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Are you part of a quirky couple looking for the perfect photographers to shoot your engagement or wedding? We’ve found the right fit for you! JBM Weddings is a photography collective based in San Francisco and Brooklyn that specialize in photographing your wedding day in a photojournalistic style so that you can look back on your photos for years to come and relive every perfect moment. Keep reading to find out how you could win a two-hour styled engagement shoot with JBM Weddings!

JBM Weddings wants to work with couples who are looking for photographers who will become part of their wedding. They blend in and try to make every shot a true reflection of your wedding day so you end up with a collection of photos that are a beautiful representation of the happiness and love you two experienced on your day. For couples looking for tangible memories, JBM offers film and polaroid photographs as well! And let your guests in on the fun with a photobooth set up and operated by JBM Weddings.

We’re so thrilled to have JBM Weddings as a new sponsor, and to make things even more exciting, JBM is offering one Once Wed reader a chance for a two-hour dream engagement shoot styled by JBM’s own Ash. Ash will be working with the lucky couple to maximize their look for the shoot! Leave a comment below describing yourselves as a couple, where you currently live, and describe your wedding a little bit. JBM Weddings will choose a winner from the comments, and the winner will also get a discount on their wedding package.


All images by JBM Weddings photographers Jacob Murphy, John Minchillo, and Erin Prado.


  1. Me and my fiance are in a long distance relationship at the moment. We would love to win so that we could enjoy some quality time together. We plan to move in the same area within a year and are planning a outdoor small intimate ceremony. It will be a fun event for the families to join together and have some fun. ????

  2. hi! Great photos! My fiancé and I are adorable. We met at work a few years ago. I tried setting him up with my friend, but they didn’t click at all! Somehow, we accidentally started dating and it’s been fantastic ever since. We’re goofy and outdoorsy and active and adventurous. We love to travel and laugh. Actually, we laugh all the time.

  3. Hey! Rob and I are getting married in October in beautiful Santa Barbara. We live in Oakland, but love the beachy-mountainy vibe down on the coast of Central California. Rob and I met in college in North Carolina and now, nearly 4 years later, are getting ready to tie the knot. We love film photography and photojournalism styled wedding and engagement photos, and would be so excited if picked for this!! A little more about us: we love hiking, pizza and tacos, good wine, our dog Tucker (who we would hope could be included in our pics!), football, and fire pits. Thanks!!

  4. hi my name is Rachel. My fiancé and I live in Orange County California and will be married locally. We have had what most people would call a long and tulmoltous love affair. We have been together on and off since 2007, and in 2010 we welcomed our son, Axel to the world. My fiancé, Kris has had to over come some very personal issues. Now that he has his life back on track he has asked to be my husband. We have been best friends since the day we met and what we bond over most is our love of music particularly rock music. This opertunity to win a free engagement shoot would mean so much to us. We are doing a sort of modern tribal theme to our wedding. Lots of feathers and sunflowers and of course some very kick ass music!

  5. Vince and I met in college and have been together almost 5 years. We currently live in Knoxville, TN. We love to travel and try new things. We plan to do a very small destination wedding but haven’t decided on where yet. We haven’t yet booked a photographer for our engagement pictures so this would be absolutely perfect!!

  6. Love reading Once Wed, and was happy to see JBM on here :) We are using them for our daughter’s wedding in October and couldn’t be more thrilled! Anyone who wins this will be really lucky!

  7. JBM’s photos are BEAUTIFUL! My fiance and I are newly engaged; getting married next summer on the North Fork of Long Island (where I grew up) at our favorite vineyard. It’s WAY different than your typical vineyard—it’s actually owned by someone at the board of MoMa so it’s clean/modern as opposed to rustic/Tuscan-y, which is perfect for our aesthetic. We live in Brooklyn, NY. We’re both food writers. After we got engaged we went to our favorite greasy old bar in NYC for cheeseburgers and champagne out of those tiny, thick-glass wine glasses you’d find at a dive bar. We’re just super excited to make it official :) xo – Erin

  8. Awesome photography! Rick and I would love to win a session! I live in Philadelphia going to nursing school and he lives in Rocklin running a garage door business. I love to read & run. He loves to cook Italian food and smoke good cigars. We have a Rottweiler puppy named Bella together that we love dearly. We are planning on getting married in CA in May of 2016

  9. Wow what an amazing contest! My fiancé and I recently moved to San Francisco (our dream city). We were engaged at the beginning of November just after we moved to SF. We looking out over the Golden Gate Bridge one night and he popped the question (best night ever). We are in our both in our 20’s and are enjoying this next chapter of our lives in our dream city. He works as a golf pro and I as a nanny, both doing what we love. My fiancé and I love the outdoors, sports and great food (SF food trucks are the best!). Our dream wedding is rustic meets vintage bohemian. Greenery, wood and bright pops of color are our main themes for the big day.

  10. My fiancé & I met 7 years ago. I was a Junior & he was a Senior (Encinal HS). He tried to get my number in Drama class & I completely disregarded him lol…until 3 weeks later. We hung out a lot, became friends, & shortly after started dating. That was October 30, 2007 & we became engaged on October 30, 2014. We lived in SF together for 5 years & moved to Sacramento a year ago…it’s different from the Bay Area but we like it. It reminds me of Jersey (Jersey native). His passion is DJing & I love working with children. I actually travel to different schools & teach children how to cook heathy meals.

    Our wedding date is June 24, 2016 & we’re probably going with a Vintage Hollywood theme but I’d like to really incorporate his love of music. Our colors are red, white, & a hint of black. (I know…they aren’t summer colors lol). All of my family is on the East Coast & will be making the trip out here…this contest win would be fantastic as we need engagement pics for ourselves & wedding invitations. Our engagement party (December 20, 2014) was at Dave & Busters (we’re very playful) & we had so much of a blast with our bridal/groom party, we didn’t take a ton of pics lol. Please pick us (Deja & Matt)!!! We love your work & hope to be your next muse :-)

  11. Amazing photographs! My fiancé and I met 3 years ago at a speakeasy on the lower east side. I’m a florist and he is a lawyer and somehow we are soulmates:) We just got engaged and are scouting venues that represent who we are and plan to get married in the spring of 2016. We would love to win an engagement shoot and work with this JBM weddings as our photographer to capture this special time and our wedding day :) We are fond of candids and would love the idea of a styled shoot that is organic and just us, i.e. drinking a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop (we explore a different coffee shop any where from brooklyn to jersey to catskils) and it is little adventure for us every weekend we can manage. This is totally our style of documentary style photograhy we would love to capture our engagement and wedding!! Pick us pretty please!

  12. Like JMB, my fiancee and I are bicoastal. I moved from San Francisco, California to Fort Greene, Brooklyn a little over four years ago. Though I was excited to move out of the fog and experience this thing called “seasons,” I felt I was a Californian at heart and it would be only a matter of time before I was back on the west coast. Some time later, I met a man through some mutual friends on a ski trip to Hunter Mountain, in upstate New York. In between my monologues about the beauty of the slopes of Lake Tahoe, I discovered he worked in my field and his apartment happened to be exactly one block away from mine in Fort Greene. What began with casual dates at the dive bar in the neighborhood, annoying the regulars with our picks on the satellite jukebox, picnics in Fort Green Park, and bike trips to Rockaway Beach for tacos, grew into day trips upstate to Storm King and meeting his family at their lake house in Pennsylvania where he’d been going since he was a child. Ever homesick, I brought him back to California. My family loved him and I and proudly showed him my favorite California haunts in San Francisco, Big Sur, Berkeley, Sonoma, and one very memorable New Years on a farm in Rough and Ready, California. We worried that my desire to move back would eventually part us. When Hurricane Sandy hit Brooklyn, I found myself gratefully by his side, huddled in his apartment for days subsisting on Netflix and risotto, feeling scared. Celebrating our two year anniversary over lobsters in Maine, I finally admitted to myself that even if California is my home, we are always able to explore together, and I am happiest wherever he is. He proposed on Christmas and we’ll be married in June on our third anniversary at the same lake house in Pennsylvania. We love the sense of adventure and attention to natural beauty and light evident in the JMB aesthetic and would be thrilled to win this and have our wedding and engagement photos shot in this gorgeous style.

  13. I was introduced to my fiancée through a former JBM client (J&C at Martha Clara). While working an open bar at a charity gala and furiously pouring drinks, C (quite inebriated) asked me two things: 1. Do you like sports? 2. Who’s your favorite basketball team?

    When I successfully answered those two questions correctly (Yes; Lakers), C proclaimed she had the perfect woman for me. Meanwhile C gave my fiancée no prompt and dragged her over to talk to me. She introduced me to the woman who is now my partner in building a life together. You can create all kinds of algorithms to match people online but for the record, those two questions are vital.

    She immediately reeled me in. I fell for this passionate hardworking woman who works in fashion but also plays QB for her football team. It took her a while to reciprocate but once I cooked for her and J&C, I set the hook.

    My fiancée and I currently live in New York, about as long distance as you can get in the five boroughs – from one end of the 5 to the other. However we are west coast transplants and eventually want to make the exodus back to be closer to family. We would love to encapsulate our time in NY together before our October 2015 wedding. Thanks for this opportunity! We’re so excited at your success JBM! And we’ll see you in Tahoe August 1!

  14. Hi! My wonderful fiance and I live in Brooklyn, New York. We met six years ago at a mutual friends house one night. We then did not meet again until two years later and as fate would have it, we became best friends for the next four years. We were there for each other through everything. After bad dates we would hang out to debrief and complain about how we hated dating and everyone sucked. When he’d tell me that a date actually went well with a girl, I’d feel a little pang of jealousy but convinced myself it was just because I wish I was dating someone, not of course that I had feelings for him. All of our friends in our friend group would tell us we were pretty much already dating and we would end up together and should just save everyone the trouble and start dating already. I would immediately dismiss this idea while my sweet fiance would just accept the fact that I clearly did not want to be dating him. #Friendzone. One Day after hanging up the phone with him, it hit me. He was amazing. He was caring, thoughtful, hilarious, loyal, and Hot. I then called my best girl friend and freaked out. I said, “Hey. I’m freaking out. I think I have a crush.” She immediately replied, unphased, “on Jesse?” I remarked, “How did you know?” She then said, “Shoshana, please. You’re the only one that didn’t know.” After a month of trying to unsuccessfully convince myself that I do not have a crush on my best friend, and that everyone had not been right all these years, Jesse told me he had a blind date the following Saturday night. My hear sank. I didn’t know what to do. Do i tell him? The next day, Jesse and I went shopping together when he got a text. He checked his phone, apologized and said “Sorry, I need to answer this. It’s that girl I have a date with.” I thought to myself. This is my chance. I looked at him with the cutest puppy dog eyes I could muster and said, “Jesse, Please don’t go out with her.” He smiled… and we’re getting married in June. Our wedding will be us, our close friends and family celebrating what everyone knew all along and took me six years to figure out.

  15. Roger and I are dorks. We like our cats, traveling, books on various scientific topics, wine, our friends, and each other. We were introduced via an online dating site and met at a concert on the Ohio River featuring unknown local bands and lots of beer. We haven’t stopped hanging out and having fun since.
    We currently live in Bakersfield, CA after deciding that we needed to be in the west and close to the mountains (we also enjoy backpacking and hiking.) We moved from Louisville, KY where I am originally from. Roger was born and raised in the Twin Cities. We both have weird accents.
    Our wedding will be in Louisville in a ballroom located about 5 minutes from the waterfront where we met. Our style is distinctly vintage and slightly quirky. The venue itself has a 1920s art deco style and used to be a bank. We love it. Amidst all the gold and tile and chandeliers will be a nod to travel: old suitcases, globes, etc. It seems only fitting as we have both lived all over the U.S. and some of our fondest memories have been seeing the world together: backpacking in Peru, sightseeing in Vienna, a romantic proposal in Prague. We are a happy and fun couple and would tremendously appreciate the gift of capturing that happiness.

  16. Hey JBM and Once Wed! My fiancé and I live in Brooklyn and he proposed to me on a bright chilly day on Ft Tilden beach this last October. We met in Bushwick at a party 4 and a half years ago while I was in acting school and he was playing show after show in a touring band. In the last few years we have grown up (some) and are ready for savings accounts and babies that we can strap to our backs as we trek around the city. Chase has a super awesome job programming for a 3D printing company and I get my hands dirty gardening in rooftop gardens. We are planning a colorful wedding bash down in New Orleans next March with a fully stocked burbon bar and brass band. We can’t wait for beautiful photos of our wedding but we also want engagement photos in our favorite city, Brooklyn! I hope you enjoy reading everyone’s love story (I have) and happy shooting!

  17. So we Have been engaged since April of last year- The funds just haven’t been there to get the ball rolling

  18. My computer is acting up didn’t finish my last post. Anywho- we have been engage since april of last year funds just haven’t been there yet to get the ball rolling but we are hoping with our tax returns this year we will

  19. I am entering this contest for my sister, who is marrying her fiance on April 11th in Northern NJ. They met online after both being in other relationships that left them feeling as though the right person was still out there waiting to be found. They dated for 8 months before the groom-to-be’s mother passed away from cancer, but before she died she gave her blessing and gifted my sister a bracelet to welcome her into the family. Within one year of dating, they were engaged. They are both excited for their big day, which is only a few shorts months away, and I know that they would be so honored to have an engagement photo shoot with JBM Weddings.

  20. When people ask me how my fiancé and I met I always laugh because it seems more like fiction than reality. We happened to live next door to each other our freshman year of college and at that point if you had told me that we would eventually be marrying each other I would never believe you. We spent that year sharing a wall between us and grew to be great friends. We continued our friendship throughout college and started dating the last month of school and almost 6 years later here we are. I could not have ever asked for someone who could make me laugh and smile as much as he does and I think that is truly why we work so well. We are a couple that enjoys each other thoroughly and can laugh at even our most absurd flaws for somehow they don’t seem to matter. We live in New York and love being outside, movies, pajamas, and thai food. I would love to have the opportunity to work with you and truly love your work.

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