We are so excited to introduce our newest sponsor, Diamond in the Rough! We’re even more excited to announce a giveaway! Diamond in the Rough is giving away their “Grace” engagement ring, a $2000 value, to one lucky Once Wed reader. Yeah, really!  Read more about Diamond in the Rough and how to enter the engagement ring giveaway below.

Diamond in the Rough is a precious jewelry company based out of New York City that is known for crafting engagement and wedding rings with natural rough diamonds. Each one-of-a-kind piece is created with a rough diamond and displayed uniquely. Since every engagement ring is made with a natural rough diamond, no two rings will ever be alike. Your engagement ring is filled with a kind of character that can’t be replicated.

Diamond in the Rough has created multiple collections to appeal to all aesthetics from traditional to modern. The inclusions in the natural diamonds create a vast assortment of distinct shades in addition to incredible shapes. And we love the beautiful colors created by the natural forming of the diamonds like champagne, rose, cognac, colorless and much more!

Founder Daniel Eskapa pays homage to these precious stones and the history of jewelry with these modern yet historical designs. Eskapa selects each stone and every rough diamond is complemented with a distinctive setting that enhances the natural character of the stone. Every one of these beautiful pieces of jewelry is a wearable work-of-art!

CLICK HERE TO ENTER to win Diamond in the Rough’s beautiful “Grace” engagement ring!


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Eunice Kim | Reply

Love love love this ring!!!

Vows for Bride | Reply

The dress is so elegant! You don’t know how I want to wear it!