Win A Bridal Robe Package from Homebodii

If there’s ever an occasion to treat yourself, it’s your wedding day! You get a few precious hours to spend the morning of your wedding with just your best friends prepping for the most important day of your life, so why not look beautiful while doing so? And if you’re looking for something lovely to wear the morning of your wedding, or gift to your maids, Homebodii bridal robes are perfect!

Based in Australia, Homebodii is a one-stop loungewear and home accessories brand that is inspired by old Hollywood glamour. Each piece in their collection is designed to boost your mood, make you feel beautiful, while giving you something incredibly comfortable to wear. Through a seamless use of color, elegance, and style they have created a huge collection of feminine and glamorous loungewear perfect for the morning of your wedding, your honeymoon, or any other momentous time in your life. Each bridal robe is crafted so you can feel comfortable, feminine and beautiful all at the same time for every important moment.

Homebodii wants to gift one Once Wed reader with a $500 bridal robe package!  Comment below letting us know what it would mean to you to have a beautiful collection of robes to wear with your maids the morning of your wedding, and you’ll instantly be entered!

Contest ended January 31, 2015.

  1. I am so thankful already for my wedding day – even though it is still 5 months away! – because my sisters will be standing up with me as I marry my husband-to-be. Their weddings over the past six years were incredibly special days we shared and grew as a family and I can’t believe it’s my turn now to share the joy and bring another caring, thoughtful, funny fellow into the mix. My girls are so patient with me and full of great advice and I would love to show my gratitude in a big way on my big day!

  2. Being so honored and thankful for friends who are incredibly supportive and generous, I would love to be able to share a gift that my maids will swoon over. I would love my gal pals to spend the morning in the luxury and relaxation of these fun, feminine robes while getting prettied up for the big day as a way to say “You matter. Thank you.”

  3. winning a $500 robe package to have and be able to wear with my bridesmaids on my wedding morning would mean a lot to me, I live far away from them and they are my sisters so I want my time with them special with tons of pictures to look back on since I don’t get to see them very often, we were defiantly close growing up, thank you for a wonderful giveaway! This would truly help make my day just that much more special!

  4. Winning a $500 robe package would mean the world to me! Getting ready with friends is such a huge part of being close girlfriends and some of the fondest memories I have with my bridesmaids. From getting ready for our first days of school in elementary school, to getting ready for prom together, to getting ready to graduate college and law school, and finally getting ready for weddings together. To be able to finally be all together again and preparing for one of the biggest moments in my life is going to be so special. It would be even more special if we could all do it in style with these amazing robes! Thank you!

  5. This would be a dream! My maids are my world and they deserve the best. I want to pamper them, even though it’s “my day,” because I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. I would love to be able to give them something so posh and beautiful to help me let them know how much they mean to me. I want them to feel like it is “their day,” too.

  6. Winning this package would be so absolutely amazing! I am so excited to celebrate with my favorite women in the world. They all live far away and most have never even met each other. I can’t wait to bring together the most important time in my life, have fun and take beautiful pictures together! Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing giveaway!

  7. Winning this package would be incredible. Money is running tight, and this would be a wonderful gift for my bridesmaids. I knew I wanted robes for us, and these robes look incredibly gorgeous.

  8. Homebodii robes look like an absolute dream! It would be such a pleasure to be able to get ready on my wedding in style and glamour! My bridesmaids are coming from all over the U.S. and it would be so great to be able to treat them to something incredibly special to use on the day AND after all the festivities are over.

  9. Happy New Year and I absolutely cannot believe it is finally 2015–the year I finally get to marry my very best friend in the entire world. We got engaged on May 7, 2013 and have our wedding set for May 2, 2015. We wanted a long engagement as we had a lot going on the past few years from moving 3 states away, stresses from work, buying a new home together, and of course wedding planning. We are so excited for our big day at Shelton Vineyards in Dobson, NC. Our hope is for our wedding weekend to be all about fun, celebrations, joy, and love amongst our closest friends and family members. We were both very selective in choosing our attendants and want to ensure we get the maximum enjoyment during our time together with everyone. I personally would be estatic to win the robe collection, as I want my girls to feel super special as they support me on the most special day of my life. Given we are paying for a bulk of the wedding day “getting ready fesitivities” on a resident salary after just buying a new home, winning something to help get exactly what I have been looking for would be the best present EVER!!! We aren’t able to take a honeymoon after the wedding due to my fiance’s work schedule being a radiology resident so something special like winning would be fantastic. I know whoever wins will be delighted and most certainly deserving–so congrats to the lucky bride-to-be and her maids!

  10. These robes are absolutely gorgeous and would add such a glamorous touch to our low key day. My fiancé and I have been living away from our friends and family for four years now, so we decided to have a relaxed and low key wedding day to make sure all the time spent with our loved ones would be quality time. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be comfortable and look glamorous! Thanks, Homebodii, for such a wonderful giveaway!

  11. After six years of dating my boyfriend (now fiancee) he finally proposed on a weekend get away to New Orleans… We’re starting to plan our destination wedding on the Oregon Coast. This is one of our favorite places to visit in the U.S. and we’ll be doing it on a budget, I’d love to be able to gift my beautiful bridesmaids with something that makes all of us feel amazing on such a wonderful day! I work as a pastry chef and most of my days I spend being covered in flour and eggs! I would love to go all out on my wedding day and feel beautiful and clean ;)
    These robes are so delicately made and would help the day be special and meaningful!

  12. What a great treat it would be to be able to gift my two best friends with beautiful robes. I would LOVE to be able say thank you for helping me with my special day with something they could keep and use for years to come!

  13. These robes look gorgeous and it would be an amazing to be together with my bridesmaids in them, to spoil them a little bit :)

  14. Winning this would mean the world to me! Getting ready on my wedding day will be with my best friend, my mom, my grandma and my mother in law. We are keeping our wedding small and family-focused and would love to share this with them!

  15. Each bridesmaid of mine is a woman backed with at least a decade of friendship. Not by chance, these women have chosen lives that are highly stressful but devoted to helping those around them. My fiancé and I are unbelievably privileged to be surrounded with such incredible friends! I think these robes echo a little of how spoiled we are to have them in our lives…I would love an opportunity to surprise them with a little self-care gift!

  16. A $500 package would be such an honor, pleasure, and godsend. My fiance and I are on a bit of a budget, but want to make sure that the experience for our bridal party, family, and friends looks and feels like a million bucks. We want everyone’s memory of the weekend to be that it was such a special one full of though and purpose — particularly for the bridal party members and guests traveling into NYC for the occasion. I would love to treat my Maids, Mother & Mother-in-Law to these gorgeous, glamorous robes as we all get ready together. Cheers!

  17. To have this gorgeous collection of robes would be a delight. The women in my life work long and hard. Wearing these would definitely make us feel comfortable, beautiful, and special. It would mean a lot to me, to have such a beautiful collection to share.

  18. Obviously every bride looks forward to seeing her man at the end of the aisle, but I equally look forward to the moments leading up to that, where I will be wearing robes with my girls, drinking bubbles and listening to our favorites songs.

  19. I would love to win these robes for me and my girls. We were planning to elope to Paris this spring but we had a sudden change in plans. My aunt who is battling cancer took a turn for a worst. She keeps telling me how important it is that she sees me walk down the aisle. So we decided to have a small intimate wedding. However, our budget is really tight due to the short amount of time we have to put everything together. These robes would not only help my pockets but they would also be a perfect addition to out getting ready photos. Fingers crossed!!!!????????????

  20. Weddings and those small details can be so overwhelming for a bride, family and friends. I know it has been for me, but that morning that you wake up to marry your true best friend seems — magical. When I picture it, everything seems to be in slow motion: The sunshine is warm and the air is quiet. My bridesmaids, from all over the world, and I are lounging on the patio, soaking up the rays, laughing, and saying cheers with our mimosas, to each other, our friendship, and todays monumental event of me becoming a Smith.
    The early morning of my wedding, I see pure relaxation, and I see it in a Homebodii robe. I truly wish I could spoil all my bridesmaids with such a simple luxury and start our day off with a fun and beautiful bond that begins with us all wrapping ourselves up in a silk robe.

    Hopefully you pick me as the winner! Cheers!

  21. A set of matching robes for getting ready with my bridesmaids would be meaningful because my bridal party includes friends from all over the country, and I hope to “bring together” everyone with special treats during the wedding prep!

  22. My wedding party will be family members and it would be amazing to have the robes to give to them.

  23. This would mean so much to me! My bridesmaids have had rough years and I would love to pamper them, but money is tight. This would be such a special treat!

  24. winning this set would make a beautiful gift for my bridesmaids. It would be a great way to relax and pamper them after all the wedding planning.

  25. My fiancé and I are excited to celebrate the big day not just with each other but with all our friends and family. With our large families, we have been keeping a tight budget. Providing robes to our bridesmaids has been something I wanted to do but unlikely to with our budget. Winning this package from Homebodii would certainly be a great surprise and allow us to give that extra little thanks to our bridesmaids for being a part of our day. We appreciate this opportunity from Homebodii!

  26. I’ve actually been looking at these robes to give to my bridal party! I want to make my friends and family feel as special as I know I will on my wedding day. :)

  27. Winning these robes would add to the excitement of my wedding even more. I have two sisters who will be serving as my bridesmaids, and they both live 2000+ miles away. I am looking forward to getting ready with them in the morning and spending that time. I know they would love these so much!!

  28. Having a set of robes for me and my girls would be amazing. You see, this is the 2nd time we’ve had to postpone my wedding due to deaths and finances. And to make it even more special our daughters are our brides maids, so this would be a treasure they can always reflect on as time goes on.

  29. Winning would be a dream. I have few females who are close to me and I would love to do something special for them to show how much I care. I think this is a perfect way to show appreciation for them on my special day.

  30. These robes are gorgeous! It would be so special to be able to wear something this elegant with my bridesmaids while I’m preparing for the wedding. Money is tight, and winning these would be so amazing!

  31. It would be such a treat to win the robe package.. I have always loved the ‘morning of’ wedding pics taken of the bride & her bridesmaids. It would make the morning that much more special with all the girls in matching robes! And a sexy, flirty robe would definitely get plenty of use after the wedding!

  32. My beau and I are planning a surprise wedding – our family and friends have no idea! We are having a “house-warming” and my maids-to-be (not that they know it yet!) believe they’re coming over early to help me set up. Instead, I will be making the announcement(!) and we’ll be spending the morning under face masks, hair rollers and (hopefully) beautiful robes! Words cannot express how this package would impact what is to be the most important day of my life!

  33. It would be so meaningful to have robes for my entire bridal party, as everyone means so much to me! I would love to be able to give my maids such a lovely gift!

  34. I would love to show my appreciation for my bridesmaids with these lovely robes!

  35. Not only is this day about me and my soon to be husband, but its also about those around us who love us very much. Just like I should feel special, I also want to make all my lovely ladies feel special because they deserve to be pampered on that day too! This would be a fabulous way to spoil them and say thank you!

  36. My wedding will be in the Spring of 2016, and all of this wedding planning is starting to get a little surreal. I’m currently getting my masters in systems engineering and will be graduating this May! I’m currently paying off my loans, and saving every penny. Hopefully this degree will yield a higher paying job, and allow me to have a wedding of my dreams!

    I’m not the most feminine girls, but want to feel like a beautiful bride before walking down the aisle. Having a pair of these with my closest friends would make me feel confident and beautiful. :)

  37. Dreamy robes like these make me romanticize about getting ready for the big day. To wear one of these on such an important day while sipping champagne and laughing with my girls before I walk down the aisle would be magical. xx (thank you Once Wed for letting me know these exist!)

  38. These gorgeous robes by Homebodii would be the cherry on top to the morning of my wedding day! My bridal party will be coming from all around the states and this is the best gift to give to them as a thank you for being part in one of the most important days of my life. My fiancé and I are getting married this May and we’ve collected the dearest of friends through our travels across the country, so to give my girls these beautiful robes to wear would let me show them a hint as to how much I absolutely treasure them! Oh, and we can’t forget the cute pictures we can take in these!

  39. Who doesn’t dream of spending the morning with all your favorite girls, in super silky robes, getting pretty on your big day??? I would love to win these!

  40. A $500 package would be such an blessing and a gift. I have been on an extremely tight budget; and I can’t actually afford to purchase these robes but they are beautiful and it be an incredible surprise to offer my bridesmaids and such a gift to me to be able to indulge a little. Thank you so much!

  41. Living in Alaska, we don’t often have the occasion to “girl it up”. Winning this robe package would be such a treat for me and my gals to feel beautiful on the day of the wedding. I can’t wait to spend the day with my best friends at my side, no matter what we end up in!

  42. As a medical student I spend most of my time in the library or in the hospital. I don’t have much time for personal comforts and am constantly thinking about 1000 things at once between wedding planning and school. On my wedding day I dream that everything will finally slow down and I will be able to soak in every second. With these robes, I’ll feel glamorous and pampered even in those small moments before I walk down the aisle- and my ladies will have beautiful reminder of the day for years to come.

  43. I love the idea of waking up the morning of my wedding and being able to slip into one of these gorgeous robes! They are stunning and would look perfect in the “preparation” photos that will be taken of me and my bridesmaids. Not only would it be easy to change into our dresses from these robes after hair and make up but we would look classy doing so! I would be so grateful if I was able to win the collections of robes! It would be the perfect start to the most important day of my life.

  44. Winning this robe package would be wonderful! All but one of my bridesmaids will be traveling from out of state to be at our wedding, and so this would be a great way to make everyone feel relaxed and pampered. I’m also in graduate school right now, so we are planning our wedding on a small budget. These robes would be such a luxurious touch to the day! Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. I came across the homebodii robes through your site and I am absolutely in love! I would be absolutely thrilled to win these robes for my bridal party! We are getting married in August and I have been looking at robes for myself and my girls for several months now and nothing compares to these. My brother and sister in law live in Australia and she will be my maid of honour. I can’t think of anything more perfect than giving each of my girls one of these beautiful Australian robes!

  46. I would love to win this package – the robes are gorgeous and look like the perfect addition to my wedding day. We’re getting married in Hawaii and getting ready in a small house rental near the beach. I can’t wait to have photos taken of my two closest friends and bridesmaids. These robes would alleviate the stress of trying to find something we can all wear and spending more on what’s such an expensive day already!

  47. I’m in love with these robes! I would love to have one of these beauties for getting ready on our special day, and for the honeymoon, too! ;) Not to mention the amazing gift they would make for my girls!

  48. It would mean so much to me to be able to treat my amazing brideswomen to these beautiful robes. They’ve been there for me through everything and they deserve to feel beautiful. I would use this chance to dress my best friends like the glorious queens that they are!

  49. These robes would be the icing on the cake (excuse the pun) of an already incredible and memorable day! We are having a destination wedding in Cape Town South Africa. …and each of my bridesmaids are traveling from different parts of the world….these robes will just add a little extra comfy touch after a looong journey! Some added luxurious-ness before a fun filled day :)

  50. Homebodii bridal robes are gorgeous and the perfect gift for any bride and her bridesmaids on that special day. I would be truly honored to win his package for my girls. Robes have been a part of my plan since before the question was popped! These, are stunning and would match my wedding day ensemble perfectly. I would be honored to gift these to my bridesmaids and be incredibly grateful to be considered for the winning! Thank you for such an amazing offer!!! Our wedding date is September 12, 2015.

  51. It would mean the world to each of us! Though wedding planning is awesome. being a student makes it very difficult to make all my wedding dreams come true. Additionally, we are missing a very important person – our sister. This would be just thing to surprise everyone with to lift moods!

  52. I would love to win this $500 robe package because it would make me feel like a queen on my wedding day to get ready in the comfort and luxury of this in front of all my girlfriends!

  53. Having been a bridesmaid myself 6x – I know what a treat it’ll be for my ladies to receive one of these robes! All of the styles are swoon-worthy, and I think it’d be fun getting to mix and match which style each maid receives! Fingers crossed! :-)

  54. Being married already I wouldn’t be using these for my bridesmaids, but I would be giddy to have them for my fine art boudoir clients to use in their shoots! These are some of the most beautiful robes I’ve ever seen, I hope I’ll get a chance to photograph them someday.

  55. I think we would have a wonderful time wearing these gorgeous and silky robes. We love feeling and looking glamorous

  56. To have my bridesmaids and I dressed in our Homebodii robes chatting and laughing over a champagne breakfast would be the best begging to my wedding day!

  57. What a wonderful set of gowns!! These are simply gorgeous, and would be the icing on the cake (excuse the pun :)) for what is an already fabulous day! We are having a destination wedding in Cape Town, South Africa, and my bridesmaids are flying in from different parts of the world! These gowns would add a comfy, luxurious touch after a looong journey for them, and get the day started off the right way!.

  58. I would never have the extra money to buy something like this, and it would be so sweet to feel a little luxurious on our wedding day! Thank you for the giveaway!

  59. Having just gotten engaged on Christmas Eve, seeing this giveaway from Homebodii I had to enter. I have always loved silk robes, but never owned one. It would be awesome to be able to give something like this to my bridesmaids as well. How lovely!

  60. It would make our time together so special and be such a great bonding moment!

  61. Love, love, love these! Getting ready in these robes would be a beautiful start to an incredible day!

  62. Though I have been with my fiance for 7 years (!), I have known all of my bridesmaids for far longer. The stories I have with them are not remarkable in any unconventional way – they are simply my best friends (and, of course, my sister!). I have been honored to watch through the years as they met their husbands (and, in my sister’s case, the woman she will marry next year). I have joined them in planning their weddings and all of the fun times that went along with them. I am incredibly excited to be there as one of them has her first baby this coming July. I am beyond excited that these special ladies will be there to celebrate with me this year! Our stories may be typical, but the love I have for my maids is not, and I would love to be able to give them a small token of my appreciation for being there for me. Thank you for the opportunity to make getting ready for the best day of my life even more special!

  63. It would mean so much to have everyone wearing such lovely robes when getting ready and really join us all together in the moment

  64. Having been a bridesmaid before I know how much stress and expense comes with the title. Gifting my bridesmaids with these beautiful Homebodii robes would just be an amazing way to let them know I appreciate everything they did to help me shine on my big day. My fiancé is in the military and I am a social worker so our wedding budget is very tight. I know I could not afford to give them something as elegant as these robes. My hope is that they will leave my wedding with a gift they will cherish for years to come.

  65. What an incredible giveaway! I have been swooning over bridal and bridesmaids robes for the day of the wedding for years it feels like. I get to marry my best friend of 9 years on March 29, 2015 and I couldn’t be more excited. I have 8 bridesmaids and one maid of honor and these girls deserve nothing but the best. They are so worth celebrating and they make my life so rich, I would love to gift them in this way for our big day. We come from family and friends that all work for The Salvation Army in ministry so our wedding budget reflects this life choice. With this extra help, I would feel so honored and elated. Thanks for the opportunity!

  66. I’ve always had such a magical time being a bridesmaid. It feels so great being a part of someone’s special day and I would love to win these.

  67. Winning this package would mean so much to me! I’ve always known I wanted me and my girls to wear fabulous robes the morning of my wedding while getting ready. These robes are to-die-for and would be a wonderful gift to my nearest and dearest!

  68. Winning this will make my wedding day complete and full with beauty and magic – from the start – when we dress up and wear so soft materials with this robes to the end – when we undress our dresses and put this soft robes again :) A feeling of comfort,beauty and happiness in the most important day in my life !

  69. It would be beyond a dream to be able to provide these beautiful robes for my bridal party!

  70. It would be so nice to give my bridesmaids such a wonderful gift. I want them to feel special and appreciated on our wedding day. These beautiful robes would be a way for me to show them how much they mean to me and how thankful we are to have them play a part in our wedding.

  71. Hello, at my country few people pay attention to details on big events like weddings. And I just love just that – the things that make a great experience. Would love to make this pleasure a part of our celebration :)

  72. Winning this robe package would be something very unique and special as my wedding day will be :) I’m getting married in Poland in one of their best traditional places – in a barn on the farm. It’s very unique there to have bridesmaids. Polish tradition is based on having just made of honor but because I have few amazing friends here I decided to change that a bit and bring a little change to this amazing place and asked 3 of my closest friends to be there with me. We are very excited for this big day and would love to show to the world how amazing we can all look getting ready together in the same robes. Such little experience in Poland could bring new tradition to all brides and you could be a huge part of it :)

  73. At my wedding, I am not having any bridesmaids but would love to gift these to my mom, mom in law, and my cousins attending. I am an only child so no siblings to ask. My best friend passed away a couple years ago and I haven’t made a ton of friends after that except my husband to be. I treasure her memory and no one has been able to take her place. I love my family and appreciate all they have done for me.

  74. I would love to have this it’s beautiful. I live cheque to cheque it’s never really enough so just getting married will take forever to happen. This would be a nice present to myself.

  75. Incredible Collection of Robes. I actually like all the robes available on your website. I would like to suggest you that to include waffle robes also as these are in huge trend and these are perfect for warm weather.

  76. My fiance and I are ecstatic for our upcoming wedding in June. We have been engaged for almost 2 years but have been working on saving up and finishing grad school before the big day. This package would mean so much to me as I would be able to share it with those whom I love and miss the most now that we are living across the country from our family and friends. They have all done so much for us over these past few years and I would love to give back to them as much as they give to us. The past few years have been filled with much heart ache for my fiance’s family, and I would love something extra special to start off this new year, all good things to come!

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