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Sometimes we just can’t even believe the talent we are privy to here on Once Wed! We’re so excited to introduce you to our newest photography sponsor, Marcie Meredith! Marcie Meredith is a natural light, and destination photographer who strives for romantic, timeless images full of emotion. Marcie adores film for so many reasons, and shoots both film and digital formats to give you a variation of beautiful images to choose from. After studying design, Marcie discovered her true passion for photography. And soon after starting her journey into photography, she realized that she loved photographing weddings especially!

Marcie Meredith is so excited to offer one Once Wed reader a photography package valued at $3,600! The winner will receive 9 hours of wedding photography, proof prints and their images on a USB.  Marcie also loves to travel and would be thrilled to be a part of your wedding wherever it is!*

To enter, please comment below with your name, email, wedding date, wedding location and venue. Please tell us a little about your love story, wedding style and why you think Marcie would be the right photographer for you! If you would like to show us your wedding style inspiration please include a Pinterest board link. Marcie will email 3 finalists on April 28th to interview, and the winning couple will be chosen on May 1st.

*Travel fees must be paid by winner. Albums, prints and other products can be ordered through Marcie Meredith Photography. A standard wedding photography contract applies and must be signed within two weeks after the winning couple is chosen. This contest is now closed- Contragulations, Taylor Patin! 

Graphic: Hannah Lee

  1. name: Veronica Valdez
    groom: Marcos Trevino
    wedding date: 11.6.14
    wedding location and venue: Riu Palace Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen Hotel & Resort in Mexico
    Ceremony: Beach ceremony followed by a reception
    Number of guests: approximately 50

    Our Story:

    We met on 11.11.2006 at my birthday party and plan to (finally!) get married on 11.6.2014. We met when I was applying to law schools and made our relationship official when I decided to attend a school in Dallas. Starting a relationship at the same time was challenging, but fortunately Marcos was very supportive which allowed me to focus on my studies. I would not have been able to get through school, the Bar Exam and looking for my first “real” job without him by my side. In addition, there have been other obstacles along the way such as the unexpected loss of my mother, and his mother and my father’s unemployment from long-term employers. But despite the hiccups, we always try to live life to the fullest and are always up for a challenge. We wanted to have a destination wedding so it could be more of a vacation for our guests and because we want the wedding to be about us, not a big flashy event. We love the beach and chose a resort in Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen to make it convenient for our guests to fly from Texas. Our wedding colors are navy blue and fuchsia.

    Why us:
    We hope to win this opportunity because we have had to postpone our plans because of life’s misfortunes, so to be able to alleviate some of the wedding costs, but still capture this special day with our family and friends that have shared in our journey would be a blessing.

    Why Marcie:
    After looking at her website, all of the photographs look amazing! I love how she captures those candid moments, such as a mother putting on her daughter’s wedding jewelry. Her pictures reflect the small details that matter. I also love that Marcie is based out of Texas because we are from Texas, and that one of her priorities is her family because our wedding guests will consist of mainly family.

  2. Hello,

    This is amazing, what a great opportunity. My name is miranda (miranda.rssll(@) and our wedding will be in the Fall of 2015 in Calgary or Edmonton Alberta at a loft or warehouse type venue. I think Marcie would be the right photographer because besides her work being gorgeous it’s the perfect blend of romantic and whimsical that I am hoping to capture on the day and she would ensure I would remember that feeling for a lifetime. Photos are at the top of my “most important wedding must haves” list and this would be an amazing prize to win. Thanks for the opportunity and best of luck to everyone entering.

  3. Wedding date: January 3 or 10, 2015
    Wedding and Ceremony Location: Spokane, WA (venue not booked yet)

    Brian and I met one another through my family and mutual friends when I was visiting WA for a month in the summer of 2012. I was currently looking for a job as a graphic designer in CA and he was leading worship at church and working for a nonprofit, YoungLife. We hung out a handful of times and I went back to CA and we continued to talk. The job search was not going very well so I decided to move to WA a few months later and that is when we decided to date and we have been together ever since. (Oh and I got a job 3 months after moving.) He is the sweetest man I could have ever met and fall in love with.

    Our wedding will be this January because the following summer is to busy with family occasions and we don’t want to wait that long. It will be a gorgeous snowy wedding. Since we will be having family fly in from Oklahoma, Texas, and CA we wanted to be considerate of time and flight costs. We just started the planning process so we don’t know many details yet but we value photography and video the most as well as a nice venue. Our goal is to have a fun and cozy wedding that guests will enjoy, there will be a hint of sparkle and activities to entertain guests.

    Marcie’s portfolio of work is stunning. I love how she uses photography as her medium of art. Her style and composition is exactly what I am looking for in a photographer. I love that Marcie uses a combination of film and digital to capture moments. That is definitely something that I would love at my wedding. Thanks for this great opportunity.


  4. I am so excited about this photographer!!! This seems too serendipitous to be true. Her style (natural, emotional, and timeless) and even location is EXACTLY what we’re looking for! So many wedding photos I’ve seen seem to lack focus on the real heart of the wedding… the love between two people getting married. That’s obviously not the case in Marcie’s work.

    My dreamboat and I live in Dallas, and we’re planning an indoor-outdoor wedding celebration on May 23rd, 2015 (aka best day ever). Our venue is AWESOME! We have a fantastic wedding planner that led us to it… it’s the Dallas Heritage Village, a historic city park that has been converted into an open-air museum of sorts. There are beautiful antique buildings from all over Texas that have been relocated onto the property, and there’s an adorable “main street” of buildings centered around a classic brick road that runs through the middle of the park. In the center of of the property, there is a large circular pavilion with glass walls that can all open up on nice evenings – perfect for a May wedding! Only a few weddings have been held here, but it seems to me that it’s the best-kept secret in Dallas (Pssst! a wedding planner has even chosen to have her own nuptials here!). They don’t advertise in any wedding media, so I love that we’ll have a very unique, meaningful venue that’s also a historic jewel in downtown Dallas.

    The best way to sum up the style of our wedding is in a few words: romantic, garden, lush, and warm. I’m inspired by the idea of a refined summer “bacchanalia”, with saturated colors, greenery-decked tables and arches, bright gold accents, big glass pitchers of sangria stuffed with fruit, soft lights and tulle draping, and a warm, joyful ambiance. Our colors are (you guessed it) sangria reds and burgundies accompanied by a gamut of greens. We plan to have an outdoor ceremony under one of the large, spreading oak trees on the property, and our guests will sit in pews on the lawn. For the cocktail hour, we want to bring in a local food truck (the Easy Slider Truck!) and allow guests to roam the park while they munch! The reception will be in the pavilion, under soft lights dancing the night away.

    I’m so excited about planning this event, and so far I think I have a fantastic vision. I already have my dress, venue, and planner… now all I need is a fantastic photographer! I have so many awesome ideas for a fun engagement shoot that needs to happen SOON! I’m thinking vintage tandem bike… big tulle skirt… laughter in the middle of a field of wildflowers. I also I’ve captured the awesomeness of THE DRESS (Marchesa Bridal Spring 2014… swoon!) set off by a long cathedral veil. All in all, I love style, romance, and art, and I am so very, very excited for my wedding to be captured by someone else who does too. I really hope that Marcie takes a look at my pinboard and is as inspired as I am! We’re going to put on the most amazing event, and I would love for her to be a part of it.

    Some great ideas and a wonderful jumping-off point for our style:

    1. Wanted to add the “how we met” to my post…

      My boo-thing and I met online! Both of us had friends goad us into it (in my case, my college roommate sneakily switching all her profile information to mine!). We sent each other a few emails, decided to take the leap to meeting in person, and went on a date! Neither of us had ever done anything like this before, and so were both really nervous. Needless to say, on our first date we stayed at the restaurant until it closed, and when we decided to see each other again the next night we spent literally the entire night talking until we were both falling over at 8AM! Needless to say, we’ve been inseparable ever since. We even found out that we have MANY friends in common– he even graduated high school with some of my best friends from college (and I went to a school across the country from him!!) He’s an ICU nurse and I have a normal 9-to-5 job, but we make our schedules work and stay connected with dinner dates, Star Wars marathons, and cuddlefests that last for days. I am so excited to marry this guy and spend the rest of my life with the most quality person I’ve ever met.

  5. When I dream of my wedding, my pinterest board is exactly how I picture it. And Marcie’s photography fits so well into my dream that I can’t think of anyone else who would be better at capturing the moment than her!

    Mine and Jake’s wedding is July 31, 2014, yes that’s a Thursday, and it will be at Cobblestone Farm in Ann Arbor, MI. Jake and I have been dating for over 2 years and we met each other at Spring Arbor University.. Where many college kids meet and get married. Our school is almost like a dating website! We have both liked the same things and we have also grown to like new things together. Our journey brought us to this past summer in July, we went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a camping trip, just the two of us. And it was so wonderful, because we also got engaged there too. We love nature and exploring, and it will always be something we enjoy. Jake asked me to marry him along side the Indian River in the Hiawatha National Forest and I couldn’t not say yes! He was so sweet and I was crying like a baby; it was the most perfect moment ever.

    We were so secluded that we didn’t even have phone service, which turned out to be a great thing. Instead of rushing to tell others, we were able to just celebrate together and take in the moment as a couple, which is how it should be done. We laughed, talked and grew very excited with the future plans that were coming into play.

    Both Jake and I are VERY passionate about self-sustainable living and we hope to have a home of our own one day with plenty of food growing in the back yard and lots of land to explore. We also LOVE antiques and finding awesome treasures whenever we go on adventures. Because we love nature and antiques, we want to incorporate both of those in our wedding. Our ceremony is outside and we want lots of flowers and a homemade wooden arch and then our reception will be in a barn. We want to decorate with lots of DIY projects but also a lot of vintage things as well. For my bridesmaids, they are in neutrals/pinks, so that is the color or the actual wedding ceremony. But when it comes to the reception, it will be filled with whatever we can find! Wildflowers, which come in all colors, triangle flag banners, and plenty more things with awesome colors and patterns.

    Marcie would fit for a photographer for our wedding because the way she captures the moments in her photos is exactly how I imagined what I would want. The ambiance of her photos is so welcoming and artistic that I cannot even begin to describe how joyful and happy her photos make feel. Her work is amazing and it would be an honor to have Marcie capture my wedding day, so I can remember it forever.


  6. Hi There! I’m Lily and my fiancé Jonathan and I are getting married this October 4 2014 on Jon’s family farm in Blacksburg, VA. Our wedding style so far is so very very casual – we want it to just be a big happy party with as little fuss as possible. We’re having a small, quaker style ceremony followed by a family style dinner on big tables handmade by Jon’s dad in one of the big fields on the property. Our must have list is very small: good food, our nearest and dearest, beautiful photographs (but the pretty flowers and bluegrass band and twinkly lights and blue ridge mountains in the fall don’t hurt too bad either). We’ll be spending the weekend with our closest family and friends at the nearby Mountain Lake Lodge – the place where they filmed Dirty Dancing!!

    Jon and I met through my brother-in-law, who shot a student film with him while Jon was at college in Florida. He came to some family gatherings, and I asked him if he could teach me to play the old guitar I had been dragging around with me and had no idea what to do with. He said he would try – and he faithfully came over every wednesday night to attempt to show me how to play. The lessons usually went something like this: Jon came in, we drink coffee and talk for an hour or so, play about 10 minutes of guitar while I flirt madly with him and he doesn’t notice. In the end, I still can’t play guitar, but those guitar lessons turned out to be the best idea I ever had!

    Looking through Marcie’s photographs – she seems to have put down into images exactly the feeling we have for our big day – bright, light and dreamy. It would be such a wonderful gift to have her capture our big day!


  7. Hello,

    I am actually applying for my sister. As a surprise, as a photographer myself I have the job of finding an artist to document the wedding!
    The wedding is going to be Saturday 26th July 2014 on the South Coast of UK. Its to be held on the grounds of a Manor House. (Think Downton Abbey)
    The styling of the day is something I am having quite a lot of do with, being a reasonably last minute wedding here are a few pins :
    The style is to be be a simple kinfolk style wrapped up with organic natural sea elements, alot of inspiration is being drawn from Pearl and Godivas Irish Cloud shadows

    Jemimah and Ben are a beautiful couple, they have so much artistic flare, both are incredible musicians and music will feature a lot in their wedding as it has been such a dynamic in their relationship. The wedding will be flowing with old friends, great food and some beautiful decor. The problem is we need it beautifully documented!

    Your work is stunning and we are here in England with open arms!

    If you would like anymore details, please contact me. Or check out my instagram @fawnandafeather

    Thank you,

    1. Hi,

      Just an update from my last message, the date is now 9th Aug 2014, all other details are the same.

      Really hop we win!!


  8. Name: Veronica Valdez & Marcos Trevino
    Wedding date: 11.6.14
    Wedding venue: Riu Palace Riviera Maya Resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
    Our Story:
    We met on 11.11.2006 and plan to (finally!) get married on 11.6.2014. We met when I was applying to law schools and made our relationship official when I decided to attend a school in Dallas, Texas. Starting a relationship at the same time was challenging, but fortunately Marcos was very supportive which allowed me to focus on my studies. I would not have been able to get through school, the Bar Exam and looking for my first “real” job without him by my side. In addition, there have been other obstacles along the way such as the unexpected loss of my mother, and his mother and my father’s unemployment from long-term employers. But despite the hiccups, we always try to live life to the fullest and are always up for a challenge.

    We love to travel when we can and enjoy vacationing on the beach. That is why we decided to have a destination wedding. Our ceremony will be on the beach, followed by a reception with our guests. Our family and friends love to dance so there will definitely be music! We are fortunate that approximately 40 people will join us to celebrate our special day. Our wedding color are navy, fuchsia, and a little bit of burnt orange as an accent color. We both love football, Marcos loves the Dallas Cowboys, hence the navy; and I went the the University of Texas, so I have to incorporate burnt orange into the flowers or decorations. Hook Em Horns!

    Why us:
    We hope to win this opportunity because we have had to postpone our plans because of life’s misfortunes, so to be able to professionally capture our special day with our family and friends that have shared in our journey would be a blessing.

    Why Marcie:

    After reviewing Marcie’s website, I am in love with her style and the photos are amazing! She captures the candid moments and small details that make the wedding “your wedding.” For example, the picture of a mother putting wedding jewelry on the bride. I also love the fact that Marcie is located in Texas like us so she must understand the saying “everything is bigger and better in Texas!” Marcie mentions that family is her number one priority, and my fiance and I both share this sentiment. The majority of our guests are our family and this is the first time that we will all be together to celebrate a special occasion.


  9. Hello

    My name is Jenny and I will be marrying Alex in New Orleans, Louisiana either December 2014 or January 2015. My fiancé is a farmer in West Virginia and I have always lived in the city. Before moving to the country side of West Virginia I wanted to have my wedding in New Orleans, the city where I am from and love so much. My view of a wedding here is having a church wedding with an indoor/outdoor reception with the beautiful southern live oaks and lights. I know the weather can be unpredictable but I have always loved pictures with natural light sometimes being over exposed to give it a dreamy warm feeling. Especially when its closer to dusk. I took some photography courses during college and love the dramatic feel and look of natural light which is what I saw a lot of in your photographs.

    Alex and I met through my sisters fiancé about a year and a half ago during an hour car ride to the airport. Very random but true =) It has been a long distance relationship ever since. Him working as a cattle and turkey farmer and myself working in New Orleans. I am so excited about getting married and starting a new life with him on his farm. It will be a whole new world for me but I can’t wait. Pictures have always been very important to me. I’ve always been the one annoying my family taking too many pictures (which they always end up thanking me for in the end =)) and now I need to find my very own photographer that can capture our wedding day. My last few days in the city that I love before moving to my new home. Your pictures are so beautiful and natural which is what I love. I hope that I will get the opportunity to have you apart of our special day. What a great opportunity you have given us. Thank you. Your pictures a beautiful.


  10. Wedding date: Jan. 3, 2015
    Wedding location: Canmore, Alberta, Canada
    Ceremony: Canmore Nordic Centre
    Reception: Iron Goat Pub and Grill

    My fiancee (Calvin) and I met in university in our Christian fellowship on campus. Over the 4 years of university, we became really good friends through serving together in our fellowship, going on a missions trip to Nicaragua together, and sharing similar classes. It wasn’t until near the end of graduation that we both realized how much we valued our friendship so we started our relationship after we graduated. He then went off to do missions in Kenya/Burkina Faso for a year while I started medical school in Toronto. He is currently finishing up his masters of social work/divinity in Waco, Texas and I am finishing my residency in Toronto. Long distance for 5 years really refined our love for each other and we are so excited to be married and living in the same city soon! We both hope to use our skills to serve oversees in the future once we have finished our training. I’m so thankful I get to start this new journey with my best friend :)

    We are having a winter wedding in the mountains! I grew up in Calgary and spent many of my winters and summers hiking and skiing in the mountains so Canmore has a soft spot in my heart! Both our venues have high ceilings with wooden beams and large windows facing the mountains. Our style is more laid back and rustic – we are mostly letting the beauty of the natural surroundings speak for themselves!

    Because we’ve gone to school and lived in so many different cities, we’re really looking forwards to gathering our family and friends together to celebrate and thank them for investing in us and supporting us through all these years of long distance! A lot of them haven’t been to Canada so we figured a semi-destination wedding to the mountains would be a great way to show them my hometown :)

    Marcie, we love how your photography captures natural light and has a beautiful way of telling a story and showing the depth of emotion behind each image. We also love the organic and natural feel of your images. There are so many beautiful, blessed moments in life that we often miss – but I love how you captured the joy and the beauty of the moment. On our wedding, we hope to highlight what this marriage commitment means to us and the incredible journey to get to this point. We would be honored if you would consider capturing this for us. Thank you so much for considering us!

  11. My fiance and I met when I started a job working the graveyard shift at medium-sized newspaper in Pennsylvania. It was my first time living in my hometown since moving to college, and I considered it just a pit stop while I figured out my graduate school plans. I wasn’t staying around long, and definitely was not expecting on meeting my future husband in a sad office building. It wasn’t love at first sight; I thought he was arrogant and standoffish, but the more we spent time together after work, the more I realized he was only aloof because he was romantically interested in me. So, after a night of partying with our fellow late-night-shift coworkers, I had him walk me to my car, and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him. Shortly after we started dating, I got accepted to several graduate programs far from our office in Pennsylvania. I moved to New York five months after that kiss, he to D.C. a few weeks after my departure, but our relationship remained intact. Now, five years later–and after more than 3.5 years of dating long distance–we are engaged and living in the same city. We just signed a contract to have our wedding ceremony and celebration in fall 2015 at a renovated 19th-century cigar factory in Pennsylvania, close to where we first met.

    Marcie’s photography philosophy aligns with ours–especially the emphasis on a photojournalistic style. We have only begun the wedding planning process, but we hope to have a simple, rustic, yet elegant affair, that highlights the structural beauty of our venue (lots of exposed brick and vintage wood!) and features comforting foods made with ingredients from the local fall harvest. We are also inviting 150 of our closest family and friends and the result, we hope, would be a night to remember. It would be our pleasure to have Marcie there to capture the candid moments.

  12. Hi there! My fiance Tim and I will be married on May, 23 2015 in Venice, Fl at our church!!! We have a love for books, so we are having a book themed wedding, and the majority of decorations will be handmade by myself, family, and friends! We are a fun, non traditional yet keep traditions, and have a huge love for our family, friends, and books, so we want our wedding to reflect that. I would be completely honored if Marcie Meredith were to be our photographer because she has a unique eye for detail and her portfolio is amazing! When we look at her photos, we feel as if we are at that wedding and personally know the bride and groom ourselves. The way their personalities fly off the picture it is so beautiful! We feel that Marcie could capture our love for each other, our friends and family, and our love/obsession for books!

  13. I’m so glad that I stumbled across this page! Marcies’ work is truly incredible. I love the simplicity in it and how she captures the natural beauty of a scene while portraying elegance and uniqueness. Every image seems to have a richness about it. A richness that draws people in and makes them feel like they’re a part of the story she’s created.

    For me, Marcie captures emotion in her pictures. While looking for a photographer, that’s definitely an important factor. I’ve dreamed about my wedding day since I was little and I want to remember the day forever. I want to remember who was there, what it looked like, but more importantly how I felt. I want my pictures to be a reflection of who my fiance, Ryan and I, are as a couple. From looking at her pictures, I can tell that Marcie takes her work seriously and that she enjoys it. That’s just awesome!!

    Having just got engaged in March, Ryan and I haven’t decided a definite venue yet. We know we will be getting married in Lubbock and we are hoping to have our wedding in Fall of 2015. I know it’s a long time away, but it’s never to early to start planning!

    Ryan proposed to me over spring break, while we were on a mission trip. I was completely surprised and super thrilled. After a week of loving on kids and doing what we love most, the love of my life proposed to me in Budapest. It was perfect! Ryan and I have always had a strong relationship and it thrives because it’s centered on The Lord. People tell us that we are young, but love only grows with age.

    We want an intimate wedding that captures who we are as a couple and what’s important to us. I love out of the box ideas and want to capture Ryan and I’s love for travel in our decorations…..lots of globes, suitcases, tickets, maps….ect. We are thinking teal, orange, and grey for our colors.

    To say I’m a pin-aholic, would not be an exaggeration. I love exploring Pinterest for ideas. I’m a crafty person and alongside my sweet cousin, wonderful mom, and great friends, I plan to make a lot of my wedding decor myself. I can’t wait to start!

    Thank you so much for sharing your love of photography with us. I really feel that Marcie would be able to capture Ryan and I in a beautiful and unique way. I also know she would have a blast at our wedding! We have the best friends and family and I know they would make her feel so welcomed and loved while shooting:) We would be so grateful if Marcie picked us!

    Have a blessed day!


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