It’s hard to find personal wedding websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provide an easy to use interface for guests to work with. One our ad sponsors, Wedding Jojo, provides both of these with their easy to use, customizable wedding template websites. They offer a great selection of features for couples to personalize their website, but my favorite feature has to be the ability for guests to RSVP online and select their meal choice.

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Check out Wedding Jojo for more information about their custom templates and how to sign up today!

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Kris | Reply

Can I just say something about Wedding Jojo? THEY ARE THE BEST!

I looked around at a few different places before I went with Jojo (because their designs appealed to me most) and I am so happy I did. They’re a small company with excellent customer service. I have written them a few times asking about features, and they respond quickly and helpfully. They’re constantly improving and expanding their features, and they listen to customer feedback.

I am really impressed, and I’ve been trying to spread the word. However, I don’t know many engaged people, so when I came across this I thought I should share.

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