Today I want to tell you about a wonderful sponsor of ours, W. Scott Chester Photography–a boutique studio based right around our corner here in Atlanta! If you’re looking for a fun, unique aesthetic for your wedding photography, this husband and wife duo could be just what you’re looking for. I love how they capture all those special moments of a wedding day with such an artistic vision.

W Scott Chester Wedding Photography

W Scott Chester Wedding Photography2

W Scott Chester Wedding Photography3

W. Scott Chester Photography finds their roots here in the south, but they love to travel and are available for wedding events globally. To see more from W. Scott Chester Photography, check out their blog and their website.

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Mrs Jon Keith Diamonds | Reply

GORGEOUS photos really stunning!!

Lindsay | Reply

Stunning colors!

katherine | Reply

that top group (the girl and the pink boots) is amazing – i want more on that wedding!
his photography is particularly great at capturing a feel

copywaitress | Reply

The composition in these photos is perfect. My favorite pics is the last one :)