With all the amazing talent out there, finding the perfect photographer for your wedding day can be a little overwhelming…But not when you turn to our fabulous sponsor, SnapKnot, for help! SnapKnot is this awesome wedding photography vendor listing site that makes it super easy to find a photographer that fits all of your criteria–whether that’s location, price or style! And with over 3,000 photographers listed worldwide, you are sure to find the perfect fit. Plus, there’s tons of big photos and no ads, so it is really fun to use and easy to navigate through.

Another exciting feature is that SnapKnot just released their new iPhone app! Now you can browse wedding photographers listed on SnapKnot anytime, anywhere. Your search for your perfect wedding photographer is no longer confined to your computer – enjoy mobile search via the SnapKnot iPhone App while on the go, waiting for the bus, on your lunch break – wherever and whenever you have a few extra minutes. The app is also compatible with the iPod touch and iPad.

Photography by Stephen Hoglund


Comments (4)

Gina | Reply

This website is fantastic!! Anything similar for videographers out there?!

Judy | Reply

Fresh~My first feeling~And warm~

bridal girl | Reply

Looks like his work is really amazing. Can’t wait to see more about this wedding photographer.

elegant wedding dresses | Reply

I just think SnapKnot a very nice photographer from this photo.

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