Wedding Film Photography Giveaway

Happy Monday! Today we have incredible giveaway to share with you. Odalys Mendez, an amazing fine art film photographer, is giving away an entire wedding photography package with 8 hours of coverage to one lucky Once Wed reader absolutely free. And she shoots all film! What a treat, right? Her lifestyle approach to weddings is relaxed and unobtrusive. Using mostly natural light, she documents moments as they unfold naturally creating soft, beautiful imagery for her couples. Be sure to check out her website and blog to view more of her lovely photography!

The Prize: The package to be given away has a value of $3,500 and it is for eight hours of wedding day coverage. Albums, prints and other products are additional and can be ordered through Odalys Mendez Photography. A standard wedding photography contract applies and must be executed within two weeks of notifying the winning couple. If the wedding chosen is outside of the state of Georgia, the winning couple agrees to pay for travel fees upfront, with travel arrangements to be made by Odalys Mendez Photography. The couple must not have an existing contract with another wedding photographer and Odalys Mendez will be the exclusive photographer for the event.

To Enter: Comment below with your name, email, wedding date, and wedding location or venue. Please tell us a little about your story, style, wedding and why you’d like to win the photography package. Odalys will pick the winning couple on December 12th.

This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered!

  1. name: Callie

    wedding date: 4/13/13

    venue: Loft 1023 in Little Rock, Ark.

    story/style/wedding: If I had to characterize my wedding, I’d call it “Urban-Southern”. Our venue is a beautiful space in downtown Little Rock with exposed brick and hardwood floors. We’re decorating with mason jars, simple flowers, candles, etc…
    I’m hoping/planning on being a super laid-back bride. My fiance has a rockin’ mustache, but more importantly, he’s the love of my life!
    We’re both passionate and creative people who are currently wandering around in Montgomery, Ala., but as soon as we’re married we’re hoping to make a new life for ourselves somewhere out West. <3

  2. Alex and I met four and half years ago on a blind date after mutual friends thought we had so much in common. We met, fell in love, became best friends, and I can’t image having more fun with anyone else.

    Although we live in Los Angeles, I am originally from Nashville, TN. We are planning for an initmate, rustic farm-to-table and kinfolk magazine dinner party inspired wedding for 75-90 guests at an organic farm near Leipers Fork (30 minutes outside of Nasvhille) in September 2013 (hoping for September 21st).

    I love your photography (so soft and beautiful), and it would be such an amazing gift to have you capture our day.

  3. Benjamin and I have known each other our whole lives. He and my older brother played little league baseball together in our small town and our families became fast friends. We went on spring break trips together growing up. He and my brother teased me endlessly including ripping my barbie dolls limb from limb and the affectionate nickname, Big Bertha.

    Benjamin and I didn’t see one another for about 5 years, he was a contract engineer for the navy, sailing all over the world for 4-8 months at a time and only returning for very short periods of time. I was away at college. Ben and I reunited when my older brother got married and we were both in the bridal party. He says that’s when he “realized i grew up.”

    He was headed back out to sea, but we decided that for the next 8 months, while he was sailing, we would commit to sending one another emails to get to know eachother on a new level- beyond the little sister- big brother’s friend relationship.

    After 8 months of emailing we spent the summer in the same town, falling in love.

    We are getting married May 26, 2013 in Ellicottville, NY, a unique and rustic ski-town. Our ceremony will be held at St. Paul’s lutheran Church and our reception at Holiday Valley Ski resort in the ski lodge. We have a laid back, non-traditional, “whiskey a hike and a kiss on the cheek” kind of style and we’re looking for photography to capture the fun, excitement and love on our day.

  4. My fiancé and I are from Canada, and currently live on a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. We got engaged on the big grassy hill in our hometown (Halifax) where we had our first date 8 years ago. We’ll be married in Halifax on next New Year’s Eve (31 Dec 2013).

    Our wedding will be at an industrial-looking farmers market. We want our wedding to be relaxed and fun, without much traditional wedding fluff (but maybe just a little pinch of sparkle).

    Looking through your work has been like finding a drop of clear water in a big muddy puddle. So much wedding photography is…strange. But your work is so lovely, so natural, the light you find so perfect. It’s more than just ‘wedding photography’. It’s photography that happens at a wedding. It would be incredible to have it happen at ours.

    I do hope you’ll consider coming up to Halifax, Canada for a New Year’s Eve party with us next year.

  5. Avery and I are just as good together as we are apart. We have been in a long distance relationship for the last three years and glad that it all coming to an end. We live 2000 miles away from one another, I in Las Vegas and Avery in Mauldin, SC. When we are together, its like we’re never apart. We try to fly every six or eight weeks, sometimes we actually meet in different cities. Our definition as a couple is always changing. When we first met it was an instant connection, so much so that we have talked almost every day since. We compliment one another so well. People, usually women, ask me how did we fall in love or when did I know that I had fell in love. My answer to that question is somewhat simple, I don’t know. I don’t know when I loved him, but something told me when I met him that I would love him. How’s that for love at first sight. Moving forward we aren’t focused on how we got “there”, we are now looking forward to we stay “there”.

    Our wedding style cannot be summed up into one word. We are getting married in Charleston, South Carolina. Unbeknownst to me, when Avery and I decided to marry there, Charleston is the number two wedding destination in the US. It is also The home of the movie The Notebook, which just so happens to be one of my favorite movies. It is an absolutely beautiful and charming city. We are getting married on the grounds of one of South Carolina’s oldest Antebellum style homes, the Legare Waring House. Words really do it no justice. We opted for something really dramatic, chic, but still southern. I am all about the aesthetic style and small details. We are still in the planning and decoration process but I can’t wait for it to all come together, I can close my eyes and just about see it. Now its about bringing that vision to life.

    I have attached on of our engagement photos in this email, but here is always a link to the same photo

    Pinterest! Say no more :)

    Wedding Date: March 24, 2013
    Venue: Legare Waring House (

    Guest Count: Approx. 125
    Number in Bridal Party: 5 ( including Avery and myself)

  6. Lucas & I are getting married on November 9th, 2013 at Vinewood in Newnan, GA. Vinewood is a historic plantation house with an amazing old barn (where the reception will be) and it sits on a gorgeous piece of land.

    I’d say that I’m a little bit glam, so I’d describe the wedding as rustic Southern sophistication. :) Lucas’s family is from North Carolina & Florida, my family is from Georgia, and we live in San Francisco now. Therefore, we’d love to represent our roots by including Southern touches (for example, Sun in my Belly is catering our event with upscale Southern food) but we also want to include West-coast touches, which is our new home.

    Mostly, our goal is just to throw a great party for our friends and family. We hope our photographer can capture the love and friendship that we have for each other, and Odalys Mendez seems like an amazing photographer to do just that. If we were chosen, we would be so incredibly honored and grateful. Paying for your own wedding is a bit of a challenge, and this would be such a blessing.

    XO Jill & Lucas

  7. Aaron and I can’t wait to marry each other at Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island off the northern coast of Washington–such a magical place! We are getting married July 22, 2013 and are planning a relaxed, fun-filled weekend of festivities for all our friends and family. Our wedding will be a DIY rustic, lace, lavender, twine and kraft-paper filled event with some surprises from my juggling family:)

    Aaron and I met working at a local hospital and are lucky to both work as nurses–meaning we can (and soon will) travel the world together with something meaningful to offer.

    Photography is so so important to us to document our wedding so to be lucky enough to be the recipients of such a fabulous photographer would just be icing on our already sweet wedding cake.

  8. James and I will have our wedding on November 2, 2013 in Birmingham, Alabama. We’ll be married in a local church with only our closest family and friends there to support us. Our wedding will be a traditional one, with a few quirky bits thrown in so that it truly represents who we are as individuals and as a couple. James has a background in graphic design and printmaking and a passion for art and music. He plans to print our invitations and paper goods, and also hopes to bring his guitar along for a song or two during the ceremony. James will be making the labels for my homemade jam favors and may even stir a pot or two in the process. I love to feed my family, and it is important to me to give them something that truly speaks to who I am and what I love.

    James and I met on a blind date, on a whim, as I was only home visiting for my grandmother’s birthday. I was living in Tennessee at the time; he was living in Birmingham. I never imagined it would work, because of the distance. After a month or so of talking, I decided to move home. We’ve been together since, pushing past the negativity of some to become confident in our love and affection for each other. It’s been a little over four years, and he proposed this past summer. In front of those who have watched our relationship grow from the very beginning, he dropped to his knee and asked me to be his wife.

    The most important thing to me is that we are able to live in the moment. I have heard of so many people who are overtaken by the anxiety and forget parts of their wedding day, or forget the meaning behind it all. I want us always to remember saying our vows and being with family. I want us to remember the love we felt that day, as a precursor to the love we will continue to feel all of our lives. This is part of the reason that finding an inspired photographer is so important to us. We want to remember.

    It would be such a gift and a blessing to be chosen. Thank you for considering us.

  9. Jessie was a nerdy girl who liked literature and Cory was a punk who rode skateboards. As a couple, they were a little unlikely. He was so shy that he read books in class, hoping that she would ask about what he was reading (she did). After becoming good friends in their sophomore year of high school, they began dating in their junior year. He taught her how to take photographs and drink tea. She inspired him to attend plays and be a lot dorkier. They thought things were going pretty well, so they decided to attend the same university in Seattle, WA, away from their native southern California. He studies journalism and is devoted to NPR; she continues to read her thick novels and is discovering a love for cooking. Together, they are discovering lots of coffee, dreaming out taking backpacking trips abroad, and bolstering their savings accounts.

    Things are going so well that they kind of want to make it last forever, starting in June 2014 (looking ahead!).

    Jessie’s wedding vision is “Tuscan elegance meets Kinfolk”: timeless, romantic, natural, and focused on friends and family. Cory’s wedding style is California beach-y: relaxed and tons of fun, with a very casual bent. There will be lots of doing-it-themselves and help from friends and family. They think their wedding will be the best thing ever.

    Jessie and Cory would like to be married in Cory’s grandparents’ backyard in the Pacific Palisades. Cory parents were married there too.

    Jessie and Cory would be ecstatic about having Odalys Mendez shoot their wedding for 5 reasons: 1) Cory loves the retro use of film; 2) Jessie loves the use of natural light (that’s all she likes to shoot with as well) and the dreamy focus; 3) Jessie and Cory have big plans after the wedding (including, hopefully, Jessie attending graduate school), so they need to keep their wedding within the budget; 4) they are a little shy and like Ms. Mendez’s focus on relaxed and unobtrusive sessions; 5) they simply think Ms. Mendez’s work is beautiful. That last one is the coolest bit of all.

    P.S. (Jessie has been a little obsessive with pinning ideas for their wedding. If you’d like to see a carefully-curated Pinterest board of Jessie’s vision for the day, click the link:

  10. Maggie & Cj

    Cj and I met almost two years ago as volunteer leaders for an organization called Young Life. We had the opportunity to take some high school students to camp and realized we had similar hearts for serving! Soon after, we began dating and have been together ever since! We became engaged about three weeks ago in North Carolina while overlooking the Appalachian Mountains and watching the beautiful sunrise!

    Our wedding will be a little offbeat as we are both not very traditional people. We want the focus to revolve around our family and friends, since they have played such important roles in building and solidifying our relationship!

    We will be getting married October 5th, 2013 at a local farm in Grayson, GA. We are planning on having a morning ceremony that will be outdoors in an open field. After the ceremony, we will celebrate together by dining on a delicious breakfast feast (our favorite meal of the day)!

    The style will be a combination of romantic meets modern. We plan on using lots of flowers, hints of lace, and raw metal accents. The overall styling will be muted and simplified, but it will be just the right amount of décor to create a romantic feel. Oh, and did I mention the wedding will be a completely DIY! First of all because I am currently a student but mainly because I love art, styling, and creating!

    Choosing the right wedding photographer is extremely important to us! Receiving the photography package Odalys Mendez is offering would be such a blessing! She will be capturing one of the most important days of our life- the start of a new life together as husband and wife!

    Name: Maggie Monroe & C.J. Wilkes
    Wedding Date: 10/5/2013
    Wedding Location: Grayson, GA

  11. Zack and I are the definition of an international couple. I am Australian, he is an American, and we meet on a study abroad trip to Japan. After overcoming a long distance relationship we now have the privilege of being together and we are happy. On October 6th 2012 we legally married to start the immigration process so that we will be able to stay together in the future. Our courthouse wedding was small, just us, two friends from graduate school and our families via the amazing technology of Skype. We shared an incredible day celebrating together with cupcakes, champagne, and dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant. We had our perfect day and now we intend to give our families the memories that they deserve at the celebration of our marriage on May 26th, 2013.

    Our wedding will be at Pattison Lodge and Gazebo in Batavia, Ohio. We have extended family traveling from Australia, England, Japan, and numerous states across America. I could tell you that we are having a DIY retro 1950’s style food truck wedding, but what really matters is that we will be able to share the day with family. For the first time in two and a half years I will be able to hug my mum, to share the special moment of walking down the aisle with my dad, and chat with my sister about nothing and everything anytime of the day I want (with the added bonus of marring my best friend all over again!) To have the honor of capturing those precious moments along with the joining of two families that will be meeting for the first time would mean the world to us.

    I have attached the video we made for our families of our October 6th 2012 marriage:

    Thank you for considering us for this wonderful gift.

  12. Colin and I met 7 years ago when we were in college at the University of Utah. I knew the moment that I met him that he was something special and that he would leave a footprint on my heart. I don’t know what it was, (maybe his cute dimples) but there was something that sparked between us immediately. I love to think about the beginning of our relationship, because we were both so shy, but we just loved spending time with each other! Now, I feel like we never stop talking!

    Over the past 7 years we’ve experienced a lot. Our love for each other has endured many, many miles apart (numerous months where we were literally around the world from one another), we’ve always been there for one another during family and personal hardships, and we’ve come out stronger than ever.

    Colin proposed to me on a secluded hike. I was not expecting it at all, but it was the most intimate and perfect way to get engaged! Of course I was thrilled!

    Our wedding is going to be held at High Star Ranch in Kamas, Utah on June 29th 2013. Our wedding style is a mix of boho romance. We are both pretty crafty and will be making most of the decor ourselves, including dream catchers, our ceremony backdrop, the table runners and the table numbers (which are framed, dried wild-flowers from my family’s cottage in Northern Michigan that we collected right after we got engaged).

    One friend is designing our invitations, the band is some of our closest pals, and another friend will be officiating the ceremony. We are especially excited about having our two dogs walk down the aisle with us. (We couldn’t get married without them there!) Clearly, we want this to be an unforgettable affair spent with our closest friends and family.

    We want to cherish the memories of our wedding day and we want a photographer who will appreciate not only the hard work that we’ve put into the day, but also the one-of-a-kind love we have for one another. We would be thrilled to have Odalys Mendez capture the most important day of our life-the first day of our big adventure and the day that we commit our love to one another for the rest of our lives! Eek! I can’t wait! :)

  13. Maggie and I did in fact meet while serving with Young Life. We did in fact discover that we had hearts for serving as we were at a camp leading High School friends.

    It was a long conversation on a cold and snowy night while eating pizza at Cameli’s on Ponce de Leon followed by a cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop that revealed to me Maggie’s genuine heart for people. As the conversation progressed and broke through the surface, I learned that Maggie wants her life to make an impact on others. That’s attractive. I had her running through the streets of downtown Atlanta passing out blankets, gloves and hand-warmers on our first date – what was I thinking? Or what was she thinking when she accepted the second?

    Hey, we were engaged at the top of a ridge off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC at sunrise on October 20th. That means one thing – well two – it was a lot colder than I thought it would be, but so worth the view! I also had the element of surprise working in my favor as she had no idea that I was proposing or the fact that all of her friends were watching the same sunrise as us on the lower rock shelf below where we are ready to celebrate with us!

    Our style compliments one another. She adds the touch of modern trendiness and I add the touch of southern comfort, but we both are visionary people that practically never follow the directions. We love creating new things out of old, changing new things to better new things. Maggie typically provides most of the cool ideas, draws them out so I can understand what she means and then I get to go and build it for her – not discount her ability to build, but she lets me share in the glory.

    How cool it would be to win your wedding package because you’re work puts on display all of those details that we knew we wanted and then discovered that we wanted through your style. The morning setting in the fall will be amazing. We are excited about the breakfast meal that will ensue. We are excited that the atmosphere will be romantic and modern for all of our friends and family to enjoy. We are really excited to be able to fuse all of the details together and have it be documented with your touch of vision.

  14. Chris and I met my last semester of high school and started dating the summer after I graduated. We’ve been together ever since. He has been my best friend and my rock through college and now graduate school.
    We are getting married June 22, 2014 at the Brookside Country Club in Columbus Ohio.
    We are so excited to be getting married right near summer solstice and hope to incorporate some aspects of a Scandinavian Midsummer (lots of flowers, dancing, outdoor elements) with the elegance and charm of the country club, accenting its antique gold and reveling in the natural beauty of the grounds.

    Because my fiance and I are both college students and embarking on high degrees, our budget for the wedding is small and graciously subsidized by my parents. The one thing we would like to invest in is the photography.
    The softness and character in Odlay’s photography would be amazing to have as a testament on our own wedding day and a lasting, artistic memory we can hold on to for the rest of our lives.
    Name: Laura Moses

  15. Date: July 27, 2013
    Ceremony: Bering Memorial UMC
    Reception: Nouveau Art Bar (both ceremony and reception are in Houston, TX)

    By the time we say our vows, Manny and I will have been together more than 9 years. We are so ready for and excited about getting married and making it all official, and we know that even with 9 years of memories under our belts that this day will be special. From the beginning, we have said that our priorities for this event are 1) Good food, 2) I don’t want to clean up afterwards, and 3) We have to have a good photographer. We are pretty low maintenance and would love a photographer who might want to take some creative chances and work with the unique reception venue lighting (it is almost entirely lit by overhead Tiffany style lamps). With Manny finishing up undergrad, it is important to us to keep costs manageable, so I had ruled out a film photographer until seeing this post.

    My personal connection with photography is strong – he actually proposed one night when we went stargazing and to take pictures of the night sky. I attended the arts high school in Houston and have loved art (especially film photography) ever since. It would be amazing to have someone documenting our wedding in film.

    I realize that convincing anyone to come to Houston in July is a challenge, but I love the city so much that I am having my wedding there instead of our current residence in Santa Fe, NM. It’s an oil town, and subsequently full of amazing art fueled (see what I did there??) by the patronage of oil fortunes. We have amazing museums and a culture that encompasses the western attitude of Texas, the southern charm of the Gulf Coast, and the sophistication that comes with being a port city full of international influence.

  16. Bride + Groom: Denice + Ulises

    wedding date: 1/4/2014

    venue: private residence in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    story/style/wedding: This is going to sound very very cheesy… but it’s true. My fiancé and I were best friends for 8yrs before we started dating. We are each other’s best friend and lover. After 2 1/2 years being together, he popped the question in September, at my grandmother’s house (in front of everyone might I add) during our family dinner. I CRIED like a baby!!!! I didn’t even see the ring 15 minutes after being engaged because I just couldn’t stop crying! I said yes, of course, and then I said… What ever we are having, big or small, I want a great photographer! We are planning a small wedding with just family + close friends (our list is at 46 at the moment…. trying not to hit 50!). Our wedding will be a backyard wedding. I love everything classic, and my fiance loves everything simple. Although we are not officially planning yet (finding an apartment before Jan. 2013 is our main priority at the moment), the look we are going for is classic/romantic. My vision is to have white/light pink flowers, with candles and pieces of mixed china all set up in rectangular tables. I want to create a warm, intimate atmosphere where we can all just relax and get to know each other as a new family. Because my fiancé and I have different taste in food, my plan is to have a his and hers menu option buffet style.

    I love photography. But mostly, I LOVE film photography. I love the subtle and real colors film brings to a photograph. I adore artists like E. Messina, Jessica Lorren, Michelle March, Jose Villa and Ozzy Garcia. Our biggest challenge with this wedding is that we will be paying for everything ourselves. This gift will be an amazing one to win. It will be a dream come true to have our wedding photographed by a film photographer.

  17. My name is Andrea and I am a single girl, which might make you wonder why I am entering this contest since it’s for a wedding shoot. Well it’s simple, really….my best friend is getting married to the guy of her dreams and I want her to have the best wedding she can imagine! (or at least something very close to that imagination of hers)

    Their love story goes a little something like this…Being raised amongst religious families, they both attend the same church hall but at different times; only once a year does our church have a big get-together with all the churches which is where they had met a few times. He was smitten with her, for years, but she didn’t know nor did she care because being in a relationship was not what she had in mind at the time. However, things changed a year ago (literally it was a year and one week ago!).
    She was invited to tag along with a married couple and their two kids on a camping trip to Disney last November and, wouldn’t you know it, her future Prince Charming was there. They hit it off right from the start and the friendship grew quickly. A month or so later, he expressed his feelings for her in the form of a song and, seriously, how could you ever resist a proclamation of ‘being deep in like’ when you’re being serenaded? From that moment on they have been so in love but their relationship has been an uphill battle with the family…which I won’t go into details because it’s not my place to dish those sad details.
    But what I will dish, which is the reason why I am even entering her in this contest, is one of the saddest thing a girl can hear when she’s been proposed to….a $5,000 budget is all they’re getting!! Yep, you read right, $5,000. Since they’re both college students (he’s in an intense nursing program which means he can’t just post pone school tip later) with mediocre jobs they’re not gonna have enough money to add to that wedding budget.
    Now a wedding with that kind of budget is NOT the end of the world, but it is the end of many cute details she might have dreamed of before. All their friends are, of course, pitching in, doing as many DIYs as possible and contributing in all sorts of ways but there is only so much we can help with to make this day special. Which is why this free wedding photography would be so perfect for her!

    Her wedding date isn’t solid yet because she is currently doing venue shopping, but it is definitely going to be in December 2013. I know this probably makes you uneasy, and more likely not to pick her since there is nothing solid, but I will tell you this…their love is so beyond solid and no matter where it is (backyard, camp site, fancy venue..) they will be getting married. So please please please don’t dismiss this entry due to the lack of specificity. Besides by the time you pick the winner she might have the venue picked out :)

    By the way, thank you for this wonderful opportunity you’re giving away. Even if my friend and her fiancee don’t get picked, it is one kind gesture on your part that a lucky couple will never be able to thank you enough for.

  18. Sarah + Thorsten

    We met through an internet search gone awry. I was doing an internship in Germany, posted on a local internet forum with a plea for help after not finding any bike shops that could assist me. He did an unrelated google search regarding bikes, and stumbled on my post. He mailed. Bike was repaired. We took a ride…

    A few weeks later (despite being madly in love), I returned to America to finish my studies. We skyped. and skyped. and skyped. 9 months later, I was back in Germany, and 4.5 years later after our fated and unintended discovery of one another, we are planning our wedding.

    We’re newly engaged and don’t have all the details worked out, but a vision is forming. The marriage will take place in Germany in the countryside outside of Stuttgart. Location searching is exhausting, but I’m hoping to tie together German woody history with American shine+pop. I’m an architect with a penchant for historic places, bright color, translucent materials, and textures. He’s a graphic designer with an eye for everything, and a wonderful euro-chic-street style. We hope to find a location that can balance history and design styles. Date is between June and August…

    As we both are highly sensitive to visual aesthetics, a perfect photographer is a must. In addition, living in Europe is mostly filled with delight, but planning a wedding in your second language is proving to be a wild ride. In addition, finding vendors who understand my translated German-from-English vision of the day is also giving me intermittent pause… The photography of Odalys Mendez has a subtle sensitivity to light and color, documentation and abstraction, and simply walks that fine line between art and capturing a moment. That is how I want to be my day to be captured. Liebe Grüße! -Sarah

  19. Bride + Groom: Anna Mae + Brian
    Wedding Date: 8/2/13
    Venue: Gleneden Beach, OR
    Brian and I are a playful couple who happen to be very wild about each other. We met on our churchs’ combined trip to Mexico where we built houses for those in need. He made me laugh the whole time, and I made him take me out on a date.

    We are completely awkward, but somehow it works. Brian is a romantic, and I am the practical one but we balance each other out. Over the 3 years together we have amassed an impressive collection of beer growlers, survived the Texas heat in August, surfed some amazing waves, been epic at bar trivia, always wine beer pong, done the long distance thing, built homes in Mexico, hiked, kayaked, and generally enjoyed life.

    Our wedding is simple, small and on a budget. The ceremony and post ceremony reception/huge bonfire will happen on the beach. It will involve some of our favorite things; micro-brews pies, music, games, an epic bonfire lighting by the bestman, the bride in a short dress, s’mores, fire-roasted brats, and surfing. It will not include; a stuffy church, cake, and boring-ness. We’re open to anything that sounds fun and want everyone how is coming to enjoy themselves. I don’t want a wedding, I want one big party.

    Wedding Colors: Mint Green & Cream-sickle Orange

    Wedding Pattern: Chevron Pattern

    Wedding Date: 08/02/2012 (Friday Night, at sunset approx. 8pm)

    Wedding Venue: Gleneden Beach State Wayside Park, Gleneden OR. (obviously, we got your travel covered!)

    Guest Count: 90

    Bridal Party: 3 bridesmaids (wearing the mint green), 3 groomsmen (light pants w/matching vest), 1 flower girl, 1 ring bearer

    Pinterest Wedding Board:

  20. 7.13.13
    McCall, ID

    Miles and I are having a simple, small wedding (40 people) in the field behind my parent’s cabin in McCall, ID. Some of my earliest memories are of escaping to the mountains of central Idaho, and I cannot think of a more beautiful and sentimental location to be married. Located outside of town, just off Farm to Market road, Jug Handle Mountain and a small aspen grove will provide the backdrop for our ceremony and outdoor dinner/reception.

    Our vision for this wedding is an intimate gathering with good food, good wine, good music, and good people. I cannot wait to marry this wonderful man and celebrate with the people we love the most.

  21. Adina + Jeremy
    Paso Robles, CA
    Inn Paradiso

    Jeremy and I met in college and were friends for nearly 10 years before sparks flew and our friendship grew into a true love.

    We envision our wedding to a reunion of friends and a new union of family. We chose the beautiful Paso Robles for our wedding location because of it’s natural and rustic look, combined with our love for great food and wine, which the region is known for. Our dinner will be a good ol’ fashioned family BBQ and everyone will make s’mores over an open fire for dessert. We will be serving locally grown wine and locally brewed craft beer and our goal is to minimize our footprint and have a ‘green wedding’. Our colors are sage and lavender, which compliment the rustic beauty of Inn Paradiso. I believe that Odalys Mendez’s creative eye and beautiful aesthetic will capture all of the details of our special day.

  22. Hey,
    08/31/13 or late fall.
    Atlanta, GA

    I just got engaged last night. HA! We have been together 12 years (high school sweethearts). We didnt like each other when we first met around 14. But we both had the same best friend who will be one of my bridesmaids. Then a couple of years later we just click and have been inseparable ever since. I guess I have always thought about this day but now that is here is seems so different and real. So excited. Our vision we have decided is trains and sewing machines. He works for the railroad and I am a seamstress. I am thinking a victorian/steam/industrial whimical look with shiny glittery fashions…. and more like a family reunion with lots of fun and games. Im just so excited. We would like to win because I think we have worked hard all of lives and something as beautiful as this photography for free well would just be awesome and both of our artistic skills I think our wedding and your photos would be great together.

  23. Bride & Groom: Ashley & Tim
    Wedding date: May 17, 2014
    Wedding location: Vienna, VA

    Tim & I met in May of 2010. I was on a kickball team with Tim’s best friend and lucky for me, Tim came out to our kickball happy hour. We were inseparable since the moment we laid eyes on each other. Most people say that we are complete opposites from looks to personality, and they are completely right. We tend to balance each other out. Tim is the quiet, outdoorsy type and I am the spunky, girly type who hates getting dirt under my fingernails. We are having our wedding at a country club in Vienna, VA. Our style is princess glam. I have always wanted a princess wedding with the sparkle, intimate lighting, and romantic feeling. I can not wait for the day to come and celebrate it with all of our wonderful friends and family. We are even having our dog in our ceremony, mainly because he is like our child and we can not imagine the wedding without him. I would love to win the photography package because I adore the way you capture the emotions in each image so easily and I would love for you to capture every little moment, detail, and emotion of my wedding.

  24. Name

    Melissa Milis & Jan Persoons


    28th of June 2013

    Wedding location

    Sechery, Belgium

    I would love to win this because I am a wedding photographer myself in Belgium and the Netherlands. ( Photography off course is SO important to me and to my almost husband who likes to shoot wedding videos. Jan and I met 8 years ago and are so happy to get married next year.

  25. …I love you
    For the part of me
    That you bring out;
    I love you
    For putting your hand
    Into my heaped-up heart
    And passing over
    All the foolish, weak things
    That you can’t help
    Dimly seeing there,
    And for drawing out
    Into the light
    All the beautiful belongings
    That no one else had looked
    Quite far enough to find…

    by Roy Croft

    This poem is the inspiration for our ceremony and describes our love very well.

    We met in college when Phil watched Lauren give a presentation about her health care volunteer work in Ghana and approached her to help with the project. For our first date, we drove to a country field, listened to Bruce Springsteen, and watched a total lunar eclipse, and in that moment we both felt an urge in our hearts and knew something had changed. As our young love blossomed and grew, so did our non-profit. To date, we have shipped millions of dollars of recovered medical supplies from US hospitals to hospitals in need in rural Ghana. While our goal has always been to help those in need in other countries, our relationship has also helped us each grow and develop, and for that we are so grateful. We hope our wedding will reflect the light we have found in each other and our appreciation for love and beauty in life every day. Our vision for our celebration is simply a FUN party for loved ones in a beautiful, soft natural setting where we can all come together to celebrate the joy of life, friendship and partnership. We are getting married on April 26, 2014 in Newnan, GA under a big, old tree and having a reception in a renovated barn with jars of wildflowers, little candles and lights, delicious farm-to-table food and of course, dancing! Lauren grew up riding horses and Phil spent most of his childhood playing outdoors, so a setting with simple, natural beauty is important to us and we feel very lucky to have found such a wonderful place to celebrate.

    We hope to win this photography package because we have felt so inspired by looking at other couples’ beautiful pictures and would be very grateful to have a photographer capture our love and emotions and document our story so that it may be shared with loved ones and passed down in our family. We love looking at the wedding photos of elder family members and seeing how their young love has grown and matured over the years. The sweet, soft and emotional nature of your photography is very moving and we would be thrilled to meet you. Thank you for considering us!

    With love & joy,
    Lauren & Phil

  26. kat & tonye
    aug. 31, 2013
    leavenworth, wa

    Tonye and I met during the second semester of our freshman year, back in 2001, when I passed him the phone number of my friend who thought he was cute. Though he never called her, we would chit chat whenever we saw each other around school. It was 2005 when he asked me out on a date. He was moving into his first off campus apartment that day and still had the U-Haul. So instead of catching the train to dinner, he picked me up in the moving truck – which I totally loved. Unfortunately, moving into his new place took longer than expected and we arrived at the restuarant just as they were closing. Our Plan B, was a spot called Dick’s Last Resort where the waitstaff is intentionally rude and throws straws at the patrons. We had a blast! We spent the night sharing childhood stories and cracking up about past embarrassing dating experiences. We dated for about 8 months and even after breaking up, we remained very close friends. Fast forward 7 years later, and we’re getting married!

    Our wedding style is all about combining three things we care about the most: our loved ones, food and great music. We already know that the day will be filled with joyful tears, belly laughs, delicious food and tons of dancing. Odaly’s photography style would perfectly capture the natural love that we both have between us and around us.

  27. Name: Sonja & Corey
    Date: September 28, 2013
    Location: Hudson Valley, NY

    Corey & I are high school sweethearts! I first saw him when we were in 8th grade and going to separate schools. Our boys soccer team was playing their’s. Corey was the captain of the other team, and I thought to myself, “that boy is CUTE!”. I ended up going to his high school and developing a massive crush on him, but I was so shy he barely knew I existed! I got over my crush by junior year, but we started finally talking and getting to know each other. We discovered we both wanted to major in engineering in college, which led to us having almost all the same classes together senior year. We found out we had a lot of other things in common senior year, and I began to notice that he would wait for me by my locker so we could walk to classes together. After about a month of this he finally asked me on a date! We decided to try to make it work long-distance through college, and five years later we are planning our wedding :) I am so excited to marry the love of (a good portion of) my life! I admire him so much and we balance each other out so well with our different personalities, yet we hold such similar core values.

    We are planning for a relaxed, rustic yet classic wedding which celebrates the friends and family that brought us and kept us together. Being just out of college, money is tight, and winning this package would be a huge blessing!

  28. Wow what an incredible giveaway! My fiance Mike and I are getting married on Anna Maria Island, FL on April 25th. We are so thrilled to have our closest friends and family coming from all over the country to celebrate this special day with us. The ceremony and reception will be held at a beautiful beach house at the end of the island where our goal is to mimic the beauty and aliveness of the ocean with colorful decor, exotic food and games for all ages. I have been keeping my eyes open for a talented photographer to capture the love and joy Mike and I share and it would be an honor to have such a monumental day shot by such a talented photographer!



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