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Have you heard of the book Veiled Remarks yet? If not, then you should definitely check it out. Our advertising sponsor this morning is Melissa Anderson Sweazy, the author of this clever and enlightening book. It’s full of all kinds of fun wedding facts and gives a little insight into the history of marriage and weddings. Enjoy!

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For more information or to purchase, visit Veiled Remarks or her blog. To see Melissa’s wedding photography, please visit Melissa Sweazy Photography.

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Madeline | Reply

My Sister and I found that book a few months ago and we’ve been meaning to pick it up! It looked fantastic!

Carmen Anderson | Reply

I’ve read it and it’s such a fun read! Anyone would enjoy this book, whether or not you’re a bride. It’s full of interesting wedding information that sheds light on the oddities, regional customs and practices that go into marriage.