Jetsetter Homes Vacations1Drooling yet?? Guys, I have got an incredible treat to share with you from our sponsor, Jetsetter, today! Jetsetter, a members-only vacation site, just launched Jetsetter Homes, a simple way to book you next vacation home or villa. Featuring top-tier vacation properties at up to 50% off retail price, Jetsetter Homes provides an easy way to book directly online without the hassle of dealing with owners or realtors. And with homes all over the world, your vacation possibilities are endless. What is your dream vacation destination? Do you daydream of a luxurious villa in the Italian countryside…?

Jetsetter Homes Vacations2…or maybe you see yourself waking up to some of these breathtaking views every morning so you’re thinking of something a bit more tropical?? Hawaii? St. Lucia? Mexico? I could definitely soak up the sun in some of these luxurious spots or lounge in one of these hammocks for a (long)while!

Jetsetter Homes Vacations3So here’s the really exciting news. To celebrate its launch, Jetsetter Homes is giving away a trip for 10 to Roaring Pavilion Villa in Jamaica. The winner will 5 nights at the 5 bedroom villa, a personal chef, two spa attendants for unlimited treatments, 5 jet-skis, and $5,000 toward food and travel expenses. W-O-W! Can you imagine?

To enter the contest, head over to the new Jetsetter Homes site. The contest runs through September 30th so ENTER NOW!


Comments (14)

isabelle | Reply

what a sweet giveaway. a happy monday, indeed!

Ashley | Reply

I tried to enter and there’s no where to click to enter. I went to all your links and it just takes me to a page that describes the giveaway but doesn’t tell me how to enter… I WANT TO WIN THIS!!! Help!

emily | Reply

Hey Ashley

Can you tell me what you see when you click on the link? I’ve tried it on a few different computers/browsers this morning and every link is taking us directly to the sign up page.



Jackie | Reply

I am using Internet Explorer and I see what Ashley sees. It loads a page with the following text but no place to enter any info.

Win the Ultimate Villa Vacation to Jamaica!
Win five nights at a five-bedroom Jamaican villa plus $5,000 cash! Fancy throwing a Caribbean house party for your closest friends or family? We’re celebrating the launch of Jetsetter Homes by giving away a stay at the beachfront Roaring Pavilion villa in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. As well as $5,000 cash to spend while you’re there, you’ll have the villa’s chef, butler, and two spa attendants at your disposal. Staying home will never be the same again. Jetsetter

emily | Reply

Hey Ladies

I will give Jetsetter a heads up about this issue. I did not notice there seems to be a bit of a lag b/w the top portion and sign up portion loading. Did you give it a 30 seconds to see if the bottom portion loads eventually?



Jackie | Reply

I just let it load for 5 min and nothing is different.

Holly | Reply

I tried it first several times with Internet Explorer and the entry form never loaded. Worked immediately on Firefox!

emily | Reply

Hey Ladies!

Heard back from Jetsetter. They’ve resolved this issue in IE 7 and 8 so everything should be working fine now if y’all want to try again.



Kristy | Bulk Roses Co | Reply

I did it over chrome and it worked just fine!!

Tiffanyt | Reply

That last photo looks amazing!


Jackie | Reply

I hate to say this but I am using IE 7 and see the same thing as this morning.

emily | Reply

Hey Jackie

Are you still having trouble this afternoon?



megan | Reply

i am using the latest version of ie and still experiencing the same issue :(….

Danny G | Reply

Do the people that can’t get to it also happen to be in a place where facebook is blocked?

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