Happy Tuesday! I have an awesome real wedding to share with you today, but before we jump into regular posting I wanted to start off on a good note by telling you about one of our awesome sponsors, Wedding Jojo. If you are a bride and you’re looking to create a wedding website that is both beautifully designed and easy to use, you’ve got to check out their seven, completely customizable site templates. With Wedding Jojo, you don’t need any web experience to create a lovely wedding site that both you and your guests can all enjoy. They recently added the option of a fully customizable color picker for the craft and mist themes, so brides and grooms can customize each color to their liking via the admin section.

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Wedding Jojo

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Caribbean Wedding Events | Reply

My brides are raving about this site…it’s totally fun!

patience | Reply

those are Much better than some of the other wedding templates i have seen.

Maker | Reply

My fiance and I actually use this platform. It has been awesome. True story.

The templates are not cookie cutter and give you a lot of room for personalization. My favorite features: personalized URL, the online RSVP (it has been a god-send) and the ability to link to venue/hotel websites (not something I would have done on my own but the guests have totally loved).

Plus, every time I’ve emailed, they respond very quickly to my (often super random) questions.

I highly recommend it.

Erin | Reply

my fiance and I are using for our wedding! it’s fantastic. we’re going to have everyone rsvp through our site instead of via snail mail and it will save us a lot of $$ on rsvp cards!

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