A bride’s search for the perfect gifts for her bridesmaids can be difficult to say the least. With everything from monogrammed clutches to wedding-related bridesmaid kits and everything in between, it’s safe to say that one thing your friends will always appreciate is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that suits their personal style. We’re excited to introduce you to Colby June today, and show off some of our favorite pieces!

For all their love and support along the way, your bridesmaids deserve a gift that shows your appreciation. Colby June offers a range of wedding collections that allows you to choose the perfect piece for any style, whether your gals love something more classic, bohemian, or nature-inspired. We love this solid bronze, coral-imprinted cuff — it’s perfect for your friend with a contemporary aesthetic!

Colby June is based in Aspen, Colorado, and handcrafts all of their pieces from sterling silver, 14K gold, and bronze with precious and semi-precious stones. To win a $500 gift card from Colby June, you can either enter by commenting below about what you love about their jewelry; or enter by heading over to our Instagram page! (Giveaway ends October 3rd, 2015!)

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Comments (18)

S Carey | Reply

The whimsy in each piece is raw and authentic. There is an echo ringing true that says beauty is first vulnerable.

Liv | Reply

I love that each piece is totally it’s own. What an awesome way to express and mirror each of our own unique personalities and styles!

Jess L | Reply

I love the imperfections :)

Christina | Reply

I love how each piece looks classic but unique!

Katy Krieger | Reply

Everything about this jewelry embodies the ebb and flow of the environment that it captures. There is a delicate balance of detail in each piece and they are all so unique. Truly beautiful craftsmanship!

Tyneisha | Reply

Browsing through Colby June’s store, I’m loving the simplicity of the jewelry. Nothing is gaudy and everything looks like it can be dressed up or dressed down. I also love how the pieces look inspired by nature!

Heather G | Reply

I am a huge fan of colby June! Her jewelry is amazing!!

Cathleen | Reply

I love how natural and free flowing the pieces are!

sydney | Reply

I love the natural organic feel to them!

Faith | Reply

I really love how they all capture the beauty of natural forms and motifs, it’s truly beautiful :)

shaunie | Reply

Love the organic look that it has to it, unique and beautiful.

Lorelei | Reply

They are so elegant and delicate! *swoon*

Lacy Geary | Reply

I absolutely love the organic, natural feel. The imperfect quality that shows how thought out each imperfection truly was in beautiful.

Laci Frazier | Reply

I love how unique these pieces are and they’re statement pieces without being too dramatic for my simple tastes! Would love these for my May 2015 wedding:)

Hannah Rhiew | Reply

They are all so beautiful, simple, and elegant! I love all the pieces but especially the gold 3 leaf necklace. I love how the pieces look beautiful without overdoing it and will look elegant whether you wear a formal dress or you’re in t-shirt and jeans. This is my type of style.

Evelyn Schaal | Reply

Absolutely love the unpolished look of each piece. Embracing the bohemian natural feel while still looking classy and elegant. I will be adding several of these to my husbands list of “to buy Evelyn.”

Nicole | Reply

Gorgeous pieces and I love that many are inspired by nature! ??

Morgan | Reply

I love the natural look and imperfections! Feels handmade and unique, and would be an extra special gift to the lovely ladies in my life!