and I think the ‘lovely collection’ sums up everything out wedding will be. Everyone that I have shown your invitations too has fallen as much in love with them as I have! I’m so glad I stumbled across your page! I would literally die if I won this comp!

  134. My fiance and I are planning a 4th of July wedding at a farm on Cape Cod. The Coronet invitations are so simple and elegant! But the Stella are beautiful and super festive (they emulate fireworks without being too obvious)!
    All of the Foiled Invitations are absolutely fabulous! It is so hard to choose one design! BUT based on our wedding venue and style, I think the Coronet would be perfect!

  135. I adore the Gramercy collection!! We would love to have Foiled Invitations for our wedding day :)

  136. Our wedding is very Art Deco meets modern elegance so the ROYCE would be the perfect pairing for it.

  137. Such beautiful designs! The Clare & Stella are stunning, a nice mix of contemporary and traditional design. Would absolutely love to have the opportunity to have one of the designs, what a way to set the tone for such a special evening!

  138. I love the Stella design. We are thinking of making our theme starry night and the Stella design would fit in perfectly.

  139. OMG This would be amazingly perfect! My budget only allows for print yourself invitations, winning this would be magnificent!

    I LOVE the Regency design. It fits PERFECTLY into our wedding style. Our wedding colors are black and gold, and we are going for a very formal and elegant feel (while sticking to an extremely tight budget). I don’t think I could ask for a more perfect invitation design :)

  140. wow they all look amazing, but perhaps the regency, Bianca or pearla suite would fit in fantastically with my forest planned wedding.

  141. I love the Royce design. It fits my finance and I’s laid back personalities. We are not looking for all the glitz and glamor but want something simple which I believe this collection will fit into perfectly.

  142. The Clare embodies our personality and wedding style with its simplicity and elegance.

  143. I love the Regency design as it reflects the class and elegance that is part of the theme of our wedding!

  144. It was so hard for my fiancé and I to choose just one from the collection since they are all so beautiful, but I think we’ve decided on Royce, it’s edgy -we love it.

  145. We really enjoy the Darcy design. This go with the look and theme of our nuptials: sophistication and class.

  146. My favorite design is the Lovely because we are having a destination wedding in Playa del Carmen and the tan envelope would match perfectly because it resembles the color of sand. It is a very clean and modern look which is also the look that we are going for.

  147. Wow, I am absolutely floored by how elegant and lovely the SOLEIL collection is. Our wedding is a classic, elegant affair in a vintage ballroom right on the coast of Florida. We are exchanging our vows on the beautiful deck at sunset, right in front of the beach where waves will be crashing behind us.

    Our ceremony has a vintage flare, which is highlighted in these invitations. Our wedding colors are purple and black with hints of white and gold; my bridesmaids will be wearing black dresses with purple accessories and white pearls with gold clasps. My gorgeous gown is an old Hollywood style with tiny gold studs on the lace floral embroidery on the front.

    These invitations would be absolutely darling.

  148. The Coronet invitation suite is absolutely perfect! We are having a garden wedding so the vine outline hints perfectly at our theme. And the gold foil goes hand-in-hand with the brass tablescaping we are planning for the reception. Would be a dream come true to win these beautiful invitations!

  149. We looked together and decided that Clare would be perfect. Our colors are navy and fuchsia with a silver accent. The invitations are simple elegant and timeless and I think that describes our relationship. Against our color scheme it adds enough excitement and that little something extra. That is our daughters in our life. Together it matches it fits for us and is perfect. Thank you for this opportunity to enter this incredible prize. Good luck to all.

  150. I thought I’d give this contest a shot lol odds are against me, but why not lol?
    I absolutely Love love, the Darcy suite & the Riveria. We will be getting married at a beautiful five star resort in Riveria-Cancun Mexico. Either of the suites would match perfectly with the feel of our wedding.
    Thank you!

  151. I love the Stella style! The theme song for our wedding is, A Kiss To build A Dream On, by Luis Armstrong. I think the Stella Style would be perfect because the shinny bubbles look like planets/stars in the dreamy night sky!!!

  152. All of the designs are beautiful but if I had to pick one, it would be Empire. It will match my vintage style / old Hollywood reception venue in Downtown LA.

  153. Oh my these are incredible! My cousin had foil invitations for her wedding as well as place cards and menus. They were so precious and I was incredibly jealous. I would love to win, I hope I’m considered.

    My favorite collection is Wellesley; it is so dainty and classic. My mother in law will adore these (which is good since she isn’t the biggest fan of me because I’m in an interracial relationship.) Our wedding is in the backyard of a country club in the garden with beautiful flower arches and about 200 guests. I’ve worked so hard on wedding planning that it would be amazing to win invitations this beautiful and breath taking.

  154. I am especially tickled by the Fairmont gold imprinted foil invitation sets. My wedding is a roaring twenties Great Gatsby theme including a jazz band, professional “flappers,” and my bridesmaids are even wearing classy gold sparkly dresses (that would match the invitations.)

    While I know themes can sometimes get tacky my maid of honor has helped so much with planning and we managed to create a wedding that is fun, vintage, and classy.

    These invitations, menus, place cards, and stationary would match most of my wedding decor!

  155. The Darcy Invitation and Stationary set is absolutely darling. The foil looks as though it will sparkle and shimmer.

    I decided to make my fiance’s dreams come true and have spent the past year saving up all of my extra money to pay for a Disney World fairy tale wedding. Not to give too much of a sob story, but she was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness that will affect her memory, her ability to walk, her ability to see, and multiple other health issues. I felt it was my duty as her fiance to give her a magical day before she’s in too much pain to do something special.

    We’ve booked a beautiful ballroom that will be decorated in white silk drapery with fine china on the table. Our centerpieces are chocolate fountains that will be surrounded by fresh strawberries (some fountains will be milk chocolate, white chocolate, and others dark chocolate.)

    She just purchased her dress and while I haven’t seen her in it, the dress is absolutely gorgeous. I’m so happy I was able to pay for such an expensive wedding on a tight budget. These invitations are great and would really be the icing on the cake! We’ve been ordering free samples to pick out our invitations and a foil one was included in one of the packages. My fiance absolutely adored the invitations.

  156. From the moment I started the invitation browsing, I knew gold foil was the way to go and give our guests their first glimpse of our black tie invited, big day. We will be married on a waterfront manor that boasts “relaxed elegance.” The Fairmont suite is the golden ticket! Ivory and gold invitations with calligraphy, a traditional layout, and fleur de lis accents in a pocket fold presentation to match the cream and gold venue interior will be a perfect match for our vintage, modern, glam themed wedding.

  157. I think the Bianca would suit our elegant, Australian bush and beach themed wedding perfectly. I love the windswept feel!

  158. I never would imagine that a foiled invitation would be so elegant and beautiful. I wasn’t put much thought into the invitations until I started looking at them, and there are hundreds of different types and styles out there. I happened upon your website and fell in love with Clare, something about the style and writing and decorations is just elegant and unique to me. I imagined my wedding ot be a mystical magical moment in my life and still do. I couldn’t believe that this website I found the mystical magical invitations on would be having a giveaway on that exact invitation! I believe it suites what I have invisioned for my wedding, I have been planning this day for more years than I could begin to count! You know when you have this one look this one dream of how things are going to look and go? Well this is my look and my dream, it’s exactly what I envisioned for elegance! I deserve to win this more than anyone could begin to imagine!

  159. Love both the gramercy and Stella suite. Both are fun and flirty yet classy and elegant! Exactly the theme we want for our wedding!

  160. I absolutely love the Clare and Riviera designs from Foiled Invitations! These would be perfect for our beach themed wedding next year! They’re elegant and timeless.

  161. I love the Stella Suite design, perfect for my wedding! The Stella Suite design would compliment my wedding “Dream” theme with it’s gold bubbles that remind me of the stars in the sky. Our theme song is, A Kiss To build A Dream On by Luis Armstrong & our cake topper is a couple sitting together on a moon while sharing a kiss. Stella is the perfect design for us, <3 it!

  162. I am having my wedding in a baroque style theater. Our theme is French Baroque and our colors are blush/rose and gold. All of your invitations are gorgeous but the Perla, Darcy, Clare or Lovely invitations would fit perfectly into our theme, venue and color scheme.

  163. WAX SEALS suits are just gorgeous. We are having a Downton abbey type wedding in a late 1800 mansion. They would work perfect!

  164. I love FAIRMONT!!! The rustic romantic look of the invitation will fit perfectly with our wedding theme. So many of your suites are gorgeous, it was definitely hard to choose.

  165. I think Darcy would be perfect for my wedding this fall. Absolutely gorgeous.

  166. I love the Stella collection. It is so fun and would work perfectly with our destination wedding at the beach!

  167. All the invitations are so beautiful! I love Lovely and Perla. I am having a vintage style wedding these would match perfectly.

  168. I love Stella. Because it’s fun, elegant, classic but modern. Would love to team up gold foil with mint green too!!

  169. As a designer and self-proclaimed paper snob, all of these designs make my mouth water. I would die of happiness if won one, as they would make all my paper dreams come true. :) I love the Lovely one the most I believe. Here’s to dreaming!

  170. I love both because they both add a different touch. Really loving the foil detail, definitely adds something different.

  171. Love so many of these! For our september wedding, I think the Clare would be perfect!! fingers crossed :)

  172. They are all beautiful! But I have to say that I love the simplicity and detail of the ‘lovely’ collection!

  173. The Fairmont is so beautiful!! I love how classic, romantic and timeless it it. This would go along perfectly with my wedding theme :)

  174. I absolutely ADORE the Stella suite :) It’s classy, yet playful, at the same time!

  175. What amazing invitations! RIVIERA would be perfect for my destination wedding in maui. The palm tree adds the perfect fun yet still sophisticated element.

  176. Love all your collections! I am in love with Bianca and Coronet designs. The wax seal is my favorite part! It is vintage just like my venue which is an old mansion on the Connecticut shoreline.

  177. I love all your collections but especially the Stella Suite. The theme of my wedding is dancing under the stars, I can’t imagine a more perfect suite to highlight my special day!

  178. All of y’alls invitations are gorgeous, but I ADORE the Lovely collection! It would set the perfect, elegant tone for our classy, gold and blush 2016 wedding. We are both students and winning such beautiful invitations for our wedding would be a huge blessing!

  179. Our 2016 wedding will be held in an antebellum town on the Mississippi River, where our families are from. We would love for our invitations to set the tone for our wedding day. Something simple and classic but an elegant display of our desire for our family and friends to be by our side on this special day. The Lovely Suite is just that! I would be so thankful to receive the gift of Foiled Invitations!

  180. The coronet is perfect for our wedding! We would be lucky to have such beautiful invitations.

  181. Perla, The Wedding invitations sets the precedent for your wedding. Our wedding is styled in black, white and gold glamour, a classique wedding and the Perla invites display these exact characteristics.

  182. The Perla is stunning! So elegant and beautiful, and the detail is gorgeous! Would go perfectly with the other white and gold detail

  183. Stella!! I’m loving the gold dots!!! Doing black and gold all over!! These would be so beautiful and tie everything together! Our cake will be similar design, as well as our place cards, and napkins! ?

  184. I absolutely LOVE “Perla.” I am in the process of deciding on look/feel of invitations, have been engaged for the last 14 months, getting married September 24, 2106 and have had Perla pinned since before we were engaged. I continue to come back to it. Our venue is a quaint romantic location with a vintage feel, 200 year old building, tucked away in the heart of St. Louis, MO which is a beautiful historic town. There is a fireplace in the dining area and old wood tables, and a beautiful wood bar that has been in the building since it was built. Seating 110 guests, I’ll only be sending between 60-70 invitations and would SO love this design. We are a young couple with a strong but tight budget and would love to work with foiled invitations. This would be such a gift and blessing for us. <3

  185. Gramercy is my absolute favorite. It has a modern feel, with a classic gold touch. However, all of the foiled invitations are beautiful. It’s hard to pick just one.

  186. Prima would be the dream! We are having an elegant, understated wedding & these would fit perfectly!! Thank you for giving us all a chance!


  187. The invitations are perfect for our wedding! Our theme is golden elegance and the gold foil is amazing and matches. All the designs are gorgeous.

  188. I’m interest in the invitation that says Alexandra Clara.
    What font is that?
    Thank you.

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