Good Morning! Before I share some images from my recent column on Design Sponge, I wanted to give a quick shout to one of our sponsors, Traveler’s Joy. Not only does this amazing company allow you to register for the honeymoon of your dreams, but they recently released two new features which I couldn’t resist giving you a heads up about…

Coming home from your honeymoon and diving right into thank you notes right away can be a daunting task, but Traveler’s Joy makes writing thank you notes a breeze by generating a list of all your guests, the gift(s) they provided, and their full contact information. Plus, they now allow you to break up expensive items into smaller gifts which means you can register for that expensive digital camera you’ve been eyeing. Pretty great, right?

Honeymoon Registry

For more information about the incredible features mentioned above and how to sign up, check out their site!

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Comments (6)

Bethany | Reply

My fiance and I are using Traveler’s Joy as our main registry and we think it’s great! Our guests seem to be enjoying it as well.

Pipi | Reply

Love that pictures!!

WeddingXpert | Reply

Okay, not only does a tropical getaway for 2 sound amazing, but I can’t believe they hook you up with the thank yous! This = true genius.

After Yes | Reply

Great resource! Love the photos – wish I was still on my honeymoon :)

Jocelyn Stott | Reply

Swoon. Great pics.

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