Today, the girls over at Wiley Valentine are generous enough to offer one lucky reader a giveaway! Wiley Valentine is one of our fabulous sponsors here at Once Wed and has recently come out with a new low budget invitation line…

The studio line is geared towards those brides that want a Wiley Valentine invitation but their budget might not allow it. All items are digitally printed on heavy-weight recycled cardstock with 100% cotton tree-free envelopes. The colors are interchangeable and there are 10 designs to choose from.

Wiley Valentine Invitations

The giveaway includes 50 save the dates + envelopes + mailing labels. If you are interested in entering, leave a comment below and we’ll randomly pick a winner next Thursday!

UPDATE: Congratulations, Tina! Wiley Valentine will be in touch through email.


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Jill | Reply

These are awesome…. modern flair and a very high quality appeal!

Erika | Reply

I absolutely love their style! I want to make my own save the dates and invitations but I would consider just buying them from Wiley Valentine. I hope I’m picked! :)

Candace | Reply

Gorgeous! xx

kim | Reply

I love Wiley Valentine. :) Pick me, pick me! We are finally, after almost two years, planning our wedding for March!

Kate | Reply

Sounds beautiful, beautiful invites…Can’t go wrong with WV!

Katie | Reply

Pick me please!!! I’ve been engaged since Nov 2008 and I’m planning my wedding for next May!!! Love Once Wed and Wiley Valentine!!!

Lauren | Reply

oh how darling!

jamie | Reply

these are so cute! thanks for the giveaway!

margaux | Reply

hi! I’m a french reader of your blog and I’m going to get married next year so…I’m in!
thank you for your pretty pictures and nice ideas.

joi | Reply

why, hello beautiful…..

DeAnna | Reply

I love the look of theses invites!! I have been searching around for save the dates for my wedding for next year. I love the styles that Wiley Valentine offers….so many to choose from!!

Kim | Reply

Engagement photos this weekend…perfect timing! love WV! Pick me!!

Siobhan | Reply

Love these :D

Lindsey | Reply

Thought about making my own, but I love these!

Hilary | Reply

Gorgeous!!! It’s great they have a line that caters to budget conscious a couples….and still is absolutely beautiful!

Emily | Reply

These are ADORABLE! I’d take any of them. :)

Joanna | Reply

Love these! Pick me!

Michelle | Reply

Love these…sign me up!!!

Jennifer Tabler | Reply

Love Wiley Valentine! Such beautiful invitations!

Megan | Reply

love the save the dates!

Cassandra | Reply

Help a sister out! I am IN LOVE with Emme and Randy’s save the dates!!

Christine | Reply

These are wonderful! I would love to have their save the date cards. We’re planning a 1-1-11 wedding.

Cassie | Reply

Those are gorgeous STD’s! I still haven’t figured out what I want to do for those, so this would be awesome!

Holly | Reply

Wiley Valentine!! *drool* Those beautiful designs would go PERFECT with my wedding! *wink wink*

nicole b. | Reply

Yes, please! We are still in need of save-the-dates. Our budget doesn’t allow for them, so this giveaway would be an incredible gift. Our wedding ceremony will take place outdoors on an old plantation in Scott, Arkansas, that dates back to the 1880s. It will be a private, intimate ceremony (family and wedding party only). I would be honored to work with the ladies at WV to capture the vintage vibe of our sweet Southern affair. Thanks so much for the chance to win. nicole.boddington@gmail.com

Emily L. | Reply

oooo these are so nice! what a nice giveaway! I am just now starting to think about my save the dates! our wedding is next march and I would LOVE to be able to use WV save the dates!

Megan | Reply

I am definitely looking for a budget-friendly option and these save the dates are great:)

dana | Reply

so pretty :)

Susan G. | Reply

I would love this! I just got engaged two weeks ago and I’ve just started planning my wedding (on a budget). Even if I dont win I’m writing this down as a possible resource for the future. Thanks!

Meaghan Lemon | Reply

This would be so fun to send these save the dates to all of my friends and family. They are very cute.

Maria | Reply

Oh, I love these! How wonderful. I would love to win these.

Laura | Reply

I am looking for Save the Dates right now and having such a hard time making up my mind. Wiley Valentine would be PERFECT! :)

Meaghan Lemon | Reply

I think these would be so fun to send out to our friends and family, for our save the date. These are exactly what I was hoping for. They are very cute.

Kristin K. | Reply

Wiley Valentine designs offer such a variety of styles! There’s something to fit every personality. What’s even better? They’re eco-friendly! I would love to incorporate these into my wedding!

meredith c. | Reply

getting married in the spring..wouldlove to win since i am on a pretty tight budget! thanks!

anna | Reply

we would LOVE to win this! thanks so much! love your products!

Jessica R. | Reply

These are so gorgeous! I love save-the-dates with the couple’s photo on them, it’s so much more personal!

Lauren | Reply

Trying to win for my friend Mary Ellen, I’m writing from norway so please e-mail if I win :)

Christie | Reply

It’d be an honor to have Save the Dates for our May 2011 wedding!!!!

Debra | Reply

These would be an immense help for us… it doesn’t hurt that Wiley Valentine produces AMAZING work. Crossing my fingers!

jen | Reply

I’d LOVE to win … Wiley Valentine has incredible products!

Jessica H | Reply

These are so adorable, I hope I win!!!

lanita | Reply

pick me pick me pick me….i think it woudl just be so cool to win…p.s. i love the site.

Jaimie | Reply

Oh la la! I love them, please pick us!!

Molly | Reply

These are so beautiful. I love the combination of photo and graphic design.

Natalie Hosnay (future Mrs Shadbolt) | Reply

I had not considered ‘Save the Date’ cards. I am not sure they are as popular in the UK but it is a really good idea and will give us more time to decide on the perfect design and designers for our wedding invitations. Thanks.

Brita | Reply

These save the dates are so fun! Would love love love to use WV for ours :)

Christin Post | Reply

Sounds great:) I’m getting married next May and have a great picture to use. I’m a social worker and I work with kids with heart condtions. Love my job but don’t make tons of money. I would love to use Wiley Valentine!!! Pick me:)

Tracy | Reply

Pick Me… Pick Me!!!
I love the Style. Very hard to find!!

Kelsey Pauxtis | Reply

Pretty please, with sugar on top pick us!!

Sarah | Reply

These save-the-date designs are awesome. I would be so proud to send out Wiley Valentine invites to my guests. The designs with the calendars and the couples picture really speak to me. Beautiful!

Lindsey | Reply

So beautiful! Pick me!!

Naima | Reply

I LOVE the Wiley Valentine STD styles! Fabulous!!

Megan Mulder | Reply

Love the save-the-date’s. I would be honored to be picked. I love the one with the highlighted date on the calendar. Love that idea.

Judith | Reply

This is a really great giveaway! I’ve looked at wiley valentine, but just didn’t have them in my budget! This would be great to win!

Kelly Creamer | Reply

Wiley Valentine designs are beautiful! (but just a bit expensive…) We’d love to win!

Genevieve | Reply

I LOVE THESE! :) We are mostly DIY-ers and under a really crunched timeline (Sept 5th!!), but our wedding will be small and these are the sorts of details that we just couldn’t budget for…

Amanda | Reply

Wow. What gorgeous invites. Oh, that I should be so lucky! :)

Carla Martinez | Reply

WOW! WHat an amazing giveaway! Wiley Valentine designs are simply stunning, but unfortunately not in our budget. Winning this great giveaway would be incredible! Thank you for this opportunity!

Becki | Reply

would love to win! LOVE the product!

Vanesaa | Reply

oh oh oh! Yes please! Pick me!

Gina Pina | Reply

Absolutely in-love with these invites! It’s niec to see some budget-friendly options that look elegant and effortless at the same time!

Rachel | Reply

Such interesting and creative designs! Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome giveaway!

Mallory | Reply

Oh wow! Those save the dates are so amazing! :)

Hope | Reply

So purty!

Lindsey | Reply

Fabulous giveaway for such an important piece to our wedding. Would love to be chosen!

ashley | Reply

I am sooooooo interested in saving some money and the invitations look beautiful:)

zzipper | Reply

I am loving the style of WV and the using recycled and tree free products works perfectly with my wedding plans. I would love to be the winner!

Shila | Reply

These are wonderful! We’re currently hunting for great invitations that really reflect our style, and these are just beautiful :)

Helen Tracey | Reply

I LOVE! Wiley Valentine!! they always have the most elegant designs <3 My fiancee and I are getting married summer 2011 and we have kept an close eye on the stationary and save the date cards and everything! from WV :)

Jen | Reply

My fiance and I are absolutely in love with Wiley Valentine! We want our wedding to truly represent who we are as a couple and these save the dates seem like a perfect way to do that!

Samantha | Reply

Gorgeous! We could use these :)

Melinda R | Reply

beautiful – and any way to keep costs down is wonderful :)

Julie Walker | Reply

I love the save the dates! Wedding next summer :)

ellie | Reply

love the save the dates, they are gorgeous ~

sweetersalt | Reply

Love Wiley Valentine – and we are trying to keep costs down so we can take a great honeymoon!

Jacqueline L. | Reply

With options like these – budget brides don’t have to break the bank to get quality work. Way to go Wiley!

BreeAnn Veenstra | Reply

Delicious! I say, yes please!

samantha | Reply

i would love to win! my fiance and are are getting married next september :)

Kelly Feole | Reply

i think these invitations are honestly my favorite so far! thank you for posting and for offering this giveaway. i love the fresh designs and colors and that they incorporate photos and are printed on recycled paper! i got engaged two weeks ago in italy at the top of a castle tower and am just starting to plan my wedding for next June.

Kendall Monroe | Reply

I love their style!
Absolutely beautiful!

Randi Erin | Reply

OMG! I love WV! I love their blog and just about have their site memorized. It would be so incredible to send out save the dates from their line! Thanks for the opportunity!

Lauren and Jeremy | Reply

we would loveeeee these! so cute!

kathryn | Reply


taylor | Reply

these are soooo pretty! i would love to have them!

Miranda Andersen | Reply

Any giveaway like this is always amazing. It would be great to win some free Save the Dates! And Wiley Valentine matches our personalities and taste style exactly!

Courtney | Reply

I would be very grateful :)

Dina | Reply

This is a great giveaway! And they cards are beautiful…definitely a nice touch for those with low budget weddings :)

Christin Post | Reply

(:) I love your work (:) choose us! I’m getting married next May to a silly man! I love your creativity:)

Bethany | Reply

Sooo pretty! Working on the address list for save the dates now… would be perfect timing…

Kendra | Reply

Oh Wiley Valentine. Will your stars finally align to pick me?

Mandy Gross | Reply

My best friend is in dire need of these! She has a very low budget so I hope I can win them for her!!! :D

Dani | Reply

Absolutely s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g!

Stephanie | Reply

I would love some freebie Wiley Valentine invitations! They’re all so gorgeous!

Shelley | Reply

Very awesome, would love to win!

Laura B | Reply

They are beautiful!

Tiffany | Reply

I love Wiley Valentine and my tiny budget wedding definitely can’t accommodate save the dates. Happy coincidence is that my wedding has a guest list of 50!

Renee H. | Reply

So thrilled that WV has ‘ready made’ options! They were one of the first places I looked for letterpress, which I soon figured out was way out of my budget. This is a superb alternative for those that love their design work, but can’t splurge for the letterpress!!! love it!!!

melissa | Reply

Love it! What a great giveaway!

Erin | Reply

Ahh gorgeous!

Lauren | Reply

These are beautiful. We weren’t planning on sending “Save the Date”s to save money, so this would be awesome!

Miss Giny/Au Pays des Merveilles | Reply

I would love to win them ! so cute ! ^^

Sarah H. | Reply

Oh those are gorgeous – pick me, I’ll do your homework for a WEEK. ;)

Meredith | Reply

gorgeous invites! thanks for offering the giveaway wile valentine…

Erin | Reply

Yay! I love contests AND I need to make save the dates… perfect!

Sam | Reply

Super excited about getting married, and really ready to start getting save the dates out!

anna | Reply

oh this giveaway is awesome! i love love their designs.

Natalie | Reply

This would be great to win!! Thanks for the chance!!

Beth | Reply

Winning this would be perfect! We have scratched our initial idea for save-the-dates because there were becoming too time consuming but now we don’t have much more in the budget to get our alternative. This would be amazing!!

Patricia | Reply

oh these are so BEAUTIFUL! One of the main features worrying me and that we haven’t figured out yet are our invites/save the date cards for our tight budget vintage wedding next summer.

We had someone offer to help by reducing their fee but then has gone m.i.a and we figure the offer was never genuine.

With our wedding being a small intimate day these would have everyone covered and they are so gorgeous that they would not only be helping out our budget (email invites just don’t seem right) but also suit our personailities and our wedding style.

So excited!

niki | Reply

Love these!! They’re stuff is really well designed, what an awesome giveaway!

Derricka | Reply

These are awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

Ashlee | Reply

Love Wiley Valentine! The invitations would be perfect for my intimate wedding! Pick me me me!!! :)

Fiona | Reply

Beautiful invitations that are so simple but still make a statement. My fiance and I would love to win these!

Kristen S | Reply

I love Wiley Valentine! Awesome!

Michelle Stuart | Reply

Wiley Valentine = Sweet ” ) Love these!

colleen | Reply


Brandy | Reply

Adorable and wonderfully playful too!

Lauren | Reply

Looking through the site there are so many great options, thanks for bringing on such a great giveaway!

Samantha A | Reply

LOVE the idea of using a photo in the invites! Wonderful!

tabatha | Reply

love the vintage feel and bright colors!!

Christina | Reply

So cute! Will definitely keep these in mind for the big day!

Sacha | Reply

Love this new line! Would love to incorporate it into my wedding next fall.

Katie | Reply

Love these! Fabulous Giveaway!

Cami | Reply

aw, i love these! i’m crossing my fingers! :)

Rebekah R | Reply

Wow! this would be ideal!

Lauren | Reply

LOVE these! Anxiously awaiting next Thursday……. :)

Erin | Reply

pick me! pick me!

Leah | Reply

Love these!

Bailey S. | Reply

Affordable is definitely key in this economy. Keep it coming!

Salome | Reply

Enter me to win!

Krystyna Riley | Reply

I love your work!!! It brought joy to my day!!!!

Kathryn Fosdick | Reply

OOOOOOH! What timing! I just got engaged two weeks ago, and have been looking at save the date cards like crazy. These are perfect!!

phoebe | Reply

Look beautiful

Jocelyn Ryder | Reply

These are beautiful!

Leanne | Reply

what a fabulous prize!

Elyse | Reply

Thought I’d throw my name in there! My partner and I are tying the knot after 8 years together! That’s what meeting at 19 will get you :)

Karen | Reply

These are fantastic! I had been hoping to make something along these lines myself, but since my DIY skills are severely lacking, these would be perfect!

Emily | Reply

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I hope I’m picked!

Lauren Singer | Reply

holy wiley coyote! this is some serious talent, i have such an obsession for card designs and these are fantastic- so classy slash modern slash hip… save the date art if you will!

styleezta | Reply

These are adorable enter me please :D

Annie S. | Reply

These paper products are so beautiful, I would love to have them for my wedding!

Nicole | Reply

This would be great.

Cris Whitman | Reply


Please be my Valentine!


Cris & Patrick

Hannah baker | Reply

What beautiful invites. I love the green bordered one.

Jenna | Reply

Lovely! I’d love to send these beauties out as my save the dates :)

Tina | Reply

Love them!

Ashley | Reply

Pick me! I loveeee these invitations – so pretty.

Anna | Reply

Yes, would love some save the date’s for my wedding! Thanks for the giveaway!

Brynn | Reply

Ooh these are lovely! The save the dates are amazing, can’t wait till next Thursday :)

Danielle | Reply

Love them! How sweet!!! :)

Emma Johansson | Reply

I do I do I do <3

CeCe White | Reply

So cute!!!! Love these invite and company :)

Olivia Chavez | Reply

SO excited! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Eliza | Reply

These are so gorgeous!

Joey | Reply

OF COURSE I’m interested!! These invitations and save the dates are amazing!!

JENNY | Reply

I love Wiley Valentine!! please let me win!

Charles | Reply

I love these invitations! I’m so glad Wiley Valentine has made a more affordable line!

Amy | Reply

Dutch Poppy is my favorite design, SO excited!

Tiffany | Reply

I DO!!! Thanks for this giveaway OnceWed!

Aubree | Reply

Gorgeous! I would love to win!

Chalz | Reply

This giveaway is wonderful :) Thank you for the chance to win this for my fiance and I

Charlie | Reply

I am really loving this new collection, please pick me to win!

Erin B. | Reply

<3 'em all! Thanks for the opportunity!

Karen | Reply

I hope I get lucky!!!!

Gab | Reply

Would love to win:)

Kristin S. | Reply

Love the simple, gorgeous designs! Fingers crossed!

Liz | Reply

These are beautiful, and you’re right- I love them all! Fingers crossed!

Lucy Vanderfeen | Reply

Mooi!! Newly engaged and trying to find a place to start..Looks like setting a date :).

Jessica Hamlet | Reply

I’m one of those DIY brides who underestimates the time it takes to DIY! I’d love to be chosen for this giveaway!

Ursula | Reply

Love these invitations, so excited about the new line!!!

Angela | Reply

These are lovely invites – I would love to win!

bella | Reply

im still not sure what my “save the date” will look like – perhaps i’ll be the lucky winner and have a chance to browse through this amazing collection!

i’ve always wondered how did “save the date” come about and what’s the story behind it…

Vanessa | Reply

i’m really loving their designs. i hope i win!!

Jessica | Reply

Stunning! I love Wiley Valentine! Beautiful designs!

alexia ruggles brown | Reply

Yes, please! I would love these!

Jenee | Reply

These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! love them!!! PICK US please!!!!!!

Elizabeth | Reply

Stylish and green — love them. We were going to skip save-the-dates due to lack of extra money, but something that looks this great and doesn’t cost a ton is definitely worth considering!

Melissa | Reply

Pretty please!

Jessica Mejia | Reply

I would love these save the date cards! They are so cute!!! Just like everything else you put on your blog!

Ivy | Reply

They are wonderful! I’ll be crossing my fingers!

Hadley | Reply

LOVE them! The style is so unique. Definitely something I am looking for! Just got engaged and eager to find an announcement or save the date option!

sara | Reply

wow, these are some of the coolest save the dates I’ve seen! i’m wishing and hoping!

rose | Reply

these are lovely!!! and I would love to send out these save the dates to my guests!!!

Juliet | Reply

I love these! I really need save the dates!

kaleigh williams | Reply

this would be swell. thank you for the opportunity & great work.

Kate | Reply

I was just yesterday looking on their website at their gorgeous invitations – so many to choose from! I would love love love to win this prize (and 50 is the exact number of save the dates I need for my intimate vinyard wedding too!!). Ive got my fingers and toes crossed :)

Laura Ruth | Reply

Classic and Earth Conscious! What a delightful way to share the joy of our Wedding date. Thank you for this opportunity Once Wed and Wiley Valentine!

Joanne | Reply

Wow! These save the dates look awesome! And they have a low budget invitation line too…I am going to check that out. Thanks for this opportunity!

Di | Reply

Beautiful stationary! I would love a chance to win.

c_tyler [of thegirltyler.com] | Reply

Oh how exciting – more affordable Wiley Valentine! Great giveaway too – I’ll have my fingers crossed.

Kristina | Reply

So cute! What a wonderful giveaway : )

Emily | Reply

Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Dawn & Rick | Reply

These are gorgeous and would fit well with our small & casual wedding. The reasonable prices are great too! Love OnceWed and WV :)

Jessica | Reply

Oh my Wiley Valentine! Keepin fingers and toes crossed that I might be a winnnner! :)

Stacey | Reply

Awesome! I love WV! Now that i’m planning my own wedding, i live on their site and blog! this would definitely be an awesome win for us (and our budget wedding)! either way, best of wishes to all the brides to be :)


^_^ loveLOVElove Wiley Valentine!!

Stef | Reply

LOVE the std with the green border! Just perfect.


Wiley Valentine is awesome!!

Jessica | Reply

So Cute!! Thanks for the giveaway

Amy Saycich | Reply

These are amazing! I’m going to check out the site now!

Tiffani Lemen | Reply

Pick me! I love these! They are all gorgeous, just the perfect paper product for a wedding. Trying to plan mine for spring, and I am on a super tight bdget. These would make the wedding perfect!

Sarah | Reply

so beautiful! I’d love to have them for my wedding

Mary | Reply

Love their style! So cute.

Cristina | Reply

This is a great giveaway and the save the dates look amazing! I am in need of save the dates!

Charia | Reply

These are so pretty!

Kathleen De La Pena | Reply

I would love to have WV for my save the dates! I was going to email for budget purposes, but if I am selected, I promise to refer all present and future brides to WV!

Melissa | Reply

I would love to win these! Their designs are so colorful and bright!

janice | Reply


Hannah | Reply

LOVE THESE! Fingers crossed! :)

Kimberley | Reply

I LOVE Wiley Valentine! Such beautiful cards and designs… love that modern, yet classic look! :) Would love to send these beauties to our guests! <3

Okeoma | Reply

Love these! Great giveaway! Thanks!

David Schreiner | Reply

Would love to win these for my fiance!

Beth | Reply

I’m entering for my friend Megan. She and her BF got engaged TODAY! It would be so amazing if I could hook them up with some of the truly GORGEOUS cards! I love them!

Marie | Reply

Love, love, LOVE these! So simple and so cute. Using a photograph of my fiance and I in our save the dates was important to me, so these would be perfect!

robyn faden | Reply

love the calendar ones…adorable!!

Megan | Reply

I am a OnceWed newbie and I am in love… this site is fantastic!!!
I would HEART the chance to have these Save-The-Dates!! They….are…..gorgeous….

Audrey | Reply

Sooo adorable! Would love these for my March 2011 wedding. Thanks Once Wed and Wiley Valentine!

Jessica Collins | Reply

I’d love to win WV invitations! I hope we’re picked!!

Matt | Reply

We’d love to win! Please pick us!!

Bonnie | Reply

NEED these!

Kelli | Reply

I just got engaged today & would love to win these Save the Dates for my 2011 wedding!

Shanna | Reply

I’d love to win these beauties! My big day is 5-7-2011!

Maile | Reply

Sounds amazing!! Please pick me =)

Anna Hume | Reply

I heart this company!! xoxo

Lindsay C | Reply

WV stationary is BEAUTIFUL!! This would be an amazing win.

Chris H | Reply

My fiance would love to win these!!

katie | Reply

beautiful~! :)

Sergio | Reply

This would be amazing!

Brittany | Reply

I would love to win!

esther | Reply

My fiance has been pushing to get save-the-dates out. WV is amzaing…these would be perfect!

Cassandra H. | Reply

I love these! Time to daydream…!

Caitlin | Reply

so pretty! thank you wiley valentine!

Elaine | Reply

I love the available designs! Thanks for the opportunity.

lily | Reply


Tiffany W. | Reply

These invites are absolutely fantastic. Love the designs!

Megan King | Reply

One of my favorite things to do is to peruse websites looking for affordable, interesting, and eco-friendly cards. Wiley Valentine has always been one of my favorites! Great contest! I”m crossing my fingers!

rebecca | Reply

Love these — hoping to win for my sister!

chelsi | Reply

i LOVE that these are “green”…i’m in! :)

Emily Dart-McLean | Reply

I particularly am partial to the invites with the green filagree!

Kathryn May | Reply

They’re so cute and personal!!!

Crystal | Reply

these are absolutly lovely!:)

Katrina | Reply

Crossing fingers and toes

Jackie H | Reply

Wow, they look amazing! :)
Thanks for sharing about Wiley Valentine! :)

I would love to be picked! :) Thank you!!!

Monica G | Reply

These are ALL incredible and It would be such a blessing if chosen.

Heather | Reply

Just engaged in the past week, and I love these invites!

Alisia | Reply

beautiful. :)

s.maria | Reply

Love these! So excited they have a new low budget line now.

ashley | Reply

I would love to win. And this amount of count is what I need!
Oooh! They have letterpress. To die for!

Emily H. | Reply

what lovely invites, count me in as an entry for the competition!

Brittany | Reply

Love these save the dates! We are having our engagement pictures taken on Wednesday, it would be great to use them in our save the dates!
Thanks for hosting this great giveaway.

Rachel Thiel | Reply

Thank you for posting these. I have tried to make Save the Date cards and none of them looked that stunning. I love them!

Erica Mendez | Reply

Fab designs! As a designer, the bold style is just my taste!

Lacey | Reply

Simply Gorgeous…not other words needed!

Obgyngirl | Reply

Gorg! We’d love to use these for our wedding…

Richelle | Reply

Pretty!! Just had engagement pics taken yesterday, would love these for Save the Date’s.

Cara | Reply

Just got engaged and we are getting married on New Years Eve so I would love all the help I can get…especially these amazing save the dates!

Kara | Reply

these save-the-dates are beautiful!

Tracy Allnutt | Reply

Pick me! Pick me! I’d love to win the Wiley Valentine Save the Dates!

Courtney | Reply

I just got engaged & would love love love to win! :)

Allison L. | Reply

I love Wiley Valentine. So chic and I love the green factor!

Lady Ray | Reply

This is pretty awesome! There designs are great.

Lendy | Reply

Pick me, pick me! Love WV! :)

Nuvea | Reply

These would be perfect for our wedding!

tiffany f (soon to be s.) | Reply

i would love to have these save the dates! beautiful.

Vicki | Reply

I would love to have these save the dates! Very pretty.

Sharon | Reply

We just took our engagement pics, so save-the-dates are next! These would be so wonderful to have.

Lauren Manning | Reply

so cute!! thanks for sharing!!

Alexandra | Reply

Ooooh These are wonderful!! Crossing my fingers!!!

Kalea Harrison | Reply

Oh I just love love love Wiley Valentine! Such a great giveaway!

anna | Reply

these are beautiful!
great giveaway :)

Lucy | Reply

What lovely stationery, fingers crossed I get to grace my guests door mats with these!! P.s I’m from the UK and check your site every day, I loooooooooooooooooooooooove it! keep up the good work!

Linda | Reply

Love y’alls stationery! Would love to win!

Rebecca | Reply

These are exactly in the tone that I want for my photo postcard save the dates–pretty and happy and fun, without being too sappy sweet! Been planning on doing them myself but these are already perfect!

OlyveOyl | Reply

Your products are terrific and will look good on a frig reminding everyone of our upcoming speical day. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Brittany Rambo | Reply

LOVE THEM! What cute and beatuiful notes!

BHoot | Reply

Pretty Sweet!

Laura D | Reply

These are amazing. I love the “laguna beach” save the date with the picture. Beautiful!

Andrea Mancillas | Reply

I love “The Cape” design and colors! I am choosing the same shades of pink and blue for my wedding!

Melissa | Reply

That’s so great ot hear! We have a tight budget, but I want to do as green/eco friendly of a wedding as possible, including the stationary. Thank you for the opportunity!

Amy Kugali | Reply

I’d love to have a smooching cards!

Love, save-the-date style…


Melissa Evans | Reply

What adorable Save the Date’s! Great style, unique and modern with class too…and on a budget, now that’s a find! Whether we win or not, I’ll for sure be checking this website out more closely!

Sharisa Hutchins | Reply

I heart Wiley Valentine! Such amazing Stationery!

Amy Tang | Reply

These are so adorable, love them!

Paula | Reply

I am such a fan of Wiley Valentine and would be thrilled to use their stationery for my wedding!!

Emily McBane | Reply

Absolutely adorable! I love that they have a budget friendly line!

Allie | Reply

Love WIley Valentine!!!!! Stunning!!!

Emily | Reply

Love this for budget brides!

OlyveOyl | Reply

The quality looks terrific and the concept is FANTASTIC and something that will benefit our upcoming wedding. I love all of the ideas I have learned from your site. Thanks for sharing your know-how.

Leslie | Reply

Love these! Please sign me up!