Win 8 Hours of Wedding Photography from Captured by Keryn

Captured By Keryn is a boutique photography business, based around celebrating the beauty, history and personality of each person that comes before Keryn Sweeney’s lens – whether a bride bursting with excitement, or the family sharing in the joy of the moment.  Captured by Keryn specializes in subtle documentary, fine art style wedding photography, with a passion for the use of natural light. Residing on the north shore of Auckland, New Zealand has given Keryn a lot of opportunity to refine her use of that natural light!

When Keryn is not busy with weddings, she loves to travel. Her images portray the essence of her surroundings and evoke a sense of emotion and adventure.

Keryn’s experience allows her to approach each environment in a relaxed and informal manner encouraging spontaneous moments that often result in beautiful caught-off-guard images. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than capturing the raw beauty that is in each person, allowing her to share this with the people that care about them the most.

Once Wed is happy to announce that Captured By Keryn is offering a wonderful photography package valued at $3,890 to one lucky reader living in New Zealand or elsewhere!  The winner will receive 8 hours of wedding photography, five 8”x10” prints, and their images on a USB.  Keryn’s love of travel means that she is happy to come to you wherever you are. *

To enter, please comment below, telling Keryn a little about you as a couple, give her your name, email, wedding date, wedding location and venue. Share with her what you love about Captured by Keryn’s photographic style.  If you would like to show us your wedding style inspiration, please include a Pinterest board link.  The giveaway will end on May 14th, and the winner will be announced that week.

*Travel fees must be paid by the winner and will be arranged by Keryn (as a guideline, current airfare for a September flight from Auckland to LA  is $1200; from Auckland to London it is $1800).  Albums, prints and other products can be ordered through Captured By Keryn. A standard wedding photography contract applies and must be signed within two weeks after the winner is chosen.

This contest has now ended. Thank you for your entries!

  1. Name: Veronica Valdez & Marcos Trevino
    Wedding date: 11.6.14 at 4:00 P.M. ( sunsets around 5:30 P.M.)
    Wedding venue: Riu Palace Riviera Maya Resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
    Our Story:
    We met on 11.11.2006 and plan to (finally!) get married on 11.6.2014. We met when I was applying to law schools and made our relationship official when I decided to attend a school in Dallas, Texas. Starting a relationship at the same time was challenging, but fortunately Marcos was very supportive which allowed me to focus on my studies. I would not have been able to get through school, the Bar Exam and looking for my first “real” job without him by my side. In addition, there have been other obstacles along the way such as the unexpected loss of my mother, and his mother and my father’s unemployment from long-term employers. But despite the hiccups, we always try to live life to the fullest and are always up for a challenge.

    We love to travel when we can and enjoy vacationing on the beach. That is one of the reasons we decided to have a destination wedding. Our ceremony will be on the beach, followed by a reception with our guests. Our family and friends love to dance so there will definitely be music! We are fortunate that approximately 50 people will join us to celebrate our special day. Our wedding color are navy, fuchsia, and a little bit of burnt orange as an accent color. We both love football, Marcos loves the Dallas Cowboys, hence the navy; and I went to the University of Texas, so I have to incorporate burnt orange into the flowers or decorations. Hook Em Horns!

    Why us:
    We hope to win this opportunity because we have had to postpone our plans because of life’s misfortunes, so to be able to professionally capture our special day with our family and friends that have shared in our journey would be a blessing.

    Why Captured by Keryn:

    I love that Keryn said “photography has always been about people.” Our guests are our family and our closet friends.They are the people that have shared so many wonderful experiences with us. We chose to have a destination wedding because we believe it’s the meaning of a wedding and the people that attend, not the amount of money you spend that matters. We want our wedding to be a fun and enjoyable day for everyone. We all love to dance and have a good time so I know that there will be plenty of opportunities for candid photos. In addition, the pictures of the Fiji wedding is very similar to the type of pictures that I like. Keryn has the ability to capture the emotions of the day through her pictures. I also like the documentary style exhibited in Tom and Kate’s wedding pictures. You can experience the couple’s wedding when you look at there photographs. This is important to us because some of our family members cannot attend the wedding but we want to be able to share our day with them through our wedding photographs. Finally, the natural light aspect would work great at our wedding because the ceremony is at four and we will be able to take pictures as the sun is setting.


  2. Name: Jessica Wingard and Joseph Fannin


    Wedding date: September 26, 2015

    Wedding location: Pine Bluff, Arkansas

    Venue: Salem Missionary Baptist Church

    About us:
    We met when we were in the 8th grade at
    Watson Chapel Jr. High when I was the new student and the principal walked me into my first class. The teacher sat us beside each
    other and I know it sounds silly, but we
    instantly became friends and hung out after school and on the weekends. We both had a crush on one another but was too afraid to say anything to the other. We ended up growing apart, becoming not-so-great friends, but
    instead only acquaintances. Fast forward 2 years. We were in the 10th grade in high school and we had a class together. We
    started catching up with each other and exchanged phone numbers and would text each other all day for a month. Then one day he
    finally asked me to be his girlfriend. This was November 30, 2007. And we have been together ever since. I know some people don’t believe in soulmates, but I honestly do because if there was no such thing as soul mates than it wouldn’t make sense how absolutely perfect we are for one another. The way he looks at me is incredible and I have never felt more loved in my entire life. He’s my best friend – we do everything together, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him because nothing would make me happier.

    Why pick us:
    Joseph asked me to marry him April 3, 2011. Shortly after, we began talking about wedding plans and decided it was best to wait till one of us graduated college before we tied the knot – this way we could be financially stable and be comfortable living together (which we do not live together now and we never have). About three months go by and I start getting very impatient about getting married to him because I’m ready to start our lives together. Fortunately, he was being level-headed and calmed my nerves telling me that we could wait for each other and we have. Well, I’m finally about to graduate so we are finally making wedding plans. But, we have a problem – we are paying for everything ourselves and are on an extremely tight budget. Things that we absolutely love are getting cut or I’m having to settle for something not so spectacular in the place of it – photography being one of those. And, photography is so important to both of us because we want our memories of our wedding captured beautifully. So, if you were to pick us than we would get amazing (we checked out your work! Simply stunning pictures!!!) pictures without having to settle on someone in our budget that’s not great.

    Why we love Captured by Keryn:
    “Keryn’s experience allows her to approach each environment in a relaxed and informal manner encouraging spontaneous moments that often result in beautiful caught-off-guard images. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than capturing the raw beauty that is in each person, allowing her to share this with the people that care about them the most.” This statement means a lot to the both of us. We have been to weddings where the photographer was in the way and we have seen pictures that made the couple look awkward because they were posed so uncomfortably. Joseph is shy about being photographed but wants not to be, and we both think that someone like you could help him get over his shyness and capture some amazing photographs of our wedding.

  3. Names: Jess and Andy
    Wedding date: February 6 2015
    Wedding location: Opoutere Beach, Coromandel, New Zealand
    Venue: Private residence

    Andy and I have been together for five years. We met through mutual friends snowboarding in New Zealand, and we have continued to snowboard together ever since. We are both pretty relaxed and casual people. I’ve never dreamed of the poofy dress and big wedding, infact, I had never really dreamed about getting married at all, but when Andy popped the question on Pt Chev beach on a random morning when we were out walking before work (taking me very off guard), I didn’t hesitate saying yes.

    We are getting married at a private residence right near the beach (a pre-requisite for the venue, so that Andy could surf in the morning) and near a gorgeous coastal forest. Our friends and family are what our wedding day is about. For us, it’s about bringing together all our favourite people in the world and saying “hey guys, we think you are all pretty awesome”. We want the photography to document this, so that we can look back and remember that, for one amazing day only, we had all our friends in family in one place. We want to capture the special unspoken moments, of my grandma fixing my hair, our friends relaxing in the NZ sun or my dad taking me under his arm to walk me down the isle. Those moments that Keryn seems to capture so beautifully.

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