Win a Lo & Sons Tote!

LoSons1 (1)We have an exciting giveaway today from our new sponsor, Lo & Sons! Keep reading to find out how to win a Catalina bag from their collection. 

During the months and weeks leading up to and after your wedding, you’re going to be traveling a lot (probably more than you’re anticipating). You’re going to be traveling to visit your venue, to wedding showers, your bachelorette party, and you may even have to travel to find your perfect dress. During all of that travel, you’re going to want a stylish and functional weekend bag that makes all that travel easier, and let us recommend a Lo & Sons weekender! 




Derek and Jan Lo along with their mother, Helen, designed the perfect weekender after Helen struggled to find the perfect lightweight travel bag. They’ve designed a stylish and highly functional line of compact weekend totes that are perfect for you to take on your wedding adventures (including your honeymoon)! In a market filled with ugly black plastic plastic totes, Lo & Sons have designed a perfectly chic and quality bag that will last, and we’re so excited to offer you the chance to win one today! 

Visit Lo & Sons and comment below telling us what your travel plans are and how you’d use the Catalina weekender, and you’ll instantly be entered to win! Also, a Lo & Sons tote would be the perfect bridesmaid or groomsmen gift, and Lo & Sons is offering a special 20% off code to Once Wed readers to use through the end of May. Enter ONCEWED14 at checkout to redeem your discount, and remember, the code can’t be used on sale items, and cannot be combined with other discount codes. Contest ends 5/24/2014. 

This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Diana! 

  1. I love the dove grey! I’d use this for our mini honeymoon getaway to San Diego!

  2. I will travel through many music festivals this summer and the catalina weekender would be just perfect for it.

  3. I need to make a trip to my childhood home, before my parents move. This bag would be perfect for the holding the essentials, plus any keepsakes I need to tuck away for the trip back to my place.

  4. We are planning a weekend trip to Asheville, NC — this bag would be a lovely addition to our trip!

  5. I’m headed up to my parents’ cabin in Wisconsin for Fourth of July weekend and the Catalina would be perfect!

  6. My wedding is in the town I grew up, which is more than five hours away from where I currently live. I’ve already made the trip twice, and I’ve just started planning! I know this bag would be perfect for me to use on the many trips I’ll be making over the next year!

  7. This bag would be perfect for my 4th of July plans! My best friend and I are currently separated on either side of the country and are planning to rendezvous in NYC to celebrate our 7 year friendiversary :) It’d fit all my necessities without the bulky hassle since I’m traveling via bus.

  8. I’m going to a small Jazz festival on the Seine, 50 km down from Paris ( at the end of June. During this festival the cute town of Samois sur Seine transforms into a magical bohemian village where friends of al ages and places meet, play music, eat, drink, dance and celebrate the beginning of summer together.
    This bag would be perfect for a walk for baguettes and croissants to the bakery on the top of the town’s hill in the morning. To take into the mystical woods of Fontainebleau with a picknick. To carry towels and badminton rackets to the riverside beach. To take to to the festival area loaded with bottles of pastis and sweaters and scarfs for when the night falls.

  9. This bag fits all my needs for little getaways throughout the summer. I’d pack everything and more for weekend trips to Cape Cod with girlfriends!

  10. For 4th of July, we are going to a non-electrical cabin with a bunch of friends. That bag would be perfect and easy!

  11. this bag would be perfect for my mini-moon! we’re just doing a quick trip up to portland for a weekend, so i don’t need to pack too much. it’s a great size for weekend trips!

  12. I’m getting married in August in France, in my hometown, but my fiance and I have to go to France in a few weeks to get interviewed by the french government (it’s not that easy to marry a french citizen!). We need to pack very light because we will be stopping in Ireland on the way back: we’re too afraid to drive on the left side of the road and will be taking the bus across the country, so this bag would be just perfect!

  13. This bag would be perfect for all of the activities going on over our wedding weekend in late June! I’ve been searching for the perfect bag for ages that would hold up to all of the lugging around & craziness, and I think this is it!

  14. My fiancé and I love to travel, and this bag would be the perfect travel buddy. Additionally, this would be the perfect bag to take on our honeymoon later this summer.

  15. The Catalina in Indigo is perfect for weekend trips to Napa wine country! This summer I plan on doing many trips there to check out venues!

  16. My fiancé and I enjoy taking weekend trips at least once a month. I’ve yet to find the perfect wedding bag. This bag would be perfect for our spontaneous trips across the country. :-)

  17. My childhood best friend and I are getting married within 6 months of each other (her wedding is on the East coast, mine in the midwest). Needless to say we will be doing a lot of traveling over the next few months, and this bag would be perfect for both of us as we count down the days to “I do”!

  18. This would be the perfect bag because I’m getting married in Leavenworth WA which is 2 hours away and I have a lot of traveling coming up where I’ll be leaving the city at least 1 a month for the whole weekend preparing ;) such a great bag!

  19. I travel home frequently from college so this would be perfect for a relaxing weekend down south.

  20. This bag deserves its own vacation. I’d treat myself to a weekend getaway deal from American Airlines to a place I’ve never been. Pack up the Catalina and head on a grand adventure all on my own!

  21. I’m visiting Ireland this summer and want to pack only carry-ons. This would be perfect!

  22. Visiting a friend in Switzerland for a weekend break from writing my thesis…this bag would make a quick trip even better and stress-free! :)

  23. I take the train between DC and New York for weekend trips all the time and this is perfect! I love the Catalina.

  24. I’m taking a trip to a lake house next month, and I recently moved and could use a nice, new bag to use when I make trips to visit my family as well. I love the Catalina, and it comes in so many gorgeous colors!

  25. My family lives in Vancouver and I’d love to use the Catalina bag for my travels there!

  26. I’m heading to back home to NC to visit my family and to attend a good friends wedding! I’d love to fly back with a Catalina!

  27. My honeymoon to bora bora… Can’t wait to shove it full of bikinis & maxi dresses!

  28. I have to travel to some work conferences this year. I would love to have a stylish travel bag!

  29. I’ll be doing a trip in Europe in June and it would be nice to have a cute travel bag.

  30. My destination wedding in Cape Cod is next month. I would use the Catalina to pack my beach accessories.

  31. Whoa – this tote is PERFECT for those weekend get-a-ways! I tailgate during the Fall Football Season!! Would love to have this to hold all my gear! Thanks for the give away!

  32. I commute between home and grad school twice a week, so this would be perfect for those overnights! Oh, and my honeymoon:)

  33. I am traveling to Chicago for a bachelorette party in June, and this bag would be perfect to pack for our weekend shenanigans!

  34. I have so many weddings to go this summer, this bag would be perfect for the short weekend trips!

  35. This tote would be wonderful for our summer getaways my fiancé and I are planning to take :)

  36. This bag would be perfect for Memorial Day weekend. My fiancé & I will be headed to an annual retreat for his work at the lake. We could probably pack everything for the 2 of us in the Catalina.

    1. Love this bag. No plans for any travel in the short term. But with a bag like that on hand it would be ideal. Getting married next year and yes I can imagine that there will be a bit of travel involved with dress shopping, locations scouting etc.

  37. I would use my Catalina weekender to become a better packer – and maybe cease the taunting from my boyfriend and family who cannot believe it takes me TWO bags to go out of town just for a weekend :) Frankly, I can’t believe it either; and I’d rather take one chic bag on my next out of town expedition – which will be for a work training in California.

  38. Holy perfection, Batman!

    I’m getting married in October in California and live in TX. You can bet you bum I’d use the heck out of this weekender for travel. We’ve already made a few trips and this would be perfect to take for my bachelorette weekend in CA! I’ll probably even purchase this if I don’t win!

  39. I am headed to the pacific north west in a week and this would be the perfect bag to bring!

  40. I will be heading to the North Shore in MA for the 4th of July to see my soon-to-be in-laws. Our families will meet there, ahead of our wedding, and how I would like to arrive in comfort and style with the Lo and Sons Tote! Finger crossed.

  41. If I was fortunate enough to win this awesome tote I’d give it to my beautiful daughter to use on her honeymoon in November

  42. This would be the perfect bag for all my work store visits and conferences and trips up to the mountains this summer with my fiancé!

  43. I would use my Lo and Sons tote to travel to Pittsburgh and visit my fiancé! We have been doing long-distance for almost two years now, as I work in Minnesota — travel bags are a necessity for our relationship.

  44. I’m getting married 3 months from today. The next day, I’m leaving my job, friends, favorite city, precious apartment, (basically, life as I know it), to move in with a boy I’ve loved for 6 years into a house we’ll spend the rest of our lives remodeling (no more debt!). This bag seriously looks like the perfect fit for all the weekend trips i’m hoping to make with him back to my sending state!

  45. This would be absolutely incredible for all my upcoming weekend trips away or even my quick work trips during the week!

  46. This summer is full of work and exciting life travels. From Miami to Vermont to India, the Lo & Son Catalina bag is perfect for new adventures!! Id use the bag to fly home to LA to visit my family and pack for a 5 day conference in Miami!

  47. We’ll be heading to Leavenworth WA for a white water rafting trip later in the summer. I’d love to bring along this bag to carry enough for the long weekend!

  48. I’m getting married in October! My fiancé and I have decided to honeymoon in St. Lucia! This would be a great bag for the trip!! :)

  49. I have to travel back and forth to my hometown 14 hours away every few months for the next year so I can slowley do things for the wedding there and I’m traveling with my fiance and our 2 kids, I would use the Catalina weekender to keep the the things we buy and papers for payments to take back and forth from Alberta to Vancouver plus it would be a great use on NY wedding day to have and to hold it all! <3

  50. I’m headed to Washington, DC for a conference this summer and would use the tote for the 3 day conference. It would be the perfect bag for the long weekend.

  51. I would love to take a couple of weekend trips to NYC and this bag would be perfect. No checked bags, no hassle

  52. I will be spending Victoria Day long weekend at the cottage with my boyfriend and his buddies. I’d use the weekender bag to carry all my clothes and girly stuff. It’s a huge bag, so i could shove everything in there without looking like a pack rat haha

  53. I am in three weddings this summer and would definitely use the Catalina bag for bachelorette weekends and the destination weddings!

  54. I’ve also struggled with finding that perfect weekender, and when I saw Catalina weekender, I thought – PERFECT! And I knew that they designed it with people like us in mind. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we do lot of overnight and weekend trips in the “short” summer season we have, and this would be the perfect companion for all my weekend trip plans – going to camping, overnight trip to the ocean, road trip to various National Parks and summer concerts in the amphitheaters faraway. I can also see that it would be the perfect weekender to take in-flight trips – stylish, functional, and “small” enough to take it in the plane.

    I can just see everyone eyeing my weekender!

    Thank you,

  55. My fiance just accepted a job in New York City while my job is in Connecticut! We plan on spending every weekend together so the Catalina would be a perfect NYC weekend bag for me!

  56. I’m heading to Hilton Head Island to celebrate my hubby’s 30th birthday! This bag would be perfect!!

  57. When I saw the Catalina weekender on the website, I knew this would be the perfect bag for me. It’s big enough to fit all the essentials! I would use the Catalina weekender for all my travels domestically and internationally (carry on). Plus I’d totally use it for my wedding day bag. Our wedding is a destination wedding and this bag would be perfect for packing all the things I need for our wedding.

  58. I’m living in New York but planning a wedding in my hometown in Tennessee, so I’m making lots of long weekend trips, mostly leaving from work. The Catalina would be not only an awesome carry-on, but it wouldn’t look so embarrassing as I lug it around all morning before my flight on the train and in the office! Plus on my honeymoon, plus on all th beach picnics I plan to do in between now and the wedding!

  59. I’m headed to Lollapalooza this August and would LOVE to carry all my festival essentials in this bag!

  60. Love that bag! You hit the nail on the head – I thought to myself, nah, I won’t travel much in the next 14 months leading up to my wedding (staying put in Chicago – gotta save for the honeymoon!). But you got me thinking – between my future brother-in-law’s wedding in Detroit, a conference in Atlanta, an out of town shower in Toledo, an out of town bachelorette party in Nashville, my best friend’s wedding in Cincinnati, and at least half a dozen trips to Cleveland and Columbus to see all my family (and my brother’s graduation from Ohio State) – plus the honeymoon in Key West, of course – it’s going to be a busy 14 months! That beautiful bag would surely simplify things :) PS – thanks for all the wedding inspiration!!

  61. Why don’t I need this Lo and Sons tote?! I am getting married at the end of the month at a winery out of town and definitely need to pack a bag full of wedding goodies. And the only way yo do that is with a crazy stylish bag. Then a mere 2 and a half months later I am expecting my first baby! I can’t think of a more perfect Hospital Bag. The Lo and Sons tote would be there for the 2 most important days of my life, and then always be the greatest little reminder whenever my new little family travels.

  62. the Catalina bag would be perfect for a weekend trip out to Joshua Tree for a shoot with our amazing wedding photographer and a few nights of camping with our best buds

  63. The pine and midnight ash are swoon-worthy! My all time favorite large tote (large Longchamp) got stolen this winter during a home break in – this looks like the PERFECT bag for all things quick-trip. We go out of town quite a bit and the Catalina bag looks like just the right size as a his and hers overnight bag. And most importantly, it looks perfect to haul all the goodies for getting ready the morning of our wedding!

  64. What a fantastic getaway bag! I’ve been traveling a lot back and forth to my parents in Western MA as we are getting married at a summer camp nearby. In addition, my cousin is getting married in a few weeks and I’m in the wedding, so I’ve also been tracking for all of her wedding activities!

  65. The Catalina bag would be perfect for a weekend trip to Santa Barbara with my mister-our first road trip together as a couple!

  66. This bag is perfect for a long train ride across Italy this summer. Fingers crossed :)

  67. The Catalina Bag would be perfect for a weekend of hiking in Pennsylvania. Everything could fit perfectly inside.

  68. The Catalina bag would be perfect for our weekends trips around our little country or going to visit our friends in UK. :)

  69. oh my goodness! i have been eyeing the catalina bags since lo & sons introduced it! i am a fan of big totes – considering this one is so chic & functional, it just may double as a travel AND everyday bag for myself. this tote will definitely be handy when i visit europe.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  70. This is the perfect bag for both a weekend trip to the cabin and an overnight call shift at the hospital. And it is gorgeous to boot!

  71. I’m hoping to head to Tulum with my girls for a long weekend– perfectly unfussy bag!!

  72. I am traveling to St. George Island for family vacation this summer and would love to use The Catalina bag to tote everything for the week – bathing suits, coverups and some much-needed reading material!

  73. My husband and I never got a Honeymoon, our wedding was last August, because I am in Med school and had to go right back to rotations the Monday after. This December I finally have a break from school so we will be taking our honeymoon then, hopefully to South America – Belize or Costa Rica!

  74. Our wedding is going to be about an hour south of where we live, so we’re staying our wedding night plus one at the hotel next door, before we continue our staycation honeymoon (we move into our 1st apartment together 12 days before we get married), this bag would be perfect for those nights and would always remind me of our wedding and honeymoon when I’d use it on future trips and I love the dove gray color!

  75. I take a group of students down to Haiti every summer and I’m always looking for a durable yet chic carry-on! I love this design and can myself taking it on many trips to come.

  76. My fiance and I are getting married on July 5th. We took forever to decide on a honeymoon destination, and finally gave up on the idea of a tropical all-inclusive, and instead went with our gut and planned a wonderful road trip down the coast of Oregon and California. We’re staying in a Yurt, at a working ranch, in a renovated 1970s airstream trailer, and tons of other neat spots. It’s our dream trip, completely true to us, and the Catalina bag would be the perfect tote to carry all our honeymoon essentials! I love the dove grey and thistle colours.

  77. My husband and I are taking a postponed honeymoon trip to San Diego. It’ll be almost 1 year after the wedding, but he was just starting chemo the week before the wedding, so this vacation will be a honeymoon and a celebration of my husband beating cancer.

  78. I would definitely use this when I visit my fiance – he lives in New York and I live in Washington State, so we’re cross-country.

  79. I’m headed to Atlanta for my college reunion and the Catalina weekender would hold everything I need for the 3 day trip.

  80. I’m going to be attending my family’s 40th annual reunion this July. It’s going to be a budget weekend trip and I’ve always used less expensive (read: cheaper quality) luggage. Now that I can afford to go (it’s 4 days of activities, including a black-tie awards banquet), I’d love to be able to have a sturdy, functional bag that looks so good!

  81. Our family is going to Kauai to celebrate my mother completing her graduate degree in counseling. We are so grateful to be included in this trip and so proud of all my sweet mother’s accomplishments! Let’s go relax on the beach!

  82. Me? I have serious travel coming up. From a church retreat weekend, a beach week with the family, and a family wedding. I would love it in Thistle.

  83. This tote would be perfect for all of my upcoming travel. It seems as if I am traveling just about every 2 weeks between now and our wedding in October. *fingers crossed*

  84. The Catalina Weekender bag is just perfect for those weekends getaway, such as that weekend I’m planning to go to Barcelona to visit my friend or simply a 3 day weekend with all the girls next to the beach. Can’t wait to have it! Thank you for this give away! <3

  85. The Pail pin or Indigo are so pretty! The Catalina weekender is the perfect bag for summer when you are constantly on the go. Especially here in San Diego, a bag like this would be great for a day at the beach or a road trip up the coast. Personally, I would love to take this bag with me on my road trip to Portland later this year as well as the many other spontaneous adventures I take during this beautiful weather.

  86. I will be traveling back and forth between the city and my cottage all summer.
    The Catalina Weekender would be perfect for transporting toiletries, clothes, beach towels and the rest of my summer weekend essentials.

  87. My fiancée and I will be travelling New England for our honeymoon in the fall. This would be a perfect bag for the occasion!!

  88. My husband and I are expecting our second child next month and looking for a great bag to pack up our things for the hospital. This one looks perfect! I love the zipper pouch on the bottom. We would use it all the time!

  89. I would use the Catalina Weekender bag for my honeymoon in late July/ early August to Nicaragua, as well as the many weekend trips my new husband and I make down to San Diego from San Francisco to visit our family and friends. We also have many weddings coming up in the next year so this would be perfect for those quick trips for bachelorette parties or wedding weekends.

  90. I am a long-time fan of Lo & Sons. They have such classic products. I must say, the Catalina weekender would make the perfect getaway bag for a weekend away with my husband! Palm Springs? Coronado Island? The options are endless!

  91. My family and I are planning a huge trip to Spain this fall and I’d love to use the Catalina Weekender as a carry-on (I find myself overpacking ALL.THE.TIME.). It’d also be so great for those spontaneous quick trips to the desert or up the coast of California!

  92. This tote would be perfect since we travel to see friends/family just about every other weekend! It would also be perfect for my upcoming honeymoon in Hawaii!

  93. My fiance and I have been doing long distance for the past 7 years so we travel to see each other often. With the engagement we will be trying to see each other even more. This bag will be perfect for those weekend trips.

  94. Would love this tote as it’s perfect for every occasion! As a new mom, having ONE bag that can carry everything we need would be a Godsend!!

  95. So original and chic. I’d use the bag for our European honeymoon trip along Ireland :)

  96. Love this bag! It would be the perfect companion for our adventures during our weekend escapes to the mountains.

  97. We are having a destination wedding on a beach so this would be perfect to take for day trips and/or to use as a carry on.

  98. I’ve been looking for a weekender bag like this! I would use it for shorter trips to escape the grind of everyday life, weekend getaways to destress and relax a little.

  99. I’m hoping to visit my brother and his family to play with my niece lots this summer – this tote would be perfect for that!

  100. I LOVE the Catalina bag! As a grad student in Connecticut on a tight budget, this bag would be the perfect carry-on/ beach as I conduct research for a few weeks this summer in South America (no need for checked bags- yay!). Also, my lovely best friend of 10 years is getting married this year in Philadelphia. This bag would be great for the weekend trips I make for her bridal shower and wedding, and I’ll use it to be a great bridesmaid and carry everything she’ll need on her most important day :) So excited about this giveaway! Thanks!

  101. any color – just love the size of the weekender. would use for any upcoming long wknd travel to Palm Springs or upcoming family wedding in Ojai. been eyeing this bag FOR…EVA…. :O)

  102. will take this on my next trip to USVI – st john and st thomas. OR to my hometown beach…

  103. I just love Lo and Sons’ bags! The Catalina weekender would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Mexico, my birthday weekend getaway, and spontaneous trips I always embark on during the summer :)

  104. My fiance and I are thinking of hitting the mountains in Asheville for our honeymoon, and this bag would be perfect for both that and for future camping trips!

  105. This bag looks lovely and so well-constructed! I would take my Dove Grey weekender bag on a Virginia wine country excursion with my fiancé, Brian, or on our upcoming honeymoon!

  106. Love the dove grey weekender!! perfect for my upcoming girls weekend in chicago!!

  107. Love this bag for all of my upcoming weekend trips to DC and upstate NY (and a week in Portugal in the fall!)

  108. Oh this is perfect! My husband and I are planning our honeymoon (got married in April, but want to go away in the summer!), so this would be perfect for our trip! Right now we’re looking at doing a few smaller vacations, and our first one is to Maine! We’re hoping to hit up NYC and DC as well :)

  109. I love the Midnight Ash, and I would use it during our East Coast beach hopping road trip. I really don’t want to carry a huge case, so this would be perfect!

  110. The Catalina in dove grey is so pretty! I’m planning to visit Canada this summer, and this would be the perfect travel bag for it!

  111. I love the dove grey! I’d use the bag on weekend trips to visit our new niece(!).

  112. The Catalina would be just perfect for mine and my husband’s trip to Napa! I’ve been using the same weekend bag for 10 years and as it still works, it sure isn’t pretty!

  113. We are currently planning our honeymoon & have been thinking about Prague. I would definitely use this as my go-to carryon for whenever I travel! Perfect size for the essentials!

  114. We are taking our first trip with our little one this summer (he will turn 6mo. while we are traveling). I am nervous about traveling and am already thinking through packing. I would LOVE a Lo&Sons bag to make traveling with all of our stuff a whole lot easier without having to tote 50 bags.

  115. I would use the Catalina for my first trip to Ireland this August! I don’t know how to “pack light” and with the Catalina, I wouldn’t have to!

  116. Our wedding is a destination wedding in Maine…right after my sister’s wedding in Delaware and a friends wedding in California! That bag would get a lot of use.

  117. I would love to use the bag for my destination weddings this summer. it is the perfect size and would fit everything I need to be prepared for a couple fun filled weekends with my girlfriends celebrating their big days!!

  118. Would use this constantly! Weekends at the lake, beach trip, the options for looking effortlessly chic are endless!

  119. My husband and I are moving abroad. I’d used the Catalina bag in Thistle on all our weekend adventures.

  120. I would use the catalina bag in thistle for all my weekend adventures this summer!

  121. I absolutely LOVE the Thistle color! This is perfect as a carryon for our amazing honeymoon to the Seychelles!

  122. I would LOVE to use this bag on my long awaited honeymoon to Puerto Rico! I’m hoping to be able to just take a carry on bag with me. This looks big enough and would be perfect.

  123. I would love to use this bag for an upcoming trip to Cancun where we will be taking a break from wedding planning and enjoying time together : )

  124. We are just taking a series of day trips this summer, as a long family vacation is just too darn expensive. I would use the Catalina to pack an extra set of clothes for the kids, swimsuits (in case we find a beach or lake for swimming), sunscreen, lotion, lots of snacks and sun hats! Thanks for the chance to win.

  125. Love Lo&Sons! Just recently ordered the OG bag, and it is fabulous! Would love to have the Catalina to use for weekend trips this summer!

  126. I’m always looking for a great weekender bag. This one from Lo & Sons is so cute too! That Thistle color is divine. My hubbie and I are back and forth from Florida to Atlanta a ton this year which usually means just a carryon and I always bring a weekender with me when we head to Ireland each year for tiny trips we can fit in between family time. This weekender bag would definitely get some great use from me!

  127. We will be taking a New Year’s cruise to Central America. This would be a perfect bag to take to the beach!

  128. I would love to bring this to Kauai for my long weekend over Memorial Day. I wonder if my snorkel gear and fins would fit!

  129. Oh goodness, the colors are all so gorgeous. I’m loving the grey or the pale pine. I’ve been searching for a great weekender bag to take with me to Alt Summit in Salt Lake City next month, this would be perfect!

  130. I’ll be traveling to Denver, CO this summer to visit my two brothers and their families!

  131. We leave for Cancun in 4 days! This bag would be the perfect carry-on bag and perfect for the beach too!!

  132. Basically this post comes at the perfect time. My husband and I have been searching hi and low for a good weekender bag and although we have tried several, none of them have worked out. I think the Lo and Sons weekender tote will be exactly what we need for our weekend in San Francisco coming up! And we regularly visit friends and family in other cities that only require a weekend trip, so this beautiful weekender is absolutely perfect for us and will fit all the essentials for our weekend getaways! Thanks!!

  133. I’m headed to Rhode Island on July 4th for a wedding. It’s the perfect bag for the weekend!

  134. The Catalina weekender would be perfect for long weekend trips to the Outer Banks.

  135. The indigo is such a lovely color! I would love to use this bag for traveling home to wedding showers, my secret bachelorette party (the girls are making the destination a surprise), and our fabulous honeymoon to St. Lucia! What a great bag!

  136. Fiance lives 6+ hours away and we usually only get short weekends together every other month or so due to medical school schedules. Perfect bag for the quick weekend visit!

  137. i’m heading to ireland in august and have to pack light on our tour.. this would be perfect! i love that there’s a spot for your shoooes! :)

  138. I would be so grateful to win this bag. My fiancé and I have been long distance for 3 years going on four. I am on medical school and he is on dental school. I would use this bag on trips to visit him. We love to travel, and we’ll be headed to Portland soon. I could use this tote for that trip as well.

  139. I’m always traveling for the weekend or visiting family so i would use it on one of my many trips to discover the world or see loved ones! It would be my new adventure buddy :)

  140. My husband and I will be traveling to photograph a wedding in California, and also going to a nationwide bicycle conference! This would be perfect to hold all of my things on the plane!

  141. I’m trying to plan a 2yr anniversary for my boyfriend and I this fall, and this bag would help us lug all our stuff around! Nothing like having an itch to use a bag to be the extra kick off to a vacation.

  142. I just love the idea of this bag! It really is the perfect weekender and would be great to take to the beach or cabin, but so far my summer travel plans only include a lake trip for July 4th.

  143. I made the biggest decision of my life when I chose to leave my life in Seattle and move to Zurich to be with my Swiss fiancé last year. I have to admit, life hasn’t always been easy since then. Making new friends in a country that has four official languages can prove difficult, but I’m learning to love all the perks of life abroad. Of course, the most difficult thing is being away from all my family and friends in the states. We’re looking forward to our big day in Seattle in July, when both of our families will meet. This bag would be the perfect accessory; not only for our wedding travels, but for all those international trips back and forth for the rest of our lives.

  144. I travel for work a ton , and this bag would be perfect ! I’ve got big plans to visit family and possibly head to the beach with a mostly whiny always adorable toddler and a bearded baby daddy. I would love this bag !

  145. It would be my happy bag….joining me for all the happy occasions (3 weddings, 2 birthdays) I’ve got this summer. Maybe even my +1…. :)

  146. I am taking a HUGE trip this summer to London, France (LeMans and Paris) and Turkey! I will take that tote with me EVERYWHERE I go on this trip and send you tons of lovely pics :) I LOVE this bag so much!!!

  147. So beautiful! I’d love the Dove Grey tote and would use it for summer weekend getaways!

  148. We’re a large family of 6 who frequent the beach and weekend outings to just about any destination, from more fun in the sun to theme parks. Traveling short distances or long is a priority in our family. I have been searching for an extra large bag that would not only hold all the “stuff” needed with four kids but would also be incredibly stylish as well. LOVE the extra zipper compartment underneath to hold towels, shoes, toys, etc!! Not only could this bag be used for the family outings, it has a clean look that could be used for work. Love it!

  149. I will use this for whatever you tell me to because I am a sucker and when someone tells me that this is the most perfect, wonderful, amazing bag ever created and that I need it, I believe them 100%.

    Here’s hoping you are using a random system to choose the winner and not scrolling through for the perfect story. But for real… I’ll use this bag all the time and I’m convinced it must be mine.

  150. I’m getting married on the Fourth of July weekend! I will be honeymooning in San Diego and Seattle for a week! This tote would be PERFECT for my travels. I NEED IT ??

  151. I am moving to London this year, and this bag would be sooooo fantastic to tag along with me on my weekend adventures through Eyrope!

  152. I am in love with this bag! I would use it for our upcoming memorial weekend trip and as a carry-on/beach bag during my honeymoon!

  153. I love the Dove Grey! I’d use this for my pre-wedding five day trip to Turkey…

  154. I just got married and have lots of little stops to make before we settle down! I would use this for every trip! I love the bag so much!

  155. This neutral, utilitarian bag would be just perfect for our honeymoon trip to Oregon. Also, love the natural color choices…what a great addition it would be for our flight and then beach trips!

  156. I would love to win the tote for my upcoming honeymoon! My fiancé and i are having to pay for our whole wedding ourselves because my parents refused to..and my fiancé didn’t even blink. He’s been such a trooper these last few months and I’ve fallen more in love then I ever thought possible! Please let me win this so some of our luggage budget can be put towards the ceremony! :)

  157. This bag would be perfect for a weekend in Savannah, Georgia! All I need is a couple outfits and a camera!


  158. My fiancé and I are driving across the country this summer from CA to VA! We are having a destination wedding and would LOVE/full take advantage of this beautiful, well-made bag.

    We would also make a post about Lo & Sons on our blog called Lovesome!

  159. This is a gorgeous bag! I’m planning multiple beach trips this summer, and this would make the perfect weekend bag.

  160. I could so use this for my wedding weekend and then off to Punta Cana for the honeymoon :)

  161. I write a travel blog and this bag would be perfect for toting around all my travel essentials. I always love companies with great startup stories like Lo&Sons.

  162. I absolutely love this bag!!! I would use it this summer when we take my baby girls on a road trip to see their great-grandparents!

  163. I love this bag!! I do have a bag obsession and this would be perfect for all my busy weekends in the coming months before my wedding in late September. It actually looks roomy enough that my fiancé might try to use it too!!

  164. Looks like a great bag for my wife. We are only able to get take a weekend in the mountains for a quick anniversary trip. But how great would it be if I could get this super smooth bag for her. I lalso like the functionality, like the zippered bottom for dirty clothes.

  165. I would use the beautiful Catalina to go to Disney world on our honeymoon! It’s such a great bag

  166. I would use the Catalina bag for my honeymoon in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico this October! This would be the perfect bag for our trip!

  167. I’d use it on my honeymoon – we’re travelling to London and France – can’t wait!! Plus I could also reuse it for our one year anniversary for when we go to Disney World!

  168. It would be prefect to use when visiting my partner while we are living in different cities for a few more months, and as well on our upcoming beach trip!

  169. Reading this made me extremely excited for my trip to Europe this summer with my family. If i could win this, I can actually carry all my things without having a hassle to find things. Lo and Sons bags are so cool, I’m dying to own one for myself!

  170. My best friend and I just graduated from college and while we would have loved to be I. The same city forever she got a job with teach for America and will be moving to Arkansas. I am going to miss her so much but I already have plans to surprise her. I know that this bag would be a great investment for my upcoming travels to visit my soul sister. Not to mention my new job requires some travel , I would love to have a go to bag that’s quick and easy to pack, super stylish and of course functional.

  171. I’d love the Catalina bag so I can help haul stuff around for my sister’s wedding this fall. She shouldn’t need to lift a finger, therefore, I will volunteer to be her pack mule. :)

  172. The Catalina would be the perfect bag for our yearly Wisconsin cabin trip… perfect to hold everything for the beach, and then some!

  173. This bag would be perfect for the two weddings I’m going to and weekend trips this summer!

  174. I’m going to my dear college friend’s wedding on Capri this fall and would use this bag for an extended trip around the Amalfi Coast before/after the wedding!

  175. The Catalina tote would be perfect for my upcoming summer trip to San Diego, CA! Sun, fun, great food, family & my awesome Lo & Sons tote=EPIC LOVE!!!

  176. We love traveling for our photography business! This tote would be just the right size for our next shoot in North Carolina for all our clothes and shoes.

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