Wedding Window

Wedding Window

I have a gorgeous city hall wedding coming up next, but before I jump into regular posting for the week I would like to introduce you to another one of our great sponsors, Wedding Window. The team over at Wedding Window recently launched a bunch of new features giving couples more options for customizing their wedding websites

Wedding Window

Our new feature will allow brides and grooms to upload unique Theme photos to each and every page of their website. Several of our Themes will also allow for unique Theme text and unique Theme tag lines on each website page. For example. Celebrity’s default Theme text is “wedding”. If a couple decides to change that Theme text on a specific page, they can do so by entering the new text and setting their preferred font size and font color.

Wedding Window1

In honor of this new feature, Wedding Window is offering a wonderful giveaway for 12 months of free hosting($79 value) to 3 Once Wed readers. Leave a comment below for your chance to win and we’ll announce the winner at random on Monday.

  1. Woo! This would be great! I love the site and the themes! I would use this instead of save the dates to go green!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Wow, it’d be great to have that much customizing ability, and 12 months of wedsite free would be awesome!!

  3. I love wedding window!! I recently got engaged, and would love to create a website for all of our guests to find information about our destination wedding!!

  4. This is very neat. My wedding date changed so I don’t need a website quite yet, but I’ve still been trying to find the best one to use. This is definitely towards the top of my list.

  5. I’m probably going to use wedding window whether I win or not! Thanks for the tip! I’ll need to create a website as soon as we get our engagement photos done next weekend :).

  6. Sounds like a perfect idea! I never know what to write on those pages :) I need all the preset tools I can get!

  7. We hadn’t thought of a having a site until we were chatting yesterday and realized the date is sneaking up and we have so many details to share- this site looks just lovely!

  8. It’s so much fun to customize…and a wedding website is certainly something I should get a move on (once we settle on a date that is)! :o)

  9. I would LOVE a wedding website! We have looked at several of the free options out there, but they just don’t provide the level of quality we are looking for.

  10. Pick us! I’ll be living half way around the world from my fiance for the next few months due to work. This would help soooo much with wedding planning while living thousands of miles away from our family and friends!!!

  11. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway Wedding Window and the Once Wed Team! I really love the website design and customization options – it’s hard to find sites that are simple and tasteful. I have just started the planning process for our wedding in the charming town of Fredericksburg, TX. The Memento template would be a great starting off point to convey my wedding scheme to my guests. Thanks again!

  12. This is a great site. We’ve been debating whether to create a wedding website but think we might take the plunge.

  13. Wow! These look great and add a unique touch to your wedding before anyone even attends1

  14. Wow! These look great and add a unique touch to your wedding before anyone even attends…its a preview for your wedding!

  15. How fun! We’re all about the wedding website to get our info out there about our small, eco-friendly wedding!

  16. Is it too late? I still want to win! I need a wedding web site like yesterday and these look so pretty! Like someone designed it just for me!

  17. I’ve been looking into wedding websites and LOVE this one! Thanks for sharing Once Wed… I really didn’t want something too “cookie cutter” and Wedding Windows allows me great creative freedom. :)

  18. My friend used Wedding Window and I absolutely LOVED their site. This would be perfect for us!

  19. My Fiance and I were just chatting about how we really need to give in and make a website for our guests since eveyrone will be from out of town, but we HATE the typical Knot/Facebooks “Weddingbook” sites and this would be PERFECT! :) pleeeeaaaaase pick us!

  20. Love this! The idea of something a bit more custom for our wedding website without the hassle of designing my own would be perfect! I’m a graphic designer, and just don’t have the time to do my own, but the idea of a standard, “cookie cutter” wedding website kind of bums me out… What a great solution!

  21. All of our friends use facebook for getting the info out….This is WAY better!! I would love one. Great for out of town guests and great so i don’t have to put all our info on the invitation. just tell em to go to the website

  22. My brother just proposed to his fiance last weekend. This is exactly the type of website they need.

  23. Oh please we need it!!! We have to set up our website soon- before the save the dates go out!

  24. Woooohooo!!! wooohooo!!!! I’ve played around with sites but I haven’t been able to make one as awesome as this place provides!!!! Pleeeeeaaaaase pick me!!! :D Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  25. I love how this site lets you adjust colors and really personalize it. This has a lot more options than other sites I’ve seen.

  26. I hope lady luck is on my side, because this last minute bride could use some help along this crazy wedding planning ride!!!!

  27. With guests traveling from all over the country to attend our wedding, we’re going to need a website to keep everyone updated. Thanks for the post on Wedding Window!

  28. We really love this site….all of our guest will be “out of town” guests so I love the ability to customize….we could even leave thigns to do if they opt to stay more than a night! SO, needless to say, we would be elated if Wedding Window snagged our name ; )

  29. I have no idea how to make a fabulous wedding website and would love to have a free one! Pick me please!

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